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Infos Olinox Pack Minceur 7 jours

Olinox Pack Minceur 7 jours, one week to lose 3 kilos!

Olinox Pack Minceur 7 Jours IntroductionOlinox Pack Minceur 7 jours, as the name suggests, promises rapid weight loss of some 3 kilos in just one week. That’s a record time for the weight loss sought by 2 types of people, especially women! Those of you getting ready for your bikini “parades” as summer approaches. And those of you who’d like to shed a few waistlines to fit into your wedding dress! It’s possible to lose weight this fast, but…
We’ll look a little further down the page at what could go wrong with such an undertaking, but we’ll take this opportunity to put the Olinox 7-Day Slimming Pack through its paces. Would you like to know how such a product could really meet this need? You bet we would!

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Olinox 7-day slimming pack, another miracle product?

The Olinox 7-day Slimming Pack is not to be considered a miracle solution, for the simple reason that no such solution exists! On the other hand, it is entirely possible to lose so many kilos in such a short space of time. However, two major challenges accompany this “express” process, so to speak:

  • The dangers of deprivation: starving yourself will certainly lead to losing weight! But the dangers of nutrient deficiencies are considerable, and the risk is real;
  • Relapse, or the yo-yo effect: a very common scenario after such a shock treatment. The body, naturally crying out in hunger, finds itself wanting to “make up for lost weight”, and craves more. The lost kilos are quickly put back on.

So what makes Olinox Pack Minceur 7 jours so special? Nowhere! Because at no point does the manufacturer talk about irreversible weight loss. However, it does declare that its solution really does work, with tests and experiments to back it up. Let’s take a closer look…

The promises of Olinox 7-day slimming pack

This pack is designed and marketed by EvoluPharm as part of its NUT’EXEL range of slimming products. EvoluPharm is a laboratory created in 1986, which positions itself as a central purchasing office for major laboratories on behalf of dispensing pharmacists, and develops its first “pharmacist’s brand” products. These are pharmaceutical laboratories with ISO 13485 certification (CE Marking). According to our research, this manufacturer has a solid reputation, having even been featured on M6’s 100% Mag for its Olinox Pack Minceur 7 jours.

Olinox Pack Minceur 7 jours is presented by its manufacturer as a dietary supplement with sweetener based on plant extracts, formulated according to the recommendations of the Protocole Minceur 7J©.

This treatment is designed to reduce your caloric intake and increase your energy expenditure: which is probably the ultimate key to losing weight for real. But how does it work?

The ingredients of Olinox Slimming Pack 7

Olinox Pack Minceur 7 Jours IngredientsThe components of this Pack are distributed over two respective lists of two slimming products combined into a single pack. Olinox Pack Minceur 7 is available in :

14 green tablets, containing :

Bulking agent (sorbitol), nopal extract (Opuntia ficus-indica, maltodextrin, colloidal silica) (34.34%), coating agents (emulsifier: E1441, E322, bulking agent: E421, anti-caking agent: E553b, colorant: E171, E 141ii), chilli extract titrated to 2% capsaicin (2. 06%), anti-caking agents (magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), rockweed extract (Fucus vesiculosus, maltrodextrin) (0.69%), flavouring (rosemary essential oil).

7 Pink Unicadoses, containing :

Guarana extract, water, goji berry extract (Lycium barbarum and/or Lycium chinense), sweet fennel extract (Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce), natural orange flavor, natural mandarin flavor, acidifier (citric acid), thickener (xanthan gum), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, sweetener (sucralose), flavors: lemon essential oil (Citrus limon), orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis).

The Pack also contains caffeine and sweeteners.

A quick analysis of these ingredients enables us to guess pretty quickly how Olinox 7-day Slimming Pack works, with the aim of promoting the body’s basal metabolism.

The tablets revolve around the combination Nopal-Fucus combination. Prickly pear extract (another name for nopal) is known to absorb fats and sugars, so its first action is fat-burning. Rockweed, on the other hand, attacks lipids by destroying them.

Unicadoses (similar to concentrated “shots”), composed of slimming plant extracts, promote calorie burning through fat metabolism (Guarana) and facilitate urinary elimination (Fennel).

At first glance, this is a formula with promising ingredients. However, we have not yet identified any scientific studies specific to the use of Olinox Pack Minceur 7 itself.

Opinions of Olinox Pack Minceur 7

Feedback is divided between the satisfied and the frustrated. In the light of the various testimonials consulted on health forums and sales sites, we can’t come to either conclusion.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that when it comes to slimming supplements, one truth has been confirmed:
Because of individual metabolisms, you can’t expect the same slimming results from users of the same product. Add to this the individual’s lifestyle (diet, sleep and sport): a parameter that many people tend to overlook when it comes to reacting to the results of a treatment.

Protocole Minceur 7J

How to use Olinox Olinox Pack Minceur 7

Speaking of a healthy lifestyle, the manufacturer of this supplement includes it as part of what it calls the 7D Slimming Protocol©. This is a slimming program that clearly deciphers the phenomenon of weight loss. We liked the content of their protocol because it really holds up. All that’s left is to stick to it…
You’ll need to take Olinox Pack Minceur 7 for 7 days from Monday to Sunday, as follows:

  • 2 tablets (green) a day: 2 in the morning after breakfast.
  • 1 unicadose (pink) per day: 1 before lunch, preferably undiluted.

Side effects and contraindications

Due to its bladderwrack content, people undergoing treatment for thyroid disorders are strongly advised to seek their doctor’s advice before use.

Do not exceed 3 consecutive weeks’ use, and observe results closely during treatment.

In general, as with all similar dietary supplements, it should not be used by children or by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Purchase Olinox Slimming Pack 7

This pack is available for sale on online pharmacy websites (also seen on Amazon), from €5.54 (14 tablets and 7 Unicadoses).

Our opinion on Olinox Pack Minceur 7

On several comments in certain blogs and forums, we have identified a general trend towards giving this solution a try. Indeed, most of these people agree that the solution is fairly easy to use and that its components are reassuring. For our part, we can’t comment until we have more authentic feedback from one of our associated testers.

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