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OENOBIOL Capteur 3 en 1 Avis et Test

Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1, the gourmet’s ally!

boite-oenobiol-capteur-3-en-1Today, we’re testing OENOBIOL CAPTEUR 3 EN 1, a fat and sugar sensor which, what’s more, reduces the amount of calories we consume during meals by 50%. Not bad, eh?

But does it really work?

Visit Promises of Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1

Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1 is, in the words of the official website, HERE, a “MEDICAL DEVICE” that combines 3 main actions, thanks to a patented complex of 100% natural fibers.

For a complete definition of what a medical device is, see this article on Wikipedia. It may bring you closer to the concept.

What we have been able to retain is that a medical device is subject to stricter controls, and that this designation guarantees the proper manufacturing conditions of a product.

In addition to this, which is quite a selling point, Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1 is said to have 3 actions:

  • Capture fats ;
  • Capture sugars;
  • Reduce calorie absorption by an average of 50%.

Manufacturer of Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1: Les Laboratoires Oenobiol

Oenobiol is a French company whose mission is to help people find “beauty through nutrition”. “beauty through nutrition.

Founded in 1985 by a woman medical nutritionist, Oenobiol is now present in many countries, with a wide range of products to its credit. It is part of the multinational Sanofi-Aventis, the leading pharmaceutical distributor in France.

The quality commitments of the Oenobiol brand:

  • Active ingredients of 100% natural origin;
  • Formulas developed in partnership with medical specialists;
  • Efficacy evaluated by scientific studies;
  • A manufacturing process that complies with current pharmaceutical standards, and guarantees product traceability;
  • Compliance with European regulations.

On the site, it is possible to consult an advisor directly, either via the contact form, or by calling the consumer service on the telephone, Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Very reassuring if you want more information before buying one of their products.

Ingredients Mechanism of Action of Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1

Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1 is composed of a complex of CARROT, OAT AND APPLE FIBERS.

Let’s find out more about the effect of fibers in a weight loss process, and about these fibers contained in Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1 in particular.

There are other weight-loss products using the same mechanism and the same type of active agents.

Calorilight is also a fiber-based weight-loss solution. The Calorilight test HERE.

The action of fibers on weight loss

Fiber is a carbohydrate (a member of the sugar family) found in fruit, vegetables and cereals.

Fiber in fruit and vegetables is easily digested, unlike fiber in starchy foods and cereals. They are therefore easily absorbed by the body, without causing a blood sugar spike that can trigger cravings.

The main property of fiber is that it fills the stomach, which then uses neurotransmitters to signal the brain to stop eating.

It is therefore by increasing the volume of the mass inside the stomach and intestines that fiber promotes the sensation of satiety.

Illustration of the appetite-suppressant principle

Numerous scientific studies have shown that people consuming more fiber tend to have a healthier weight than those ingesting smaller quantities.

In addition, soluble fibers, such as those found in Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1, have been shown to :

  • Slow down digestion: it takes longer for the body to absorb sugar from food;
  • Speed up the elimination of fatty acids, by binding to them;
  • Help lower cholesterol levels.

However, experts do not know whether fibers alone, i.e. isolated from their original environment of fruit or vegetable, in the form found in dietary supplements, have the same effects as when combined with their original food.

Carrot, apple and oat fibers are all mucilage and beta-glucan fibers, which help reduce bad cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

According to Oenobiol, 2 capsules of Capteur 3 en 1, taken at the very start of a meal, at lunchtime and in the evening, with a large glass of water, enable the fibers to swell in the stomach and capture some of the fats and sugars in the diet, while reducing the number of calories ingested. Superfluous fats and sugars are then eliminated naturally.

Scientific studies about Oenobiol Capteur 3 in 1

On the official website, there are a few lines on a test carried out by the Oenobiol laboratories on its 3 in 1 sensor.

oenobiol 3 in 1 sensor in vitro test results

This is an in vitro test, i.e. in a tube, not in a human being, involving different foods: 4 squares of chocolate, 2 slices of brioche, 16 pistachios and 20g of potato chips.

