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PhenQ survey: supplement and TP opinion on this pill that works

PhenQ Avis et testOur PhenQ survey on TP has now been supplemented by an investigation that takes the research a step further. PhenQ is a slimming pill that doesn’t focus on weight loss alone. According to its manufacturer, it’s a solution that works from every angle to help you lose weight fast, above all by helping you suppress your appetite! Indeed, that’s what emerges from the vast majority of PhenQ testimonials we’ve spotted on the web. All PhenQ users report a clear appetite-suppressant effect, right from the very first pill.

At, we don’t stop at PhenQ testimonials and reviews alone, and always prefer to investigate further. Today, three years after the publication of our first our first PhenQ test, to the day, we’re taking another look at a product that’s still very popular with weight-loss enthusiasts.

Phen surveyQ : Is it still a competitor to Phen375?

Our PhenQ survey aims to ascertain the answer to the same question: is PhenQ the new competitor to Phen375? This question was indeed the title of our test at the time. As it turns out, this competition is still on the agenda, and apparently even more fiercely than in the beginning!

Phen375 is without doubt the “emblematic” pill of the weight-loss world, and has been so ever since it first appeared. This pill from the USA has revolutionized the field, with results that are, to say the least, astonishing! Even here at TP, we were rather skeptical about these ads, which came to us from overseas years ago. We all (or almost all) know what happens when the American marketing machine gets going! We always end up buying fries and soda, with a smile 🙂
But as it turns out, Phen375 really does deliver on its promises. This pill owes its phenomenal success to its specific composition, which benefited from the Phentermine controversy that fueled much debate in the medical community. For more on the Phente(R)mine affair, see our article on Phen375.

Phen surveyQ : is it an evolution of Phen375?

It’s a misconception that many websites and personal blogs are unfortunately peddling about these two products!
AnquĂŞte PhenQ Vs Phen375We’ve spotted articles claiming that PhenQ and Phen375 come from the same manufacturer, and others claiming that PhenQ is the evolution of the famous Phen375… when the reality is quite different:

  • The older Phen375 has always been manufactured and marketed by RDK Global Pharmaceuticals.
  • The more recent PhenQ is manufactured and distributed by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, the parent company behind the Bauer Nutrition brand.

For the purposes of our PhenQ survey, we contacted the manufacturer directly, via Chat Direct on its official website.

So we’re talking about two different manufacturers behind two similar-looking, but not identical, products. By the way, it’s clear that, historically speaking, PhenQ has been riding the wave of Phen375, playing on the similarity in name. But, on the other hand, PhenQ isn’t just a bland attempt to copy Phen375, it’s a pill that works!

Quick note :
Another product by the name of Ph.375 recently appeared and was sold online. It was manufactured by the same company behind PhenQ and distributed for a certain period. However, production of Ph.375 was recently discontinued by the company and all current links to this product redirect to PhenQ. This information was verified and confirmed with the manufacturer, during the chat session cited above.

What makes PhenQ a better weight-loss product?

PhenQ ingredients

To answer this question, we’ll need to take a look at the list of ingredients. The PhenQ survey revealed one positive point in the manufacturer’s favor: PhenQ’s components are clearly listed, with their respective dosages.

a-LACYS RESET® is a patented complex (NutraCeuticals International Group) composed of alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine and magnesium. The main benefit of this combination is to improve sugar metabolism, transforming it into energy.

Artificial supplementation with alpha-lipoic acid becomes more useful with age. This acid activates the enzyme AMP-Kinase, enabling better aerobic metabolism. It helps to reduce fat levels, thus promoting weight loss.

The PhenQ manufacturer highlights the a-LACYS RESET® complex for its weight-loss benefits. But other ingredients are also added for greater effect. These include Capsimax powder (a blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin or vitamin b3), calcium carbonate calcium carbonate, and chromium picolinate, of caffeine, de nopal and l-carnitine.

It seems, from the feedback of most of the users who took part in our PhenQ survey, that it is rather its satiating effect that is most pronounced. This lends credence to the promises made by the manufacturer on its website, which state that PhenQ targets your weight loss in five different ways to:

  • Burn fat;
  • Stop fat production ;
  • Suppress your appetite ;
  • Boost your energy;
  • Improve your mood.

For more details on its formula, we invite you to our PhenQ test article at this address.

PhanQ is part of our TOP 4 Fat Burners of the Year selection, so it might be worth taking a look!
Meilleurs brûle graisse

The PhenQ offer

PhenQ’s manufacturer is well aware that its product can only work as part of a healthy lifestyle that combines good nutrition and a decent minimum of physical activity. That’s why the PhenQ offer comes with two very interesting and eye-catching features:

  • A kit of 10 training and nutrition guides available free of charge (initial value 170.28 euros), upon purchase of the first bottle. Phen375 also offers a 14-day diet guide, after purchase of 4 bottles.
  • A free Detox product specially designed to accompany PhenQ. So, with the purchase of a PhenQ ultimate pack, you’ll receive 3 bottles + 2 free bottles + one bottle of Advana Cleanse (initial value 54,99 euros). A Detox recommendation from the manufacturer itself guarantees you a compatible product and saves you additional costs on a third-party product ordered elsewhere.

For further information on PhenQ, our Advana Cleanse test at this address.

Survey PhenQ : What do users have to say about this slimming supplement?

According to the official PhenQ website, there are already over 190,000 satisfied customers of this pill, which hasn’t been on the market as long as other products, but only for a few years.

When it comes to testimonials and user reviews, TP has to admit that it’s not an easy task. In absolute terms, we have no way of verifying the authenticity of the various reviews and comments posted on the web, of course. But our modest experience enables us to cross-check information and find elements that are as close to reality as possible.
Temoignages enquĂŞte PhenQ

Testimonials PhenQ on the official website

The status of the company behind PhenQ would not allow it to take the issue of testimonials lightly.

