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TurboDraine, to accompany a low-calorie diet

TurboDraine BouteilleTurboDraine is a product of Forté Pharma and is designed to accompany a low-calorie diet, with a view to losing excess weight. It should therefore be made clear from the outset that it is not, strictly speaking, a weight-loss product. In fact, the manufacturer’s official website states that TurboDraine is positioned in the optimization phase of weight loss. The name TurboDraine suggests the drainage process the body needs to get rid of excess water.
TurboDraine, unlike many similar products we’ve tested here, is sold exclusively in pharmacies and parapharmacy outlets. Is it available online? Is it effective? How can it help with weight loss? We, too, asked ourselves these questions and set out to find some answers…

TurboDraine, a simple drainer …

TurboDraine isn’t actually a complicated solution. It’s a product made up of two ingredients, which we’ll present below. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not a fat burner, nor an appetite suppressant, nor a metabolism booster. It can do just one thing: drain the body and rid it of excess water.

We all know that water retention is a fairly common phenomenon among different populations around the world. It’s a problem that exacerbates the problem of weight gain. I’m pretty sure that most of you reading this right now have already experienced that bloated feeling. Especially towards the end of the day, when you come home and find it a little difficult to take off your shoes because your feet are so swollen. You’re probably also familiar with the difficulty of removing a wedding ring from your finger because it’s swollen. This is usually the result of water retention.
TurboDraine is designed to get rid of these unpleasant sensations.

A quick reminder of water retention…

TurboDraine boire eauFirst and foremost, our bodies are made up of some 65% water. That’s quite a lot, if you do a little routine calculation. However, it sometimes happens that this volume of water “increases” within our organism. This would mean that there is water that is not being transformed, but that our body is keeping at home.
This also results in extra weight gain, which many people don’t appreciate, and which drives them to invest more in weight-loss products.

Water retention, or edema to our scientific friends, is a functional imbalance that disrupts our body’s normal work. The body has a system for filtering and reabsorbing water between vessels, tissues and interstitial spaces. Instead of flowing smoothly through the various components of our body, water is trapped for a number of reasons:

  • Sitting or standing for long periods, resulting in prolonged immobility;
  • A diet high in salt and/or low in protein, such as that found in snack bars and other fast-food outlets;
  • Heat, which tends to dilate blood vessels and make them more porous, while promoting the outflow of water from vessels and preventing its reabsorption from tissues;
  • The use of certain medications (antihypertensives, corticoids, neuroleptics and hormonal treatments);
  • Poor blood circulation, which impedes the absorption of fluids;
  • venous, renal or cardiac insufficiency, which disrupt the fluid regulation system and lead to edema of varying severity;
  • hormonal imbalance, during pregnancy or before the onset of menstruation. Edema is a well-known phenomenon, especially among women.

TurboDraine ingredients and operation

TurboDraine is based on a simplistic formula that combines two interesting products for weight loss. These include green tea and meadowsweet extract, which we’ll detail right away :
Thé vertGreen tea:
This component is found in most pills designed to help lose weight. It is recognized for its slimming properties and stimulates lipolysis and thermogenesis. Green tea is also rich in catechins, which help raise noradrenaline levels in the body.

Meadowsweet :
Reine des présOr Filipendula ulmaria, a plant with confirmed medicinal virtues. It is available over the counter and is part of the pharmacopoeia.

Meadowsweet has highly diuretic, anti-inflammatory, sudorific and antispasmodic properties. It also has digestive properties.

We found another list of additional ingredients that we believe are present in TurboDraine. However, it’s impossible for us to verify this, as we can only find the first two ingredients mentioned on the official TurboDraine website.

Testimonials from TurboDraine

This time, we found some fairly positive testimonials, but not very many, if we count only the number of testimonials on the official website. On the other hand, on public health forums, I’ve come across some pretty interesting threads, all of which are unanimous: TurboDraine works!

How do I use TurboDraine?

Dilute one 10 ml capful of Turbodraine in a large glass of water, 5 times a day. The recommended duration of use is 10 days, in addition to a low-calorie diet.
Program renewable for 3 weeks at each change of season. Shake before use.
Drink 1.5 liters of water daily. After opening, store in a cool place and use within 15 days.

Buy on line TurboDraine

According to its professional website, there are no online retailers. When we go to the purchase page, an interactive map of most European countries pops up, pinpointing all the pharmacies selling this product.
TurboDraine Google Maps
Strangely, however, we were unable to locate any prices displayed on the site.

Our opinion on TurboDraine

Plus :

  • Natural-formula drainer;
  • Can help you lose weight.


  • Price not communicated on official website ;
  • No mention of public price on official site!

Summary :
TurboDraine’s two flagship ingredients are technically interesting. They have great potential for cleansing the body. However, TurboDraine should not be regarded as a fat burner or performance booster. You’ll get results if you combine TurboDraine with a low-calorie diet (not to exceed 1400kcal per day).

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