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Paris, France

Shot for slim, alias, Arti Shot

Arti Shot, or Shot For Slim the slimming drink

flacon-arti-shotARTI SHOT, or SHOT FOR SLIM, sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve already seen it on TV, this slimming product that we’d like to test for you today?

We’re going to give you a full test of Arti Shot, a fat burner promoted on M6 Boutique, but also available on the internet.

Arti Shot is a fat burner manufactured and marketed by a French company, JB CONSEIL SLMT, established in 1997, whose stated mission is to offer women and men who want to take care of their bodies, products that promote weight loss and improve well-being.

Presentation of Arti Shot:

Here’s the Arti Shot or Shot for slim identity sheet:

The Promises of Arti Shot

Arti Shot is supposed to have 3 slimming actions in a single drink:

  • Refining the figure;
  • Lose unwanted pounds;
  • No deprivation or constraint;
  • Lasting effectiveness.

Arti Shot doesn’t make any miracle claims, but it does promise ease of use and effectiveness over time, with vague indications of the results to be expected.

To find out more and get an idea of the value of this slimming beverage, in-depth research into the active ingredient will surely tell us a little more.

Main Active ingredients of Arti Shot

Contrary to what is advertised by the manufacturer, and far from what appears on the product’s name itself, Arti Shot’s main active ingredient is green tea, and not artichoke, as all would have us believe.

In fact, a closer look at the product’s composition shows that 1 shot of 60ml contains 72mg of green tea leaf extract for 60mg of artichoke leaf extract. A difference which may seem minimal, but which we’d like to highlight.

Artichoke leaves are rich in active ingredients. The cynarin, first isolated in 1934, was long considered the artichoke’s main active substance.

Today, however, it’s becoming clear that it’s the combination of different substances contained in artichoke leaves that explains its action on the body.

Artichoke leaf extract contains high concentrations of :

  • Fiber :
    Residual substances that support intestinal transit;
  • Antioxidants:
    Fight free radicals at the origin of certain pathologies and premature aging…;
  • Magnesium :
    Prevents a large number of health complications, including certain cardiovascular disorders, type 2 diabetes and the recurrence of kidney stones…;
  • Chromium :
    Contributes to weight loss, treats type 2 diabetes and reduces cholesterol levels…;
  • Vitamin C :
    A deficiency in this vitamin causes general fatigue…;
  • Folic acid or vitamin B9 :
    A deficiency in this vitamin leads to diarrhoea, heart palpitations… ;
  • Biotin or vitamin B8 :
    Substance involved in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism ;
  • Manganese:
    In addition to its essential role in bone formation, manganese is involved in the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and cholesterol;
  • Niacin or vitamin B3:
    Prevents type 1 diabetes, treats hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis;
  • Thiamine or vitamin B1:
    Involved in food metabolism and helps convert food consumption into energy;
  • Riboflavin or vitamin B2:
    Plays an important role in carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism ;
  • Cynarin:
    Treats and relieves digestive disorders, reduces cholesterol levels ;
  • Vitamin A:
    Prevents cancer, muscle degeneration and diabetes ;
  • Potassium:
    Maintains the body’s acid-base balance, contributes to carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis.

Artichoke leaf extract is mainly known and used for its natural diuretic effects. It effectively prevents water retention and helps the kidneys to function properly.

It also promotes bile secretion by the liver. By accelerating the production of bile, artichoke helps to reduce the presence of water in the body, thus reinforcing the diuretic effect.

Artichoke is also a natural laxative, helping to eliminate toxins from the body, which can have a positive effect on weight loss.

As a diuretic plant, artichoke leaf extract will help you lose weight, yes, but water weight, NOT FAT.

Artichoke is said to be able to help you lose between 2 and 5 kilos in 1 week thanks to a course of treatment with this plant.


Green tea has been scientifically proven to promote weight loss.

It is rich in catechins, a type of antioxidant responsible for its positive effects on weight loss, according to American researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

A 2007 study highlighted green tea’s ability to reduce body weight and fat, as well as waist, hip and abdominal fat. It also reduces bad cholesterol.

