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Reductin Cellulite Avis et Test

Reductin Cellulite, a pill that heralds the end of cellulite?

Reductin Cellulite IntroductionReductin Cellulite is a pill designed to reduce cellulite in women, offered as a two-stage treatment: an attack phase (10 days) and a maintenance phase (until cellulite returns). In June 2016, François Motte, the scientific head of the laboratories that manufacture this pill, was a guest on the TV show “On n’est pas des pigeons” to defend his product.

Since then, Reductin Cellulite has raised many questions about its effectiveness or otherwise in combating cellulite. Today, we take a look at what users and specialists have to say.

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Reductin Cellulite, the “first product” to eliminate the causes of cellulite

At least, that’s how Reductin Cellulite is presented by its manufacturer on its official website. This blue pill is said to have the ability to combat the problem of cellulite, which can be summed up in 4 causes: water retention, cell oxidations, cell inflammation and skin breakdown.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite Peau OrangeTo explain its thesis, the manufacturer of Reductin Cellulite (Laboratoires Dyna+, Luxembourg) sets out a concise explanation of the cellulite phenomenon on its website.

For genetic and hormonal reasons, 90% of women are prone to water retention. This causes poor lymphatic drainage and local circulation, resulting in an influx of water into the subcutaneous adipocytes.

In fat cells, this influx of water is responsible for oxidation and consequent swelling. This mechanical effect creates “waves” on the skin. Secondly, this oxidation causes inflammation of the fat cells, resulting in a destructuring effect on the dermis. As a result, dimpling and orange-peel skin appear.

However, we would like to remind our readers that cellulite is considered more as an aesthetic disgrace that can affect women as early as their teens. It’s due to poor venous and lymphatic circulation caused by normal hormonal activity!

The promise of Reductin Cellulite

These little blue pills promise to :

  • increase lymphatic drainage ;
  • prevent cell oxidation ;
  • limit local inflammation;
  • rapidly restructure the dermis for supple, healthy, elastic skin.

According to the scientific director of Reductin Cellulite, quoted in the introduction, Reductin Cellulite is a total solution for the definitive disappearance of cellulite. permanent of cellulite. His words were challenged on the set of the show “On n’est pas des pigeons” program, in the “3 minutes to convince, by Christophe Bourdon, through a game of precise questioning which attempted to identify certain inconsistencies. We’ll let you judge for yourself by watching the video: click on the program title.

Reductin Cellulite, a treatment for life?

At least, that’s what we can deduce from the manufacturer’s answer: if you stop taking it, the cellulite comes back! It could be expensive to stick to such a treatment, and you’d still have to make sure it worked.

Again, the manufacturer does not commit to any specific duration of treatment. It simply states “until cellulite disappears”, which is unlikely to happen that quickly, and is conditional on “chronic” use of the treatment.

So.., Reductin Cellulite, work?

Part of the answer comes from another episode of the show, broadcast a month earlier (May 10, 2016), where the program’s staff conducted an experiment with 3 female testers and a cosmetic surgery expert.
Reductin Cellulite ExpertThis involved taking the Reductin Cellulite treatment for a week to check short-term results. Preliminary findings were documented by the expert, along with photos and measurements. The 3 women complied with the treatment and the results of taking Reductin Cellulite did not seem to encourage them to continue.
encourage them to continue.

The expert did, however, note a slight improvement in the appearance of the skin of one tester (who, incidentally, had lost over a kilo!). Impossible to establish a link with the product). She did, however, express her unwillingness to continue taking Reductin Cellulite.

To find out more about this experience, here’s a link to the entire video: Reductin Cellulite, a miracle product…Not really!

The ingredients of Reductin Cellulite

The following ingredients are listed on the packaging, along with their respective dosages:
Dicalcium phosphate, Microcrystalline cellulose, encapsulated Borage GLA, Meadowsweet extract, Turmeric Meriva extract, Burdock extract, Horse chestnut extract, Fragon extract, Orthosiphon extract, Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Magnesium stearate.
Reductin Cellulite Ingredients 01Reductin Cellulite Ingredients 02
According to the Belgian show’s expert, most of the ingredients are plant extracts, which corresponds to phytotherapy. So it’s safe. When asked about efficacy, the same expert replies that these components are recognized and validated for their draining, diuretic and vasculotropic activities. He therefore thinks it’s possible that it can act, but not in isolation: this pill can be a “little extra” to complement other techniques, one of the most important of which is muscle contraction or draining massage.

How to use Reductin Cellulite?

The manufacturer of Reductin Cellulite states in its dosage section that its maximum effectiveness is achieved after 2 to 3 months. So, to obtain good results, you’ll need to :

  • Take 2 x 2 tablets morning and evening for 10 days. (Attack phase) ;
  • Take 2 x 1 tablet morning and evening for about 2 months (depending on results). Then, to keep cellulite under control, take 1 tablet a day, morning or evening (maintenance phase).

However, it is clearly stated that Reductin Cellulite is NOT a slimming product, and that it does not provide any significant weight loss. The manufacturer is therefore quick to suggest an alternative product: the Reductin Minceur cure.

Side effects and contraindications of Reductin Cellulite

At this level, the manufacturer asserts that its pill poses no danger or risk to my health, and claims that it can be taken from the age of 12. This age limit comes as a bit of a surprise, given that most slimming dietary supplements have an upper age limit of 18. There is no mention of pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Buy Reductin Cellulite

From the official Reductin Cellulite website, you can access an online pharmacy to obtain the box of 40 tablets at the regular price of €25.50. We provide a secure link to an offer at 22,95€ :
site officiel du produit

Our opinion on Reductin Cellulite

We believe that a one-week test period is objectively insufficient to put a product to the test. Particularly as, when it comes to weight loss, it’s more a question of how each individual’s basal metabolism reacts to the various ingredients proposed by manufacturers.

Generally speaking, we prefer to give products like Reductin Cellulite the benefit of the doubt to prove themselves. It should be pointed out, however, that any anti-cellulite treatment must inevitably include specific massage sessions of the palpé/roulé type to help the dermis regain its suppleness.

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  • Bertrand

    Hello. I don’t believe in miracles but a friend convinced me. What’s more, there’s turmeric in it and it’s (turmeric) good for the skin and inflammation, and I have tendonitis, so I thought, let’s kill two birds with one stone. Personally, I only believe what I see, and after a week there were no results? But after a month, most of my cellulite had disappeared? It’s amazing? I didn’t have tons of it, but it was below the buttocks, above the knee and a little on the thighs. And since then it’s almost gone? So I’m going to continue taking 4 pills a day for two months, and then I’ll probably continue, but it’s hard to be consistent? But it’s worth it? In any case, frankly, a one-week test is nonsense?

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