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Slim Fizz

Proto-Col Slim Fizz, effervescent appetite suppressant tablets

proto-col-slim-fizz-boite testeurpilules.comThe dietary supplements market is full of products seeking to offer consumers ever more. There’s no shortage of innovations, and we’d like to introduce you to just one of them today. Proto-Col Slim Fizz is an appetite suppressant in the form of effervescent lozenges. We’ve tested it for you.

Presentation and promises of Proto-Col Slim Fizz

Proto-Col Slim Fizz are effervescent lozenges designed to help you shed unwanted pounds. It’s all about glucomannans, the fibers found in konjac. Here’s what these lozenges promise:

  • Accelerated weight loss;
  • Reduced cravings;
  • Lower cholesterol levels;
  • Reduced hunger.

According to the manufacturer, Proto-Col Slim Fizz lozenges contain just 6 calories per lozenge, and are suitable for vegetarians.

The recommended dosage is 3 lozenges a day, to be dissolved in a glass of water (approx. 200ml) and taken 30 minutes before meals. The lozenges are orange-flavored.

The manufacturer

Proto-Col Slim Fizz comes from Proto-Col, a British company that has been in the dietary supplements business since 2003 – over 13 years now.

The company has a number of successful products to its credit, such as Proto-Col Pure Collagen, which has enjoyed worldwide success. Since then, the brand has continued to grow, always offering health and wellness supplements at affordable prices.

Proto-Col Slim Fizz ingredients

Each Proto-Col Slim Fizz lozenge contains 1.58 grams of glucomannan. Glucomannan fibers are found in konjac, a plant native to Southeast Asia. Konjac is known for its ability to combat overweight. It is known to have the following properties:
Appetite suppressant : Glucomannan fibers swell on contact with liquids and juices in the stomach. By occupying a considerable amount of space in the stomach, since they can multiply their volume 100 times when in contact with liquids, glucomannan fibers lead to an increased feeling of satiety, and therefore a reduction in the amount of food consumed.
Cholesterol reduction : Glucomannan fibers also have the ability to absorb bad cholesterol and excess glucose. They therefore help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which has a positive effect on overall health, as well as on the metabolism of sugars and fats.

What does science have to say?

Studies have validated the appetite-suppressant properties of konjac fibers. For example, it has been demonstrated several times that consumption of glucomannan fiber results in significant weight loss, and greater than with a simple hypocaloric diet.

(Source: NCBI. Walsh DE., Yaghoubian V., Behforooz A. Int J Obes. 1984; 8(4) : 289-93).

Side effects and contraindications of Proto-Col Slim Fizz

Proto-Col Slim Fizz lozenges, made exclusively from glucomannan fibers, are perfectly safe.

However, in other forms and presentations, konjac has been the cause of obstruction and even choking, and there are a few tips to follow when taking any product containing this substance:

  1. Stir the glucomannan + water solution well before drinking, to prevent the mixture from gelling.
  2. Be sure to drink large quantities of water with your Proto-Col Slim Fizz pastilles, to help the glucomannan reach the stomach and avoid any risk of obstruction.
  3. Avoid taking konjac products at the end of the day.

By following these few recommendations, Proto-Col Slim Fizz lozenges are safe to take.

Price and guarantee

Each box of Proto-Col Slim Fizz contains 2 tubes of 15 lozenges each, for a 10-day treatment of 3 lozenges a day. Reduced prices are available for the purchase of several tubes:

  • 1 box (2 tubes) of Proto-Col Slim Fizz (10-day treatment) = 16,95€ instead of 33,95€
  • 3 boxes (6 tubes) of Proto-Col Slim Fizz (30-day course of treatment) = 49,95€ instead of 101,85€
  • 6 boxes (12 tubes) of Proto-Col Slim Fizz (60-day cure) = 99,95€ instead of 203,70€

The online store offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


User testimonials

Many people have already decided to try out the new Proto-Col Slim Fizz lozenges. The vast majority of them are very satisfied with the product.

They report a truly effective appetite-suppressant effect, reducing or even completely eliminating snacking cravings. Proto-Col Slim Fizz has also helped them reduce hunger pangs and the need to eat snacks between meals.

The reduction in the amount of food ingested, both outside and during meals, led to real weight loss in those who tested this appetite-suppressant and slimming supplement.

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  • tabou

    bonjour j’ai vraiment besoin de quelque chose pour maigrir j’ai pris 20kg et la j peux pas les perdre après l’accouchement mais mon problem c que allaite actuellement

    • Hélène. M

      Hello Tabou,
      First of all, rejoice in the presence of your baby! Secondly, you should know that most women put on a lot of weight during pregnancy, some manage to lose it quickly and others take a year to get rid of it. It’s a question of hormonal balance and personal effort.

      For the time being, and since you’re breast-feeding, you shouldn’t go on a strict diet. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t keep an eye on your diet and, for example, eliminate sweets that are of no benefit to you or your baby.

      Once you’ve finished breastfeeding, you can balance your diet by reducing portions and exercising regularly, and, like most women, you’ll naturally lose a few kilos.

      If you feel you need a little extra help, then you can use a slimming pill that suits your needs, making sure you choose a quality product with natural ingredients.

      Good luck and have a nice day.

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