Green tea is also excellent for boosting metabolism, particularly during exercise. It enables the body to burn more fat.

Studies have also shown that green tea can reduce appetite.

Visit Other Arti Shot ingredients

This plant affects the metabolism of slow sugars and may help reduce appetite.

4. GROUP B VITAMINS (B3, B5, B6, B1, B12) :
Participate in the metabolism of various foods, blood sugar regulation and energy production.

Arti Shot contains a number of chemical substances that we feel consumers should be aware of:
Citric acid; Preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate); Sweetener (sucralose).

How to Take Arti Shot or Shot For Slim

Arti Shot comes in individual 60ml ready-to-use bottles, to be taken preferably in the middle of a meal.

It is possible to take either 1 dose of Arti Shot per day as part of a classic cure, or 2 doses of Arti Shot per day for those wishing to go straight to the attack phase.

Arti Shot is available in different flavors: Pineapple, Apple and Red Fruits.

Visit Bonus : Arti Shot food guide

When you order an Arti Shot slimming treatment, you’ll receive a food guide to support you on your diet.

The creators of Arti Shot have developed a new slimming method, with a new index for classifying foods: the Index Minceur Global (IMG).

The GLI takes into account the food’s storage capacity, i.e. the way it is digested and assimilated by the body, as well as its impact on sugar absorption.

The Arti Shot food guide shows you how to combine foods according to their IMG, as well as meal preparation recipe ideas to help you with your weight loss.

What’s more, on the manufacturer’s official website, in addition to the store, you’ll have access to a host of weight-loss tips, beauty tricks, recipes and other interesting information.

Side effects and Contraindications of Arti Shot

Arti Shot has no known contraindications.

According to the manufacturer, the product is suitable for everyone.

As for side effects, sensitive individuals may experience flatulence or bad breath. Other adverse effects have been reported, such as frequent diarrhea.

Note that 2 testimonials received on this very page refer to “gout attacks following use of Shot for Slim“.

Based on our experience, we would still like to warn pregnant or breast-feeding women, and people suffering from any health ailment, to seek medical advice before adopting this treatment.

Testimonials and Arti Shot consumer reviews

We’ve always been clear about this part of our test: testimonials on the official website are not part of our criteria for evaluating a product under test, partly because it’s impossible to verify their accuracy and provenance. That said, we always make a point of mentioning the penchant of testimonials to remain objective and present a complete test from all angles.

There’s no denying that the general tone of user forums is negative.

Many people complained of the Arti Shot’s ineffectiveness, while a small number were satisfied with its effect. In particular, there were a number of reservations about its high price.

Where buy Arti Shot or Shot For Slim

Arti Shot or Shot For Slim is available for sale on the official website. It is also available from other retailers and TV shopping sites.

Arti Shot is also on sale at Carrefour.

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  • nelly

    Hello there! How are you?

    First of all, I’d like to thank Hélène for her little note. Her encouragement gave me the boost I needed to make life difficult for those extra pounds!

    As promised, I’ll be back to update you! I’m very chatty, so….

    I didn’t introduce myself “physically” last time. Just to give you a bit of background: an island girl, aged “ahem” and with extra pounds (way too many). I usually say that I’ve been pregnant for “tuitans” (far, far too long) with quadruplets (a whale, an elephant, a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros), their little ones in daycare on different parts of my body!

    So I started Arti Shot on January 08, with a heart full of hope! First weighing session in the morning: my scale backed off with a bang (not designed for weighing several people at once :-)). With Arti Shot, I’m continuing my diet. At the end of the first week, I weighed myself: Chic! I’m down just over 2kg (between 400 and 500g less every day)! So, happy to finally see results, I continued the second week with a light heart. Sample menu: breakfast: tea (I don’t like it) + 2 slices of wholemeal bread with a little jam and no added sugar. Lunch: green beans + turkey escalope + plain yoghurt. Evening: tomato salad – lettuce, Chinese soup (from Svelt…) + plain yoghurt. By mid-week, my enthusiasm was gone. Instead of continuing to lose weight, I was gaining it back! But I kept my spirits up. Last night, I made a soup, consisting of carrots, turnips, leeks, celery, white cabbage, potatoes (2), pumpkin, a little meat and a little vermicelli.

