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Raspberry Ketone Extra Strength Formula, the test

raspberry-ketone-extra-forteThere are plenty of raspberry ketone diet pills on the market today. But raspberry ketone slimming pills that deliver real results are a different kettle of fish, as there are plenty of tempting but unfortunately sometimes unfounded promises.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at RASPBERRY KETONE FORMULE EXTRA FORTE, a supplement based on raspberry ketone, and our test will tell us whether it’s one of the effective pills or whether it fails to live up to its promises.

Presentation and promises of Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte

Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte is a fat burner which, according to the manufacturer, contains “one of the best 100% natural formulas on the market”.

These pills are made up of several flagship ingredients, which we’ll mention later in this article, and which in any case promise the following benefits:

  • Pure raspberry ketone;
  • Some of the most powerful slimming ingredients on the market;
  • Promotes fat burning ;
  • Boosts metabolism;
  • Anti-oxidant properties.

Raspberry Ketone Extra Strength Formula is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

It is recommended to take 2 capsules a day, accompanied by a large glass of water.

For optimum results, the manufacturer recommends a 3-month course of treatment.

Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte, the manufacturer

This slimming supplement is produced by Vitenza, under the Maxmedix brand.

Vitenza is a French company with a proven track record of reliability. The company’s strengths include:

  • Extensive experience in the field of natural wellness supplements;
  • Rigorously selected, GMO-free, 100% natural ingredients;
  • Products manufactured in the UK to exacting standards.

Ingredients of Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte

Raspberry Ketone Formule Extra Forte is composed of :

1. Raspberry extract (1250mg) with Raspberry Ketone (69mg):

We’ve written a full article on raspberry ketone, which can be consulted HERE.

But we’ll just summarize the main properties of this ingredient.

A priori, raspberry ketone acts on adrenalin, increasing blood levels, which boosts metabolism and fat burning.

Raspberry ketone is also said to raise levels of adiponectin, another hormone which, in sufficient quantities, inhibits fat storage.

Finally, raspberry ketone helps to activate the breakdown and elimination of fats, via lipases, the enzymes responsible for breaking down lipids.

2. Green Coffee extract 20:1 (500mg) with 20% chlorogenic acid (25mg):

Here too, we dedicated an entire article to the virtues of green coffee, to be read HERE.

But let’s talk briefly about the benefits of this ingredient.

Green coffee contains 2 active substances that play a very interesting role in weight loss: caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

Caffeine activates the metabolism, increasing thermogenesis and lipolysis. It also improves alertness, concentration and energy levels.

As for chlorogenic acid, it helps regulate blood sugar levels, which in turn helps control food intake, notably by reducing cravings for sugar.

3. Garcinia Cambogia (50mg):

Garcinia has been the subject of a great deal of research, which we’ll cover in the next chapter.

The fact remains that it is thought to have slimming virtues, thanks to its action on serotonin, a hormone involved in regulating appetite, stimulating fat breakdown and elimination, and improving carbohydrate metabolism.

To find out more about garcinia cambogia, read our full article, HERE.

4. Cayenne pepper (50mg):

Capsaicin is the active substance that gives cayenne pepper its properties.

Capsaicin acts as a stimulator of 2 important weight-loss hormones: adrenalin and noradrenalin.

Adrenalin helps control appetite through its appetite-suppressant effect, while noradrenalin helps burn sugars and fats stored in the body.

Finally, cayenne increases metabolism and energy expenditure, which in turn promotes fat loss.

5. Green Tea 22:5:1 (25mg) 95% of which are polyphenols:

Do we still need to explain the benefits of green tea for weight loss?

To summarize its benefits, we can say that green tea contains theanine and catechins, which have multiple properties, including: antioxidant, relaxing, appetite-regulating, metabolism-boosting and mood-enhancing, thermogenesis-activating, intra-visceral fat-reducing.

A versatile ingredient that has been officially recognized by science for its slimming virtues.

6. Cocoa (12.5mg):

Cocoa has multiple health benefits.

It acts as a powerful stimulant, providing the body with a healthy dose of energy.

It fights stress and gloom thanks to one of its components, theobromine, and has antioxidant properties.

It is also said to have fat-burning properties.

7. Zinc (5mg):

Zinc activates the production of leptin, a hormone that plays a role in the sensation of satiety, but also has a role in normalizing blood sugar levels.

Raspberry Ketone Extra Strength Formula and science

What do scientific studies say about the main components of Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte?

In a study on green coffee, researchers evaluated the effects of chlorogenic acid on glucose absorption and body mass in overweight subjects.

In this study, some participants consumed 440 to 495mg of chlorogenic acid per day for 12 weeks, while others took a placebo.

The results showed a 6.9% reduction in glucose absorption in those taking chlorogenic acid, compared with the control group.

What’s more, these same people saw an average weight loss of 5.4kg, compared with just 1.7kg for the placebo group.

(Source: NCBI. ETC Research and Development, Oslo, Norway. Thom E. J Int Med Res. 2007 Nov-Dec;35(6):900-8).

As for raspberry ketone, although some studies seem to show that it represents a potential stimulator of lipolysis, research on primary adipocytes is inconclusive.

Raspberry ketone does, however, enhance norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in primary adipocytes, which is encouraging.

Further studies, this time in vivo, are needed to validate the fat-burning virtues of raspberry ketone.

(Sources: NCBI. Department of Biomedical Science, College of Science and Engineering, Cheongju University, Chungbuk, Korea. Park KS. Pharm Biol. 2015 Jun;53(6):870-5. doi: 10.3109/13880209.2014.946059. Epub 2014 Nov 28).

Finally, a very recent meta-analysis confirms that capsaicin causes an increase in metabolism, but may also promote better appetite control and optimization of different metabolisms.

(Source: NCBI. School of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. Department of Exercise Science, High Point University, High Point, NC. Gannon NP., Lambalot EL., Vaughan RA. Biofactors. 2016 May;42(3):229-46. doi: 10.1002/biof.1273).

For more information on garcinia cambogia, please consult the dedicated article cited above.

Side effects and contraindications

According to the manufacturer, Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte has no adverse effects.

Of the ingredients used in these slimming pills, only cayenne pepper may cause a burning sensation in sensitive individuals.

To avoid these possible drawbacks, we recommend that you take Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte capsules with your meals.

As a precautionary measure, this supplement is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children.

Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte user testimonials

Many testimonials exist, and they are mostly very positive Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte seems.

According to those who have tested it, it is an effective weight-loss supplement when combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Raspberry Ketone Formule extra forte has an appetite-suppressant effect that helps reduce consumption and snacking, boosts energy and gives a deflating sensation.

People report losing 3kg in 2 weeks, or 14kg in 4 months, for example.

Raspberry Ketone Formule Extra Forte price and guarantee

The 60-capsule box of Raspberry Ketone Formule Extra Forte is priced at 25,99€.

We’ve unearthed a number of promotional prices on the net which may be of interest to those wishing to try out this slimming product:

  • 2-month course of treatment – 49,99€ (4% savings) ;
  • 3-month treatment – 69,99€ (10% savings) ;
  • 4-month treatment – 87,99€ (15% savings) ;
  • 5-month treatment – 103,99€ (20% savings) ;
  • 6-month treatment – 116,99€ (25% savings);

Warranties depend on the retailer. We chose this store because of the interesting promotions and guarantees presented above:
You benefit from a 100% money-back guarantee, subject to the following conditions:

  • Uninterrupted use for a minimum of 3 months (as advised on product descriptions);
  • Request sent within 30 days of processing;
  • Send the completed and signed non-satisfaction survey, empty packaging and order number to the following address.


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