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Pure Life Cleanse

PureLife Cleanse, cleanse your gut!

flacon-PureLife-CleansePURELIFE CLEANSE is a fat burner and detoxifier from American laboratories Biotrim Labs.

These capsules claim to cleanse the colon thoroughly, ridding the body of toxins for better weight loss.

Once again, we’ve conducted a survey to help you decide whether or not this slimming cure is right for you.

Visit Promises of PureLife Cleanse

Do you want to eliminate toxins, purify your body and shed unwanted pounds?

PureLife Cleanse promises you wonders, but only if you dare to buy their product!

In fact, according to Biotrim labs, the makers of PureLife Cleanse, it’s a “powerful formula designed only for serious people who want to achieve incredible results”.

And it will enable you to :

  • Eliminate unwanted pounds ;
  • Increase your energy levels;
  • Cleanse and detoxify your body;
  • Boost your metabolism;
  • Purify your body;
  • Feel good.

The manufacturer is riding the wave of detox cures, telling you that your intestines are full of parasites, which prevent the absorption of essential nutrients, forcing you to eat more and putting on weight.

There’s no denying the decisive role played by the intestines and intestinal flora in the proper functioning of the body and overall health. And it’s no coincidence that the adage “death begins in the colon” was coined. Clearly, Biotrim Labs is playing the intestinal parasite scare card to get its product off the ground!

Let’s not rush to judgment, though, and move on to the composition.

PureLife Cleanse – One Composition REALLY Detox!

No matter how hard we look on the official website, we can’t find the precise dosage contained in PureLife Cleanse slimming capsules. However, the site does list some of the ingredients used in the product’s formula.

The site lists
Known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties. However, no scientific study has yet been conducted on this berry to demonstrate its digestive tract cleansing virtues, as the manufacturer claims. The most recent data available reveal anti-oxidant properties, and the presence of monounsaturated fat, which provides a feeling of satiety. But there’s nothing to back up the manufacturer’s claims about its effect on the colon.

Commonly known for its mild laxative properties, and its ability to support digestion and gastrointestinal health. Licorice’s active ingredient glycyrrhiza glabra, has been the subject of preliminary research demonstrating that it can indeed aid fat loss. However, too much licorice root can raise blood pressure.

These leaves increase the rate of intestinal movement. They are used as a purgative and as a treatment for constipation. The active ingredients in senna leaves are natural derivatives ofanthraquinone, a substance with powerful laxative properties.

Promotes satiety by providing the body with a high level of fiber. Flaxseeds are renowned for their high fiber content. Slowly digested, they swell up in the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness and reducing the amount of food consumed.

With a little more research, and by looking elsewhere than on the manufacturer’s official website, we were able to find, not without difficulty, the full list of ingredients contained in PureLife Cleanse capsules; namely:

  • Fennel seed: laxative ;
  • Cascara sagrada bark: treatment of constipation;
  • Pumpkin seed: fights colon irritation, diuretic;
  • Barkthorne bark: unknown ingredient. Buckthorn bark: diuretic and laxative;
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus: treatment of colon irritation and diarrhoea;
  • Aloe extract: treatment of constipation;
  • Trace Mineral 72: trace elements;
  • Aloe vera leaves: treatment of constipation, harmful in excessive doses;
  • Cayenne pepper: mild appetite reducer, thermogenic effect and calorie-burning enhancer;
  • Fiber ;
  • Oat bran: facilitates stool evacuation;
  • Plum powder: fiber;
  • Calcium carbonite: to avoid deficiencies due to a detox cure.

The list of ingredients is really very long, but the most important thing is still missing: the dosage!

We can be delighted by the presence of certain ingredients with an approved effect in the weight loss process, but if we don’t know the exact dosage present in each capsule, how can we be sure of its effectiveness?

Most of these ingredients have a laxative and diuretic effect.

PureLife Cleanse therefore has every chance of promoting intestinal transit on a large scale. These powerful laxative and diuretic effects are likely to promote weight loss in water (but not fat), evacuated via urine and excrement.

This laxative action may result in the elimination of certain foods before they are fully digested, and before the body’s normal process of absorbing these nutrients is complete.

In truth, PureLife Cleanse promises slimming by excretion rather than weight loss by fat burning. This type of slimming cure is not recommended by health professionals, as it can lead to severe dehydration, as well as deficiencies in nutrients essential to the body’s proper functioning.

In any case, if you decide to adopt this type of cure, it should never be more than temporary, as it causes you to lose large quantities of water rather than fat.

Presentation Dosage of PureLife Cleanse

PureLife Cleanse comes in capsule form.

No indication of dosage or mode of administration is given on the official website.

In the absence of any indication, this product should be used with the utmost caution. Overdosage can have very harmful effects on health.

Side effects of PureLife Cleanse

Prolonged, regular use of a powerful laxative can have harmful effects on health: dependence, diarrhoea, stomach and headaches, muscle cramps, dehydration, deficiencies…

Weight loss using laxatives is not recommended by health professionals. Laxatives evacuate a variety of substances beneficial to the body, along with waste products such as vitamins.

Price and guarantee:

PureLife Cleanse goes on sale on the official BioTRim Labs website for €45. The manufacturer offers a single sales package.

No money-back guarantee is mentioned by the manufacturer.

Testimonials from PureLife Cleanse users

In the course of our research into the identity of the manufacturer of PureLife Cleanse, we were surprised by a wave of testimonials from dissatisfied customers crying scam.

Normally, we don’t take user testimonials as a criterion for evaluating a tested product. But to go so far as to find a Facebook page created by dissatisfied users exclusively to warn against this company really shocked us. If you read English, you can check it out HERE to get an idea (update: the page in question no longer exists on Facebook).

Given the scale of this phenomenon, we thought it would be useful to publish a sample testimonial:

“Yes, the same thing happened to me, I ordered in May 2014, should only have been charged £18.99, but was charged £94!!! The products have arrived, I have emailed them three times to date but only receive a standard reply email with no option to reply, saying they are overloaded and will get back to me within 48hrs, but they don’t! Clearly this is a scam and everyone should be warned not to buy from this company.”

Similar testimonials can be found all over the internet, and Biotrim Labs is repeatedly accused of unauthorized credit card charges, non-delivery of product, and failure to respond to complaints received.

Our review on PureLife Cleanse :

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