    It’s Sunday January 21 – the end of the 2nd week – and I’ve just weighed myself and …… ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ……… I’m laughing! But I’m laughing …….. YELLOW!!!! I’m back to my starting weight!!!!!! Yep!

    I’m a bit discouraged, I admit.

    The diet alone doesn’t work and neither does an arti shot!

    But I’m going to carry on, especially as I still have ………..42 bottles of Arti Shot to sell (I had the excellent idea of buying 4 boxes!). So far, I haven’t noticed any side effects, so….

    So there you have it… More in the next issue! I wish you an excellent day. Good luck to all those who are trying to lose weight with or without Arti Shot.

    • Hélène. M

      Hello Nelly,
      Once again, your zest for life is very welcome, and will help you achieve your goal of losing weight without making you unhappy.

      As you say, you need to lose quite a lot of weight, which requires a diet program spread over a period of several months.

      On our pages, you’ll find suggested recipes for losing weight, which you can use as inspiration.

      Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.

    • nelly


      I hope everyone is well!

      As far as I’m concerned: I’m totally discouraged! The blues!

      It’s been a month since I started Arti Shot combined with a diet and after a timid weight loss in the first week, I’m back to my original weight! 🙁
      No matter what I eat, I don’t lose an ounce! I’m even gaining weight again!

      I’m still going to continue, but my heart’s not in it any more! I now feel like I’m depriving myself of everything, and for nothing!

      That’s the latest news.

      Have a great day and see you soon.

  • nelly

    First experience with Arti Shot, started 08 Jan 18, one dose a day. I have many, many pounds to lose. My diet had already changed several months ago, as advised by a nutritionist, with no great results.

    Arti Shot has a very nice pineapple flavour and can be taken discreetly (as far as I’m concerned, I drink it just before lunch and don’t tell anyone about it, waiting for someone to say “oooh… you’ve slimmed down, lost weight!) I weigh myself every morning, to see how many grams I’ve lost. I’ve lost 2 kilos in almost a week. I wish it could go faster, but hey….

    So far, I haven’t noticed any side effects, except perhaps a more frequent urge to urinate (which happens when I just drink a lot of water). I hope I won’t suffer any side effects (I’ve already got a sick liver!).
    My opinion? Arti Shot just has a placebo effect, nothing else. I’m going to finish the ?…..4 boxes I bought and then we’ll see.

    I’ll try to come back and tell you how things are going in a few weeks’ time, especially if I drop below 90 kgs! I’m not sure it’ll be due to Arti Shot, but rather to the way I’m eating, which will finally have had an effect.

    Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

    • Hélène. M

      Hi Nelly,
      Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm which will be instrumental in losing weight. We advise you to continue with the dietary advice that will enable you to lose weight gently but over time.

      Keep us informed of your progress, we’d love to hear from you.

      Keep up the good work!

  • Ginie

    I’m starting to take artishot today. At the same time, I’m doing 1 hour of sport a day (cardio, weight training) and rebalancing my diet. No deprivation, even a few products from the red zone (smoked salmon, avocado, corn).

    I’ll be back in 15 days to give you my verdict, knowing that so far without artishot I’m at -5kg in 2 months.

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hi Ginie,
      Super! Bonne chance pour la suite!

  • perrine

    Hello! I’ve just tried artishot for 28 days! I took 2 boxes and had to stop before the end…

    In fact it’s a diuretic drink so yes if you want to lose water (because yes it makes you pee 15 times a day!) If it’s fat it’s really not worth it!

    My doctor asked me to stop taking this drink immediately, as it’s very harmful to the kidneys and has also triggered an attack of “gout” (I didn’t even know it existed, it sounds like a disease from the Middle Ages! )
    So the result: kidney problems for the last 10 days, 2 kg less but of water which will quickly return and gout to boot!

    Don’t spend your money on it, it’s a sucker’s game.

    • M

      Idem… First attack of gout…

      So there must be cause and effect…

      Thank you for your testimony.

