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Regivia 4-phase meal replacements

regivia-ligne-et-formeREGIVIA is a brand offering solutions for protein and hyperprotein diets with dietary rebalancing.

As with many high-protein diets, it offers a complete dietary rebalancing process in the form of à la carte products and preparations, or in the form of boxes/packs, each of which corresponds to a specific objective.

We have tested Regivia’s products for you.

Regivia presentation and promises

Regivia slimming programs are divided into 4 phases:

  1. Attack phase ;
  2. Slimming phase ;
  3. Stabilization phase ;
  4. Finalization phase;

Depending on the length of the program and the weight-loss objectives, the Regivia cure is presented with a whole selection of hyperprotein products, designed for each of the 3 main meals.

Regivia products have been specially studied and designed to enable rapid weight loss, but also real long-term maintenance of the ideal weight achieved, to avoid the yo-yo effect.

Regivia, the manufacturer

Regivia, whose full name is Regivia Solvital Luminothérapie, is a French company based in Granville, Normandy, which has been in the pharmaceutical wholesale business since 2005.

Little is known about the company itself, but the official website is clear and professionally designed.

The company displays its physical address, a telephone number and its SIRET number, which is tangible proof of seriousness.

The payment process is secure and takes place in four stages. We accept payment by credit card, bank check and bank transfer.

Regivia goes one step further and offers a 3-step payment plan for all orders over €79, at no extra charge.

Regivia customer service is easy to reach, especially by telephone.

The official website offers a wealth of information to make dieting a success, with videos, reviews, news…as well as a hotline to answer customers’ questions during and after the program.

Regivia product ingredients


1. Whey protein:

Very rich in protein and low in fat, it promotes muscle building while reducing appetite and increasing the feeling of fullness.

2. Egg white protein:

Egg white protein is a complete protein of excellent quality. They have a biological value of 93.7/100, which means they are more easily absorbed by the body than other protein sources.

What’s more, egg whites supply the body with all the essential amino acids such as valine, leucine and isoleucine, which slow muscle loss and help build lean body mass.

Vitamins A, C, E and B complete the composition to avoid deficiencies and promote maximum protein assimilation.

Regivia products and services

Regivia’s products are presented under three categories: target boxes, à la carte products and accessories.

Targeted sets:

This category includes 5 different products:

1. Coffret S < à 3kg :

This set corresponds to a 14-day cure, ideal for a weight loss target of less than 3kg. It contains the following foods:

  • 2 Herbed omelettes ;
  • 2 Cheese-flavoured omelettes ;
  • 2 Chicken-flavoured veloutés ;
  • 3 Pasta Bolognese ;
  • 3 Pasta carbonara ;
  • 1 Couscous ;
  • 1 Chili ;
  • 2 Mousses chocolate flavor ;
  • 2 Vanilla flavored custards ;
  • 2 Flans chocolate flavor ;
  • 2 Chocolate drinks ;
  • 1 Chocolate cookie ;
  • 1 Red fruit cookie ;
  • 3 Chocolate bars ;
  • 2 Cereal and fig bars;
  • 1 Nougat bar.

This program is divided into 4 phases: a 2-day attack phase (3 sachets per day), a 4-day slimming phase (2 sachets per day), a 7-day stabilization phase (1 sachet + 1 bar + biscuit/per day) and finally a 1-day finalization phase (1 sachet + biscuit/per day).

2. Box M from 3 to < 6kg :

Corresponds to a 28-day cure and a weight loss target of less than 6kg. It includes :

  • 4 Herbed omelettes ;
  • 4 Cheese-flavoured omelettes ;
  • 4 Chicken-flavoured veloutés ;
  • 6 Pasta Bolognese ;
  • 6 Pasta carbonara ;
  • 2 Couscous ;
  • 2 Chili ;
  • 4 Mousses chocolate flavor ;
  • 4 Vanilla flavored custards ;
  • 4 Flans chocolate flavor ;
  • 4 Chocolate drinks ;
  • 2 Chocolate cookies ;
  • 2 Red fruit cookies ;
  • 6 Chocolate bars ;
  • 4 Cereal and fig bars;
  • 4 Nougat bars.

Like its predecessor, this program is divided into 4 phases: a 4-day attack phase (3 sachets per day), an 8-day slimming phase (2 sachets per day), a 14-day stabilization phase (1 sachet + 1 bar + biscuit/per day) and a 2-day finalization phase (1 sachet + biscuit/per day).

3. Box L from 6 to < 9kg :

Corresponds to a 42-day cure and a weight loss target of less than 9kg and more than 3kg. This set contains :

  • 6 Herbed Omelettes ;
  • 6 Cheese-flavoured omelettes ;
  • 6 Chicken-flavoured veloutés ;
  • 9 Pasta Bolognese ;
  • 9 Pasta Carbonara ;
  • 3 Couscous ;
  • 3 Chili ;
  • 6 Mousses chocolate flavor ;
  • 6 Vanilla flavored custards ;
  • 6 Flans chocolate flavor ;
  • 6 Chocolate drinks ;
  • 3 Chocolate cookies ;
  • 3 Red fruit cookies ;
  • 9 Chocolate bars ;
  • 6 Cereal and fig bars ;
  • 6 Nougat bars.

