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Affine Star, slim your figure like a star

logo-cure-minceur-affine-starAFFINE STAR, when stars set the example!

In the slimming market, there are many examples of stars who have lost a lot of weight thanks to a highly effective diet. Jennifer Lo, Khloé Kardashian, Christina Aguilera…to name but a few.

If celebrity diets are your dream, and you’d like to try out what helped J-Lo regain her slimmer figure, Affine Star may be just what you’re looking for.

Affine Star is a hyper-protein cure based on 100% natural active agents, which should enable you to lose those unwanted kilos without dieting.

Will Affine Star really slim your body?

Here’s what we have to say about this slimming cure.

The Promises of Affine Star

Affine Star comes in protein sachets, to be mixed with water and consumed before each main meal.

According to its manufacturer’s official website, Affine Star works differently from other diets. Instead of losing muscle, feeling tired, depressed and discouraged, Affine Star is formulated to enable you to lose fat while retaining muscle.

This process can, again according to the product’s official website, be achieved without any special diet, and give fast, long-lasting results.
See what Affine Star promises:

  • In 100% of cases, lose 16kg in 2 months, guaranteed.
  • No dieting, so no weight regain.

The website also states
“Today, thanks to a policy of cost optimization, [the manufacturer] is able to offer you – so that you can try it out – an exceptional price.”
We leave you to make up your own mind about such statements. We’ll be sure to dig into the subject, to find out whether these claims are really well-founded and followed by concrete weight-loss results.

Affine Star, by Line@Form

Does the name ring a bell? Have you ever heard of this manufacturer?

It doesn’t seem to be very well known, and we’ve never come across the name in our numerous tests. We’ve had a hard time finding clear information about it, and we can’t imagine that such data would be readily available to the consumer.

Affine Star’s official website displays a postal address in Geneva. In the GTC (General Terms and Conditions), we can see that the company has a website editor based in Malta, as well as a hosting provider located in Poland. And the company itself would appear, according to our web searches, to be Czech. A fine example of globalization (sic).

In addition to not being able to find any further information on the company, it’s hard for us to find any consistency between all these different addresses.

We discovered that Line@Form has another product to its credit, Turbo Light Plan, a product that promises to lose 1 kilo per ingested tablet! Can you believe it?

Affine Star : Which Ingredients?

That’s the question we’re asking ourselves!

Nothing, absolutely no precise information is available concerning the exact composition of these high-protein sachets!

In our opinion, the least that can be done when it comes to consumer health is to provide clear, precise and accessible information on the ingredients contained in a so-called miracle product!

The lack of information on Affine Star’s active ingredients is therefore a major black mark against this company.

Assuming that, as advertised, the sachets do indeed contain proteins, it’s our basic right to ask in what form? and which proteins exactly? The mystery remains total.

However, we can hazard a guess as to the mechanism of action of this slimming cure.

High-protein diet vs Affine Star: what’s the difference?

Affine Star is a high-protein weight-loss supplement. We’re all familiar with classic high-protein diets, but Affine Star guarantees incredible results WITHOUT dieting.

How is this possible?

The classic high-protein diet :

  • PRINCIPLE: Eliminate almost all sugars (slow and fast) and fats, leaving only proteins.
  • ACTION: The body is urged to produce ketone bodies, which are used as energy instead of glucose. The low insulin and high glucagon levels induced by this phenomenon, known as ketosis, lead to the breakdown of fatty acids and fat cells, which are used to manufacture ketone bodies.
  • EFFECTS: Weight loss is rapid, but not long-lasting. The lost kilos quickly reappear when you resume a normal diet, even if it’s a balanced one. Beware of the yo-yo effect!

The cure Affine Star :

  • PRINCIPLE: Increase daily protein intake WITHOUT cutting out anything from the normal daily diet, and WITHOUT resorting to any specific diet.
  • ACTION: According to the official website, this slimming cure works on the same principle as all high-protein diets, i.e. ketone bodies and their recognized effect on body fat.

It is scientifically recognized that the production of ketone bodies ONLY occurs on a very low-carbohydrate diet.

  • EFFECTS: We fail to see how Affine Star could have any effect on weight loss WITHOUT the diet associated with the proposed sachets. A big question mark to which we haven’t found an answer.

The effects of Protein on the body:

By consuming a significant amount of protein, you can expect the following effects:

  • Decreased hunger ;
  • Increased feeling of satiety;
  • Reduced calorie consumption;
  • Accelerated muscle synthesis.

Side effects and Contraindications of Affine Star

The official Affine Star website does not indicate any side effects or contraindications.

As a precaution, we advise you to consult your doctor before starting a high-protein cure. In the light of our experience, we advise pregnant or breast-feeding women, people suffering from any kind of health ailment, people undergoing specific medical treatment, and young people under the age of 18, to refrain from using this product before consulting a doctor.

Price Affine Star guarantee

The Affine Star cure is available on its official website in two versions, depending on your weight-loss goals:

  • To lose 1 to 6 kg – 14-day Affine’Star Choc cure at 43€.
  • To lose 6 to 16 kg – 28-day Affine’Star Enrichie Power Plus cure at 49€ instead of 129€.

    Shipping costs €8.90.

The company offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Testimonials of Affine Star users

There are very few consumer reviews on the web, and we didn’t feel they were reliable enough to be included in this test.

Divided between supporters and opponents, opinions diverge: for some it works, for others it doesn’t! One fact that is repeated in several comments and that we feel is worth mentioning is the delivery time: some people talk about months!

Even if these testimonials are not part of our evaluation criteria, mentioning them proves to be a useful additional piece of information and a starting point for people who want to undertake more in-depth research.

Our opinion on Affine Star

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