      It should be noted in the side effects…

  • sandra basille

    bonjour jai commnder artishot et je voudrais savoir si je peux continuer lalaitement merci de me repondre

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Sandra,
      Food supplements are generally not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

      Kind regards,

  • nico

    Hello everyone,
    I have used artishot and am satisfied. I didn’t diet at all. However I had to wait more than 15 days before losing 1 kg in spite of the 2 shots per day for 15 days. As a result, I lost 8 kg in 3 months. For more than 3 months now, I haven’t taken any artishot and my weight has remained stable without dieting and accepting aperitifs with friends. I’ll resume a course in two months’ time.

    • Corinne K.

      Hi Nico,
      And thank you for your testimonial, which will surely help other readers.

  • rene

    I’d like to thank everyone for their very sincere testimonials? Like most people, I found out about this product on the M6 boutique website and indeed all the people who testify on this TV channel confirm that by taking this slimming product, they have had
    spectacular weight loss in a very short space of time, including one of the channel’s presenters who has also tested it and is convinced that she has also lost a lot of weight (in my opinion, all the people who testify are paid to encourage overweight people to buy this pseudo miracle drink, and I’m convinced (but this is still my personal opinion) that the photos taken of these people before and after the treatment are completely faked, thanks to the magic of photo montage. I was really looking forward to testing this product, to help me lose a few kilos following the very often positive testimonials, but I’m delighted to have come across some very sincere testimonials confirming that this product is ineffective and that, once again, it’s a complete scam. So a big thank you to all the people who testified and who I hope will prevent others from being fooled.

  • serrano

    I’ve just bought a 14 day course of arti shot, I started yesterday, and I’ve just read all the comments on this course, I should have read them before, because my morale has just taken a hit, when I read that it’s mainly a scam, and the results are nil. I’m still going to do this cure, and stick to an associated diet, I’ll weigh myself in a week, and if I’ve lost I’ll at least have the doubt to ask myself if it’s arti shot or my diet that’s the result?

    • Corinne Kepler

      Now that you’ve bought this cure, you’re right, you might as well use it. As you’ve already chosen to do so, it can at least serve as a springboard towards a more balanced diet. Think about adding a little physical activity, and why not, at a later stage, a more effective supplement that will support you in your efforts. All the best!

  • domie

    Hi, I’ve lost 5 kg in 1 week because I don’t know how to eat anymore, it’s more of an appetite suppressant I think. But I’m in great shape.


    I’ve tried it too, 1 every morning very fresh, very pleasant pineapple.

    Unfortunately, even with a very balanced diet, if I’ve lost a few grams it’s mainly thanks to my balanced diet.

    On the other hand, what I do in the evening is prepare 3 steamed artichokes, separate the leaves from the heart, put all the leaves in a salad bowl and eat the leaves plain. I save the heart for last?

    It’s light in the evening, so weight loss is guaranteed.

  • lola

    I would like to know if I can take it because I was pregnant and I gave birth in January and I have when the milk loss I because I would like to lose pea thank you

    • Carl

      Hi Lola,
      Dietary supplements are not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

      If you still want to use a weight-loss product, I recommend that you contact your doctor and follow his or her instructions.

  • jackie

    Bonj.Nous sommes le 1février commence Arti shoot. I measure 1.55 and weigh 70kg,47 years old, weight loss more difficult than that of my 20ans. At the end of this week I will let you know my progress or not.

    • Carl

      Thank you Jackie for thinking of sharing your experience with our readers.

      I still think that a week is too short a time to evaluate a product and obtain visible results.

      The latest testimonials we have received about this product are not very reassuring, but who knows, maybe it will work for you.

      Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

  • Marjorie

    I remember as a little girl that my grandmother used to make it for us when we went to visit her in the country. I didn’t think artichokes could help you lose weight! I’m not very fond of pills or other medications, but could you suggest some recipes for preparing artichokes and getting the most out of them? Thank you in advance and congratulations on your site.


    • Carl

      Hello Majorie,
      We’d love to help you with artichoke recipes, but our expertise is limited to testing pills. We’re sure that by browsing the net, you’ll find some interesting recipes that will please you.

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