The 4 phases of this program are as follows: a 6-day attack phase (3 sachets per day), a 12-day slimming phase (2 sachets per day), a 21-day stabilization phase (1 sachet + 1 bar + cookie per day) and a 3-day finalization phase (1 sachet + cookie per day).

4. Box XL from 9 to < 12kg :

Designed for a duration of 8 weeks, or 56 days, and a weight loss of between 9 and 12kg, this program consists of:

  • 8 Herbed omelettes ;
  • 8 Cheese-flavoured omelettes ;
  • 8 Chicken-flavoured veloutés ;
  • 12 Pasta Bolognese ;
  • 12 Pasta carbonara ;
  • 4 Couscous ;
  • 4 Chili ;
  • 8 Mousses chocolate flavor ;
  • 8 Vanilla flavored custards ;
  • 8 Flans chocolate flavor ;
  • 8 Chocolate drinks ;
  • 4 Chocolate cookies ;
  • 4 Red fruit cookies ;
  • 12 Chocolate bars ;
  • 8 Cereal and fig bars ;
  • 8 Nougat bars.

The phases of this program are: the 8-day attack phase (3 sachets per day), the 16-day slimming phase (2 sachets per day), the 28-day stabilization phase (1 sachet + 1 bar + biscuit/per day), and the 4-day finalization phase containing 1 sachet and cookie per day.

5. Box enL from 12 to < 15kg :

Designed to cover a period of 10 weeks, or 70 days, and to meet a weight loss requirement of between 12 and 15kg, this box contains :

  • 10 Herbed Omelettes ;
  • 10 Cheese-flavoured omelettes ;
  • 10 Chicken-flavored veloutés ;
  • 15 Pasta Bolognese ;
  • 15 Pasta carbonara ;
  • 5 Couscous ;
  • 5 Chili ;
  • 10 Mousses chocolate flavor ;
  • 10 Vanilla flavored custards ;
  • 10 Flans chocolate flavor ;
  • 10 Chocolate drinks ;
  • 5 Chocolate cookies ;
  • 5 Red fruit cookies ;
  • 15 Chocolate bars ;
  • 10 Cereal and fig bars ;
  • 10 Nougat bars.

Like its predecessors, this program is divided into four distinct phases: an attack phase lasting 10 days, during which 3 sachets are taken daily; a slimming phase lasting 20 days, during which 2 sachets are taken daily; a stabilization phase lasting 35 days, during which 1 sachet, 1 bar or cookie is taken daily. Finally, the final phase, which lasts 5 days and includes one sachet and one cookie.
On the official Regivia website, you’ll find sample menus for each phase of its slimming programs. This is a commendable effort, as it provides consumers with easy guidance and saves them from indecision when choosing what to eat.

As a gift, Regivia offers 1 pedometer, 1 Regivia booklet, 1 shaker, 3 surprise products to consume and free delivery with any purchase of a slimming pack or any order over €79.

A la carte products

This range contains 4 categories: bars, savoury products, sweet products and small pleasures.

Regivia protein bars come in a variety of flavors:

  • Café B protein bar: a chocolate-covered coffee-flavored bar;
  • Coconut-banana protein bar: an exotic-tasting bar coated in chocolate.
  • Chocolate protein bar: a dark chocolate coating for an intense taste;
  • Nougat protein bar: dark chocolate coating;
  • Strawberry protein bar: coated in dark chocolate;
  • Vanilla protein bar: dark chocolate coating;
  • Cereal and fig protein bar: partially covered in dark chocolate;
  • Dark forest protein bar: dark forest flavor coated in chocolate;
  • Speculoos protein bar: speculoos flavor coated in dark chocolate;
  • Calisson-flavored almond protein bar: covered in dark chocolate;
  • Coconut rocher protein bar: a blend of coconut and dark chocolate flavors;
  • Peanut protein bar: covered in dark chocolate;
  • Caramel protein bar: covered in dark chocolate and made with melting caramel;
  • Hazelnut praline protein bar: covered in dark chocolate.

Regivia’s savoury à la carte products include :

  • Velouté protéiné aux champignons ;
  • Leek and potato protein soup;
  • Chicken-flavored protein soup;
  • Vegetable protein soup;
  • Oriental protein soup;
  • Green vegetable and crouton protein soup;
  • Beef and onion protein soup;
  • Thai protein soup ;
  • Mushroom protein omelette ;
  • Herbed protein omelette ;
  • Protein omelette with cheese ;
  • Bacon-flavored protein omelet ;
  • Protein pasta fusilli flavor 30g ;
  • Penne protein pasta 30g ;
  • Protein sauce carbonara ;
  • Tomato protein sauce ;
  • Protein couscous ;
  • Protein pasta bolognese ;
  • Protein pasta carbonara ;
  • Protein chili.

