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Aqualyse Avis et Test

Aqualyse, no less than 20 ingredients in a single detox product

Aqualyse IntroductionAqualyse, another product from NHCO Nutrition, is a detoxification program designed for people who want to cleanse their bodies of the toxins and waste accumulated with age. So whether you’re just looking to give your metabolism a facelift, or you’re gearing up for a slimming cure, this product could be among your options.

So, what would make you choose Aqualyse as your detox choice? We’ve already got an idea, but we’d love to check it out with you. Would you like to join us on a mission of exploration?

Aqualyse, a name evocative of a diuretic cure

Aqualyse is indeed a name which, at first glance, would suggest deep drainage. But that’s not at all what its manufacturer emphasizes in its product presentation, even though water drainage is one of its properties. Officially, Aqualyse is a purifying concentrate combining amino acids, plant extracts and vitamins to revitalize the body’s functions.

Aqualyse can be used in two ways:

  • to help the body function properly.
  • to accompany a slimming program.

In the first case, the manufacturer states on its website :

Some of our organs are our body’s filters. They can be burdened by accumulated toxins and no longer function fully. It is therefore necessary to purify them, to help them regenerate.

Logo NHCOWe’d all agree that toxins build up over time in the body’s nooks and crannies and become quite difficult to dislodge. However, helping to regenerate organs seems to us to be a bit of a stretch! Although the liver is, by the way, the only organ capable of regenerating itself, we don’t think it needs a product to help it do so.

In short, Aqualyse promises to do the following:

  • Promotes emunctory drainage and detoxification;
  • Helps to disinfiltrate water-retaining tissues;
  • Facilitates fat removal and elimination;
  • Restores acid-base and mineral balance.

Cure détox réussie : Ce qu’il faut faire et ne pas faire!

Ingredients of Aqualyse

As a dietary supplement designed to detoxify the organism of people wishing to purify their bodies, whether on a one-off basis or as part of a slimming diet, the Aqualyse formula seems special. The manufacturer, NHCO Nutrition, known for other fairly consistent formulas, apparently doesn’t skimp on components.

Aqualyse is a combination of six (6) patented complexes (average active ingredient composition per 30 ml/day: 1398mg):

Aqualyse Ingredients
Aqualyse label

N-Detoxyl™ (588 mg)

L-Arginine 150 mg, L-Citrulline 75 mg, birch (Betula alba) sap 150 mg and leaves 45 mg, milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum) 80% silymarin concentrate 33 mg, black radish (Raphanus sativus) 45 mg, dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale) 90 mg

Lip-aOx™ (175 mg)

Lecithin 42 mg, choline 21 mg, L-Glutamine 20 mg, vitamin E 12 mg (100% NRV*), vitamin C 80 mg (100% NRV*)

3D-Pure™ (270 mg)

Cherry stalk (Prunus cerasus) 90 mg, dandelion leaf (Taraxacum officinale) 135 mg, couch grass (Agropyron repens) 45 mg

Bufferin-K™ (81.5 mg)

Glycine 80.1 mg, vitamin B6 1.4 mg (100% NRV*)

Lipolytic complex (103.5 mg)

Green tea extract (Camellia sinensis) 36 mg, mate extract (Ilex paraguariensis) 67.5 mg

Lymphactiv complex Complex (180 mg)

Sweet clover (Melilotus officinalis) 90 mg, red vine (Vitis vinifera) 90 mg
NRV*: Recommended Daily Nutrient Values.

Over twenty natural plant extracts, amino acids and vitamins with scientifically recognized protective, detoxifying and draining properties.

How to use Aqualyse Aqualyse?

It’s a 20-day detoxification program, during which you’ll need to dilute a precise quantity, using a measuring cap, in a large glass of water (exact volume not specified by the manufacturer). Follow the routine below:

  • First 10 days: 20 ml/day
  • Last 10 days: 30 ml/day

Take with meals as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Detox, pourquoi faut-il absolument en faire avant de perdre du poids?

Side effects and contraindications Aqualyse

The manufacturer of Aqualyse clearly states that its dietary supplement is not a medicine, and that the indicated daily dose should not be exceeded. And although the drink’s ingredients are declared to be of 100% natural origin, Aqualyse is not recommended for the following people:

  • pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • minors ;
  • under medical supervision;
  • suffering from allergies to salicylates;
  • cases of biliary occlusion.

Buy online Aqualyse

You can buy Aqualyse directly from its official website, or via online pharmacies and parapharmacies, from 19,80€ per 500 ml bottle.

Our verdict on Aqualyse

Detox cures are certainly important for the body, at punctual intervals. While some manufacturers offer one-week programs, to be repeated no more than once, Aqualyse is spread over a 20-day period. We would like to warn against the risk of dehydration occurring during these relatively long detox cures.

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