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Avis sur PECTILIGNE Carrés Coupe Faim

Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim: 5 apples in one bite!

PECTILIGNE Carrés Coupe Faim BoitePectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim is what you might call a natural appetite moderator, based on pectin extracted from…apples! In fact, it’s a dietary supplement designed to help you slim down, thanks to its appetite-suppressant effect.
If the saying goes: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” * seems to confirm the benefits of this fruit, will Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim do the same? How does pectin help you lose weight? And why buy a dietary supplement rather than eating apples directly? Today, we take a look at this product with interesting virtues, to verify its effects. So, let’s go hunting for a doctor together?
* Morning apple keeps the doctor away.

Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim, 5 apples in every square!

Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim is a product you can buy either at your local parapharmacy or on the Internet (for those who prefer to receive their parcels discreetly at home!). So it costs a certain amount of money in euros, which some might think could be avoided. Well, if you can swallow between 5 and 10 apples a day, go for it!

The pectin present in apples (but also in lemons and other fruits) can be recovered through advanced laboratory processes, making it possible to manufacture powders, capsules, granules and even chewable squares. The advantage of this extraction is that all (or almost all) the fruit’s virtues are preserved and presented in a viable format. The manufacturer of Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim claims that each of its squares is equivalent to the pectin extract of 5 apples, which, by the way, represent less than 30 kcal.

Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim: the manufacturer

Speaking of manufacturers, this dietary supplement is designed and marketed by Nutreov-Physcience Laboratories, experts in nutrition whose mission is to bring the best of science and nature to help you maintain your health and build your well-being.

With 10 years’ experience in the health and well-being food supplements market, Nutreov-Physcience laboratories (part of the Noreva Pharma laboratory, in business since 2008 as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical preparations, in Paris) adopt a precise ethical charter, observing: naturalness, quality, efficacy and innovation.

Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim: presentation and promises

Pectine de pomme vertePectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim is presented by its manufacturer as an appetite moderator with a genuine natural concentrate of apple pectin. It’s a slimming aid designed to curb cravings and snacking, so you can easily achieve your slimming goals. The laboratory quickly explains that, as a natural fiber, apple pectin, once ingested, combines with water in the stomach and swells.

Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim doesn’t claim to burn fat directly, but it does help you capture it while preventing you from consuming more food. We appreciated this clarification from the manufacturer, to clearly explain to consumers what the product is supposed to do.

So how do Pectiligne’s appetite suppressant squares live up to their promise?

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Ingredients Pectiligne Hunger-Cutting Squares

Ingrédients Pectiligne Carrés Coupe FaimThe secret of these squares lies in the effect of natural pectin on our diet. Pectin is a vegetable dietary fiber found in many fruits (apples, lemons, grapes, bananas, blueberries, cherries (especially yellow or red), apricots). But it seems that those present in green apples are the most effective. Several scientific studies have been carried out on pectin, demonstrating its benefits for the body.

Apple pectin is found in the seeds and zest of the fruit. Its concentration is particularly high in green (immature) apples. Because they are plant-based and above all natural dietary fibers, pectins transform into a mucilaginous gel that increases the volume of the alimentary bolus. This inevitably reduces the sensation of hunger.

In general, pectin is a good regulator of intestinal transit. Healthy intestinal transit is one of the keys to success in any slimming diet.

The full list of ingredients can be seen on the product packaging:
Apple pectin (30%), apple chips, glucose syrup, sweetener: maltitol, fructo-oligosaccharides, dextrose, apple flakes, water, flavourings, medium-chain triglycerides, stabilizer: glycerine, preservative: potassium sorbate, acidity regulator: citric acid, emulsifier: soya lecithin, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

May contain traces of: milk, egg, nuts, sesame seeds.

Side effects and contraindications Pectiligne Hunger-Cutting Squares

Thanks to its composition of natural pectin collected from non-genetically modified green apples, this product is guaranteed by its manufacturer to be free of side effects. However, it should be pointed out that the “capturing” effect of these fibers can go so far as to capture even mineral salts. It is therefore advisable not to prolong pectin cures, and to space them out over time to avoid salt deficiencies.

Another important factor is water consumption. The gelling effect of pectin must be moderated by sufficient quantities of water to avoid “choking” in the stomach.

How to use Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim?

Pectiligne appetite-suppressant squares are designed to be consumed in two ways:
In the attack phase : 1 or 2 squares at lunchtime and in the evening for a month, at least 1/4 hour before each meal.
As an occasional aid : 1 square before a meal or in case of cravings.
We always recommend drinking a large glass of water after eating the squares.

Testimonials from users of Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim

We came across several comments about Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim in general health forums. Users were asking questions about the effectiveness of this weight-loss product.

The answers were straightforward, and realistic to our taste: products like Pectiligne are not magic wands capable of burning fat. Pectin is to be considered above all as a slimming aid that will help regulate appetite, which is already very beneficial.

Buy Pectiligne Hunger-Cutting Squares online

PECTILIGNE Carrés Coupe Faim AchatThe product’s official website states: Sold exclusively in pharmacies and parapharmacies. However, they are also available from online pharmacies and parapharmacies. The only difference is that you can order them online and have them delivered to your home.

Prices start at €11.95 for a box of 15 squares.

Our opinion on Pectiligne Carrés Coupe Faim

Apple pectin’s appetite-suppressant and fat-busting properties are well established. Pectiligne’s formula seems to hold up well, and may well fulfil its appetite-suppressant and intestinal transit-regulating functions. Note also that the chewy square format is quite “attractive”, rather practical and, above all, easy to carry. Worth a try.

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