Regivia à la carte sweets:

  • Chocolate protein drink ;
  • Cappuccino protein drink;
  • Orange protein drink;
  • Peach-mango protein drink;
  • Cola-flavoured protein drink;
  • Grapefruit protein drink ;
  • Chocolate protein custard ;
  • Vanilla protein custard ;
  • Entremets protein chocolate ;
  • Entremets protein vanilla ;
  • Entremets protein caramel ;
  • Entremets protein strawberry ;
  • Entremets with pear protein Belle Hélène ;
  • Lemon meringue protein cream ;
  • Chocolate protein mousse ;
  • Apricot protein fromage blanc ;
  • Protein dessert tiramisu ;
  • Red fruit protein yoghurt ;
  • Protein cake with chocolate ;
  • Protein cake with fruit ;
  • Protein clafoutis strawberry – raspberry ;
  • Protein cereal flakes ;
  • Plain protein pancakes ;
  • Apple protein pancakes ;
  • Chocolate – hazelnut protein spread ;
  • Chocolate protein ice cream ;
  • Vanilla and hazelnut protein ice cream;
  • Strawberry protein ice cream.

Regivia’s little pleasures include:

  • Red fruit protein cookies ;
  • Orange protein cookies ;
  • Chocolate protein cookies ;
  • protomax cocoa protein cookies ;
  • protomax hazelnut protein cookies;
  • Chocolate hazelnut protein spread ;
  • Chocolate protein ice cream ;
  • Vanilla and hazelnut protein ice cream;
  • Strawberry protein ice cream.

Regivia accessories

  • Pedometer: a motion-sensitive device that calculates the number of steps taken;
  • 250ml shaker, useful for preparing drinks and desserts.

Regivia services

  • An online tool to calculate your ideal weight;
  • An information area and blog;
  • Self-assessment tools;
  • Physical exercises;
  • Dietary advice;
  • More than 300 coaches in France.

Scientific studies on the Regivia diet

The official website provides no information validating the effectiveness of the Regivia diet.

However, there are clinical studies on the effects and efficacy of protein-rich diets, as is the case with Regivia’s products.

In this context, we would like to mention two studies which have demonstrated the slimming power of increased protein intake in the diet.

The first study, carried out by the University of Washington, investigated the effect of a high-protein diet on sustained appetite reduction, calorie intake and body weight.

The researchers concluded that a 15-30% increase in protein in the diet, while maintaining a constant carbohydrate intake, produces a sustained reduction in calorie intake and leads to significant weight loss.

The study noted that these results were observed on a low-carbohydrate diet.

(Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA (DSW, PAB, CCM, and HSC), and the Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR (KEM, VRB, and JQP) David S Weigle, Patricia A Breen, Colleen C Matthys, Holly S Callahan, Kaatje E Meeuws, Verna R Burden, and Jonathan Q Purnell. Am J Clin Nutr 2005 Jul;82(1):41.8).

A second study examined the effects of high-protein diets on thermogenesis, satiety and weight loss.

This study confirms the results obtained by previous studies on the approved effect of high-protein diets on thermogenesis and satiety compared with other low-protein diets.

In conclusion, these researchers suggest partially replacing refined carbohydrates with protein sources low in saturated fat.

(Source: Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts. Thomas L. Halton, Frank B. Hu. MD, PhD. doi : 10.1080/07315724.2004.10719381. Journal of The American College of Nutrition, Volume 23, Issue 5, 2004).

Side effects and contraindications

Proteins have no side effects.

However, following a high-protein diet, involving a significant reduction in caloric intake and a ketosis phenomenon, is not a diet to be taken lightly, or over the long term for that matter.

It is very important to drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.

In addition, the consumption of vegetables, raw or cooked, is essential to provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and avoid deficiencies.

The official Regivia website states in black and white: “These products are not meal replacements and should not be used as the sole source of nutrition…These products should be consumed as part of a varied diet”.

Regivia user testimonials

There are many different opinions on the Regivia slimming cure! From the best to the worst, you’ll find everything on the web!

Some find the products very good, others not so good, even “infamous”…
Many find this diet difficult to follow, given the number of sachets replacing normal meals.

Some find it effective, losing 7.8 kg in 1 month, for example, while others put it all back on as soon as they stopped.

Consumers’ reactions are justified if we know that the body’s reaction to certain components differs from one person to another.

Regivia product price and guarantee

The Regivia cure is available in the form of à la carte products or target boxes.

Here are the prices of the packages. To get an idea of the prices of other products, visit the official Regivia website by clicking?

  • Set S : <3kg – 14 days – 79€ ;
  • Box M : from 3 to <6 kg – 28 days – 125€ ;
  • Box L : from 6 to <9 kg – 42 days – 169€ ;
  • Box XL : from 9 to <12 kg – 56 days – 219€ ;
  • Box enL : from 12 to <15 kg – 70 days – 259€.

Regivia offers easy payment in 3 instalments at no extra charge for orders over €79.

Delivery is free for the purchase of any box or for any order equivalent to 79€, and includes the following gifts: 1 pedometer + 1 guide booklet + 1 shaker + 3 surprise products to consume.

Regivia does not offer a money-back guarantee.

site officiel du produit

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