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Colonix, DrNatura’s Detox

deux-flacons-et-boite-colonixIt seems that colon cleansing cures for weight loss are all the rage these days. We’ve already tested a number of them in our previous publications, including Clean Inside by Natural Swiss and Daily Power Cleanse, and today we’re turning our attention to COLONIX by DrNatura Laboratories.

This program, too, offers a deep cleansing and detox of the colon via a plant-based program, to evacuate parasites and residues at the root of poor digestion, and sometimes also of weight gain.

Presentation & Promises of Colonix

Colonix is a cleansing program comprising 3 products:

  • COLONIX: A blend of fibers designed to cleanse the intestine;
  • PARANIL: Capsules to detoxify the liver and eliminate intestinal parasites;
  • and KLERITEA: For a good night’s sleep and enhanced detoxification.

A guide is available for download from the official website to help you quickly familiarize yourself with the program, and also to ensure the best possible use of it. Here are the main points you need to know to take Colonix properly:

  • Days 1 to 5 : 2 capsules of Paranil on an empty stomach; then ½ scoop of Colonix mixed with 250 ml of water; KleriTea at bedtime.
  • Day 6 and following : 4 capsules of Paranil; 1 scoop of Colonix; and KleriTea every other day or less often.

It is strongly recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day during the cure. Hydration is very important in any weight loss and detoxification process.

What can you expect, from the Colonix cure?

The Colonix cure enables you to :

  • Optimal digestive health and regular intestinal transit;
  • An end to bloating, gas and occasional constipation;
  • A healthy liver;
  • A composition based on natural, vegetarian ingredients.

DrNatura, Manufacturer of Colonix

DrNatura is an American company that has been in business since 1998.

According to its official website, DrNatura products are cGMP-certified, i.e. manufactured in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices. The products are designed by experts.

We decided to visit their Facebook page and landed on a page entitled DrNatura France (apparently there’s a page dedicated to each country, since we found several). We were intrigued by 2 observations:

  • The presence of a large number of links pointing to Natural Swiss (reinforcing our point about the similarity between Colonix and Natural Swiss’s Clean Inside);
  • The last post on the Facebook page dates back to 2012.

Who really is DrNatura? Why are its social networks inactive? Why can’t I find any information about the company? And what is the relationship between these two companies?

Our questions remain unanswered, and our research stops here for the time being. For those of us who attach the utmost importance to transparency, this vagueness tells us nothing worthwhile.

Visit Ingredients of the Colonix cure

Like all colon cleansing cures, each product has a long list of ingredients. Colonix follows the same rule and presents us with the following list of ingredients:
Consisting of: Psyllium, Linseed, Fennel Seed, Papaya, Pectin, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Rhubarb Root, Guar Gum, Alfafa Leaf, Mint, Bearberry Leaf, Stevia, Licorice Root and Aloe Vera Gel.

The action of this blend is to form a gel in the intestine. Once formed, this gel is supposed to trap superfluous residues, while promoting intestinal transit to improve and accelerate the elimination of accumulated toxins and faecal matter. The various ingredients give Colonix laxative and anti-inflammatory properties that work at the level of the digestive tract.

Contains: Milk Thistle, Walnut Shells, Grape Seed Extract, Cloves, Turmeric, Garlic, Hyssop, Gentian Root, Elecampane Root, Ash Bark, Parella Root, Fenugreek Seeds, Mint, Heliona Root.

Paranil acts as a vermifuge, but also as a diuretic and liver detoxifier. It combats gastrointestinal disorders.

Its components are : Senna leaves, Buckthorn bark, Fennel seeds, Chamomile, Mint, Cinnamon bark, Ginger root, Milk thistle seeds, Rosehips, Uva Ursi and Passion fruit.

This infusion accelerates intestinal transit, protects the liver and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The official website does not mention any studies to support and validate the benefits of the Colonix cure.

Side effects Contraindications of Colonix

Senna (wikipedia illustration) is not recommended for people suffering from colon inflammation or chronic constipation. Taking this ingredient in excessively high doses or continuously over long periods can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, demineralization or toxic hepatitis.

The site recommends using KleriTea only occasionally and for short periods.

The gel formed by the Colonix + liquid mixture can cause obstructions and the risk of choking.

This type of treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. People who are ill or under treatment must consult their doctor before taking this cure.

Price Colonix guarantee

Colonix comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The average price is €100 for a 1-month course of treatment. On the official website, Colonix currently costs $85.

User reviews on the Colonix treatment

Opinions found on the web are fairly disparate, with both very satisfied users and those who consider the product ineffective.

Those who were satisfied were able to lose 6 kg in 3 months, and said they felt lighter. They noted a drop in cravings and a regulation of their appetite.

Dissatisfied users, on the other hand, felt no effect at all, and even experienced bloating, cramps and irritable bowel syndrome.

Our opinion on Colonix

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  • Anonyme 2

    I used colonix for 1 month…I had no particular intestinal problems (some bloating). It was just a cleansing and it works very well. I eliminated some very strange things, like rigid pieces that seemed to have molded the intestine and lots of other surprising things. I didn’t continue any more even though I was told it was safe so as not to demineralize myself and then because of the price.

    Very easy to use, but don’t forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. These fibers act as a cleanser, moving through your intestine, twisting and entraining anything that gets in the way. It’s important that it’s well moistened.

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