This test would have shown that the patented fiber complex enables the average person to absorb 50% fewer calories from these products.

We believe that in vitro testing is an interesting and essential step in determining the efficacy of a weight-loss product. However, in our view, it remains only a preliminary step.

Indeed, you can’t draw the same conclusions from the action of a substance tested in a test tube as from the action of the same substance inside a real human body?

Side effects Contraindications of Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1

As Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1 can affect blood sugar levels, diabetics are advised to consult a doctor before starting a course of treatment with this product.

Not recommended for underweight people (BMI less than 18.5).
These slimming capsules are also not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or for anyone undergoing specific medical treatment.

As a precautionary measure, the official website recommends spacing the intake of Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1 from other medications, vitamins or essential fatty acids by at least 4 hours to avoid any undesirable interactions.

Oenobiol Sensor 3 in 1 contains gluten. People who are allergic to gluten should not use this product.

The product is renewable once.

Price & Guarantee for Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1

On the official website, you’ll find a list of outlets where you can buy these capsules.

A database accessible simply by entering your address, zip code or town, which will enable you to easily find the pharmacy or parapharmacy closest to your home.

Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1 is also available just about everywhere on the web, and costs around €20 for a box of 60 capsules, equivalent to 15 days’ treatment.

No guarantee is offered by the manufacturer.

site officiel du produit

User testimonials of Oenobiol Capteur 3 en 1

Some users report a feeling of a bloated stomach after taking Oenobiol Capteur 3 in 1. Testimonials are generally mixed, with very moderate weight loss, which is difficult to attribute directly to the capsules.

And as always, the net is divided between supporters and opponents, between people who have felt the effect and claim to have lost kilos, and others who have experienced no effect at all. On a positive note, no one cries scam. The debates that fuel the forums differ only in terms of effects and results obtained.

The testimonials listed here are for information only, and do not represent an evaluation criterion for the product tested on our site.

Have you already used this product? Share your experience, it will certainly help someone else.
To post a testimonial, question or comment, a form is available below.

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  • Guider

    I’ve been taking oenobiol fat catcher for 1 month now and I’ve lost 2kg by also paying attention to my diet. How many months can I take it for?



    • Arnaud Dubos

      The manufacturer advises you to consult your doctor if you are undergoing medical treatment. Even though Oenobiol is a natural product, I strongly suggest that you seek your doctor’s advice on this subject.


  • Laure

    I started to do this cure but I’m going to stop because I have stomach aches, nausea it makes me too unwell!!!!

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hi Laure,
      Slimming pills can cause side effects in some people.

      It is possible to reduce the doses or space them out further and change some eating habits to reduce these effects.

      Good day and good recovery.

  • Laetitia

    Hello ,
    Can you take oenobiol weight loss and also a contraceptive like the pill? Or is it contraindicated?

    Merci de la réponse

  • Vanmassenhove

    Mme bonjour je voudrai sa voir si c’est possible d’avoir un echantillon oenobiol pour maigrire je fait 80kg je vous re merci d’avance

    • Carl

      Hello Karine,
      We don’t sell any products on our site, we are an information site.

      You can contact the manufacturer via their official website.

  • Catherine Provost

    Are there any contraindications for women who have had breast cancer? Are there any components that are not recommended? Thank you

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hello Catherine,
      Anyone suffering from a health complication or undergoing medical treatment/monitoring is required to inform their GP before using a dietary supplement to avoid any risk of interaction.

  • Bulle

    Not cool not to mention all the ingredients, I’m allergic to apples…

    • Arnaud Dubos

      It’s written in the test that oenobiol sensor 3 in 1 is composed of a complex of carrot, oat and apple fibers.

      I think you didn’t pay attention when reading the test.

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