While many manufacturers resort to “stock photo” illustrations, PhenQ’s manufacturer puts forward authentic photos of people posing before/after, with a bottle of PhenQ in hand. This is perfectly in line with the way their respective manufacturers test their slimming products with users. It’s a logical and perfectly legal practice. The statistical results posted on the official website are the full scientific and ethical responsibility of the manufacturer.

Testimonials PhenQ testimonials on health forums and personal blogs

Here too, there are two types of testimonial source:

  • Sites and blogs of people who sell products for commissions;
  • Personal blog posts and comments from people who have actually, and presumably, tested products.

Again, we can’t say for sure, but we can always cross-check. We’ve scoured some fairly lengthy threads, where mostly female users have reported an interesting amount of information, which we’ll summarize right away.

To sum up…

Here’s a brief summary of our PhenQ testimonial survey:

  • As with any dietary supplement for weight loss, PhenQ will not produce the same results in everyone! Several parameters come into play: metabolism, age, gender, diet, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, sporting activity, stress, psychological state, etc.
  • Some users have experienced stomach aches and headaches. Here again, it’s a question of whether or not ingredients are tolerated;
  • Most users report a real appetite-suppressant effect and renewed energy;
  • An average of 5 kilos lost in one month, mainly due to reduced food intake thanks to the appetite-suppressant effect.

So, should you consider purchasing PhenQ or not?

Based on the results of our survey, we are able to recommend PhenQ to anyone looking for a product that will meet their weight-loss expectations. Thanks to this PhenQ survey supplement, you’ll have the answers you need to help you form your own opinion on the subject.

What would motivate you to buy a slimming pill in general?

It’s more than clear that your motivation for opting for a dietary supplement for weight loss essentially boils down to one ultimate goal: to lose weight. But are you in a position to say exactly which supplement you need? As a complement to our PhenQ survey, we’d like to offer you a bit of reading, with a short list of our blog articles that take a closer look at the question…
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Phen surveyQ : Ă  side effects to expect?

As with most dietary supplements designed to aid weight loss, side effects can occur, even though the product is guaranteed to be 100% natural and risk-free. It’s more a question of user tolerance to certain components.

For example, we have identified the following effects in the various feedback reports we have consulted on the web:

  • Heart palpitations: these effects are common to most energy-boosting supplements. This is essentially due to the presence of caffeine in the pill’s formula. These palpitations generally disappear quickly, and are often accompanied by a few headaches. So it’s a matter of adaptation and also of controlling the doses of coffee already consumed normally.
  • Stomach upsets: these effects only affect people who can’t tolerate the “spiciness” of capsicum and piperine! If you’re not a fan of the spiciness, pass!
  • Sleep disturbances: directly linked to the caffeine contained in the PhenQ formula. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you stop taking this product before 3 p.m. in the afternoon.

Our final verdict at the end of this survey PhenQ

We already gave our verdict in our first PhanQ test. Today, we still believe it’s a product worth adopting. The best way to find out if PhenQ will work for you is to test it yourself. If, after knowing what type of pill you need, you decide to take PhenQ, we advise you to buy it directly from its official website:
site officiel du produit
In the meantime, we’d like to share with you the most salient points of our investigation into this pill, which represents a natural alternative to phentermine and seems to have established, alongside Phen375, an excellent reputation among people wishing to lose weight.


  • Quality product from a recognized and verified manufacturer;
  • Well-priced, compared with a one-month supply: 1 bottle of 60 capsules costs 65.95 euros. Most similar products offer 30-capsule bottles, which means you have to buy 2 for each month’s treatment;
  • A bonus of 10 free training and nutrition guides;
  • Short delivery times and availability in Europe;
  • Money-back guarantee and online purchase protection;
  • Good user feedback;


  • Not very pleasant taste according to some testimonials ;
  • Certain side effects reported by some users.

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  • michel

    it’s been 3 months now that i’ve been doing the PHENQ cure, without any result 1kilos loss!!!,yet same food,and sport super disappointed i had however looked at the comments so laudatory

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Michel,
      Thank you for your opinion and feedback on PhenQ. Beyond the fact that the effects of a product vary from one person to another, and to better enlighten our readers, could you please confirm the following:
      – Did you lose 1 kilo after 3 months of treatment, or did you lose nothing at all (sorry! that’s not clear from your comment)?

      – When you say “same diet”, do you mean that you haven’t reduced your daily calorie intake (amount of calories consumed each day), as recommended by the manufacturer, and generally during any slimming cure?

      Without wishing to cast doubt on your efforts, PhenQ, or any other dietary supplement, can’t do much if, unconsciously at times, you’re eating as much, if not more, than you used to. For example, if your body naturally burns 1000 calories a day, and PhenQ helps you burn an extra 500 calories a day, and you eat a total of 1500 calories, do the math, your weight won’t budge: You burn as many calories as you consume. In this case, it’s hard to see any weight loss.

      It’s also possible that your weight gain/stagnation is hormonal in origin (Yes! Hormonal imbalance doesn’t just affect women).
      I hope you’ll be able to provide us with more information about your experience with PhenQ to help our visitors make more informed decisions. Thank you Michel!

  • Monica

    You’re right about the misunderstanding of the different pills with this name. I know Phen375 quite well but I’m still hesitant about Phenq. Having said that, this article clears things up and I can say that I’m starting to see things a bit more clearly. 65.95 euros?.. I’m groping.

    • HĂ©lène. M

      The most important thing when embarking on a weight loss adventure is to have the right information and the best advice.

      You have the Phen375 and PhenQ tests at your disposal, then don’t hesitate to come and ask any questions you may have.

      Have a nice day.

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