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Anastore Konjac, 90% glucomannan content

Anastore Konjac BouteilleAnastore Konjac is a dietary supplement containing 90% glucomannan intended for consumption as part of a hypocaloric hypocaloric diet to contribute to weight loss. Konjac is a slimming ingredient that has recently become increasingly popular in a number of products designed to support weight-loss diets.
The appetite-suppressant properties of this fiber-rich superfood make it an interesting slimming ally. Is Anastore Konjac’s claimed glucommannan fiber content relevant to weight loss? What other ingredients accompany konjac to support the formula of this dietary supplement? What do users think? In this article, we attempt to answer these and other questions.

Anastore Konjac, a more than interesting dose of glucomannan

Anastore Konjac is a product essentially composed of glucomannan fibers derived from the Konjac plant. The glucomannan fibers present in konjac have hunger-suppressing properties confirmed by scientific studies conducted, for the most part, in Japan. In fact, this is where its original name comes from: konyakku. But konjac is also found in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and South Korea.

By the way, konjac doesn’t really have a specific active ingredient with slimming properties. Rather, it’s its gel-forming properties that transform it into a veritable fat trap, while promoting a highly noticeable satiety effect. Konjac’s glucomannan fibers are exceptionally water-absorbent, and their volume The glucomannan fibers in konjac have an exceptional capacity to absorb water, and their original volume can multiply up to 100 times when in contact with water in the stomach. This means feeling of satiety means less food intake, and therefore fewer calories.

Konjac fibers are also known for their laxative effect, helping to eliminate fats and toxins naturally by passing them in the stool. Glucomannan also helps regulate blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and is said to have prebiotic activity in the intestine.

Anastore Konjac: presentation and promises

Anastore Konjac is presented by its manufacturer as a dietary supplement to be taken as part of a low-calorie diet. Packaged in 63-capsule bottles, Anastore Konjac is, according to its manufacturer, an excellent natural appetite suppressant that promotes intestinal transit and protects the digestive system.

It consists of a daily intake of some 3339 mg of dry extract of konjac tuber (Amorphophallus konjac K. Koch), titrated at 90% glucomannan (i.e., 3005 mg). Given that the maximum recommended intake for glucomannan is 1 gram, to be swallowed one hour before each meal, Anastore Konjac pills appear to offer a safe dosage.

Ingredients Anastore Konjac

Anastore Konjac capsulesThese capsules are essentially composed of dry extract of the konjac tuber (Amorphophallus konjac K. Koch) titrated to 90% glucomannan.

Each capsule contains 371 mg konjac extract, equivalent to a daily intake (9 capsules) of 3005 mg glucomannan.

Anastore Konjac also contains the following ingredients: Anticaking agent (E551): silicon dioxide, vegetable capsule: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

The manufacturer of this dietary supplement affirms that its product does not contain allergens (according to Regulation (EU) Nº 1169/2011) or genetically modified organisms.

How does Anastore Konjac work?

The working principle of this dietary supplement is actually quite simple. Being a water-soluble fiber, glucomannan transforms into a viscous paste on contact with water. When this paste is formed and expands in the digestive tract, gastric emptying is slowed down, which in turn slows down food absorption. This creates a feeling of satiety, helping to control appetite and lose weight.

Side effects and adverse reactions Anastore Konjac

Anastore Konjac IngredientsAt this level, you need to be careful with the format of glucomannan fiber products. Konjac-based sweets are not recommended, as the fibers may expand before they reach the stomach. From cases of choking have already been reported in California, in 2011. This is precisely why these sweets were eventually banned in the USA. Other countries such as Canada, Australia and the European Union have adopted the same bans. Unfortunately, candies are still being sold in Asia: Beware!

Glucomannan can take on considerable volume and become blocked in the throat or intestine. This can lead to obstructions that are highly hazardous to health.
Fortunately, Anastore Konjac contains controlled doses of konjac fiber, and represents no potential risk if users comply with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Anastore Konjac: Use

The manufacturer of Anastore Konjac recommends taking 9 capsules a day, divided into 3 doses. They should be taken before meals (at least 30 minutes in advance), with a generous amount of water (one or two large glasses).
Anastore Konjac is intended for use as part of a low-calorie diet to guarantee its slimming effects.

As with the vast majority of food supplements, this product is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or for children under 18.

Important warning: Do not use for people with swallowing difficulties, and do not exceed the recommended dose! Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you observe any complications in this regard.

User testimonials Anastore Konjac

We haven’t found many testimonials for this product on health and wellness forums. Perhaps this is due to its recent arrival on the market, but also to the multitude of other Konjac-based products. We look forward to receiving genuine testimonials and feedback from our readers.

Buy Anastore Konjac online

You can buy Anastore Konjac direct from the manufacturer online. This will guarantee the authenticity of the product and the appropriateness of its price, and your purchase will be secure.

Anastore Konjac comes in a bottle containing 63 capsules at a price of 15 €, equivalent to one week’s treatment. It’s up to you to choose the quantity of capsules you wish to order for your treatment.
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It is advisable not to exceed 4 consecutive weeks of treatment, and to space out two cures by at least two weeks.

You currently benefit from a free bottle offer with the purchase of 3 bottles: an interesting saving on a one-month cure!
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Our opinion on Anastore Konjac

The virtues of the glucomannan contained in konjac no longer need to be proven. We liked the glucomannan content of this product, as well as the logical dosage, which reflects a concern for consumer protection of an ingredient as sensitive as Konjac fibers. It should also be remembered that this dietary supplement, like any other similar product, does not replace a healthy, balanced diet or a little physical activity!

Anastore Konjac seems to be an option worth testing. The only thing that might discourage consumers is its price (a one-month course would cost some €60).

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