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Nuvoryn, consumers are complaining!

nuvorynAfter receiving several emails from dissatisfied readers, we decided to investigate NUVORYN in depth.

This slimming pill has been on the market for quite some time, so it’s time to see if it will meet our criteria and make it into our recommended products or join our list of rejected weight loss supplements.

You’ve probably come across a Nuvoryn advert online, as the manufacturers have invested heavily in a very active advertising campaign.

However, following an increase in the number of complaints about Nuvoryn, we decided to carry out our own investigation and usual tests to reveal the truth about this slimming pill.


  • Contains some good ingredients.


  • No indication of ingredient quantities;
  • No complete information on the manufacturer;
  • Many consumer complaints.

Test Nuvoryn

As usual, we tried to obtain a sample of Nuvoryn to test the manufacturer’s responsiveness, availability and quality of service.

We called the telephone number given on the official website.

An American gentleman answered, but was unable to help us. He asked us to send an email to the manufacturer for an answer. We deduced that he doesn’t work for Nuvoryn, but that it’s a call center that simply answers the phone.

We did send an email to the manufacturer explaining the nature of our website and asking if it would be possible to receive a sample for our survey, but we didn’t receive a reply afterwards.

Next, we tried to find the manufacturer’s physical address. This is usually the best indicator of a manufacturer’s transparency and responsibility, but unfortunately we could only find the address of the company that handles delivery and dispatches orders.

This is an old trick often used by companies wishing to remain incognito. We were very suspicious, because we can’t understand why a company producing a good product and wishing to communicate with its customers would go to such lengths not to be identified or contacted.

We have to say that, after this misadventure, Nuvoryn will have to impress us with its effect to win our approval.


ALERT Nuvoryn scam:

  • Testimonials change name and weight loss from photo to photo;
  • We don’t know where Nuvoryn is produced;
  • Nuvoryn manufacturer cannot be reached.

What Nuvoryn could do for you

The makers of Nuvoryn have invested heavily in their website. You’ll find versions of the site in several languages and even targeting different countries and regions of the world such as: the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa and Denmark.

They’ve also included a professional video with a voice adapted to your language and the country you’ve chosen.

The video is very well done, long enough to arouse interest without being boring.

It contains the usual claims made by weight-loss supplement manufacturers: “this is the best slimming pill ever produced, etc.”. And depending on the language you select on the site, you’re told that it was filmed in the country that suits your interests. As a result, you’re left confused as to where this video was actually made.

On the website dedicated to the USA, we’re told that the video was shot on location, while a small, discreet text, perhaps unnoticed by the designers, indicates that it was made in the UK.

Once you’ve watched the video, the other pages are filled with a great… large number of testimonials from users with spectacular weight loss.

We call this strategy “SOCIAL EVIDENCE”.

It’s designed to make you believe that you’ll get the same results by taking the same pill as these testimonials.

We’ll review the accuracy of these promises later, but let’s move on to Nuvoryn’s ingredient list, which will give us a clear idea of what it’s worth.

Ingredients Nuvoryn

At first glance, Nuvoryn seems to contain quality ingredients: green tea, guarana, damiana, yerba maté, acai, resveratrol, Siberian ginseng and pomegranate extract.

Nuvoryn references three studies on green tea.

The first study shows a reduction in body fat in men who consumed 690 mg per day of green tea catechins.

The second study shows that people who consumed 583mg of green tea lost weight.

And finally, a third study showed increased thermogenesis in people who consumed a green tea extract containing 50mg of caffeine.

That’s all very well, but how much green tea is in the Nuvoryn pill?

We don’t know, and we can’t be sure whether it’s present in sufficient quantity or not.

Guarana is rich in caffeine.

Numerous studies have shown that caffeine can be effective for weight loss in some people.

Again, there is no indication of the amount contained in Nuvoryn.

For more details on this plant, read our article on Guarana.

Found mainly in South America, Damiana is said to be a sexual stimulant and effective for weight loss.

It is also said to increase the body’s metabolism and energy levels.

Again, no information on dosage.

Read our article on Damiana.

Another plant native to South America.

Yerba Mate is said to have many virtues, including weight-loss benefits, improved heart function and even an analgesic effect.

Find out more about Yerba Mate in this article: Yerba Mate.

Nuvoryn is said to combine the effects of Guarana, Damiana and Yerba Maté. On the official website, reference is made to a study showing that consumption of 3 capsules of these three ingredients combined with apple juice before each main meal promotes overall weight loss.

Unfortunately, the study does not indicate the effective quantity or whether Nuvoryn contains enough of them.

5. ACAI:
A “superfood” with a lot of hype.

Acai has been proven to be a real aid to weight loss. It is also very rich in antioxidants.

Of the two studies mentioned by Nuvoryn, one of the pages no longer exists and the other does not give specific quantities.

This is another antioxidant found in red wine, grapes and grape juice.

It is renowned for its ability to boost endurance, improve energy and burn fat.

The studies referenced on the Nuvoryn website are not clinical; one is listed in an article directory!

No indication as to the quantity of resveratrol contained in Nuvoryn.

Has been used for centuries to boost energy and help the body cope with stress.

Nuvoryn’s official website mentions a study showing that Ginseng can be effective for weight loss. Unfortunately, the study was carried out on mice where the dosage was 100mg/kg.

To obtain the same results in humans, a person of average weight would need to consume 7 or 8kg of ginseng!

Let’s forget the story?

Known for its benefits on blood triglyceride levels.

On the Nuvoryn website, you can read that it acts on abdominal fat.

Unfortunately, the source is another article written by a random writer with no indication of quantities.

Is Nuvoryn effective?

On the surface, Nuvoryn contains a good number of ingredients.

But the big problem with Nuvoryn is the lack of indication of the quantities of each ingredient in the pill.

Unfortunately, this prevents us from determining whether it’s effective, as insignificant dosages are ineffective, and very high percentages put us at risk of overdosing.

There simply isn’t enough information to make a decision.

NEVER buy or use a product if you don’t know exactly what it contains.

Side effects Nuvoryn

No studies have been conducted on the efficacy of Nuvoryn or its side effects.

There may be long-term effects, but at this stage it’s impossible to know.

It does appear, however, that Nuvoryn contains high doses of caffeine, but we don’t have enough information on the actual quantities to say for sure.

Testimonials Nuvoryn users

This is where it gets interesting!

Much of the sales pitch for Nuvoryn is based on testimonials given by “real” customers. This is a very effective technique if the testimonials are honest and verifiable.

Unfortunately, the testimonials provided by the Nuvoryn website contain huge discrepancies.

As mentioned above, Nuvoryn has set up separate sites for different countries and languages.

However, they use the same testimonial photos on the various versions of the site, changing the person’s name and the weight she lost each time and according to each country!

So, for example, the same woman lost:
True testimony or false allegations? It’s up to you to decide.

It’s practically the same for each testimony. The person changes her name to suit the target country and mysteriously loses different amounts of weight!

Where can I buy Nuvoryn?

Nuvoryn can be ordered online from the seller’s website in the name of Nathans Naturals LLC.

There are a large number of complaints against this company all over the sites where you can report scams.

Many consumers did not receive the product after ordering and paying for it.

Others received it after months of delay.

And others have never managed to get their money back as promised, after discovering the product’s ineffectiveness.

Worst of all, the people who ordered the product were taken hostage in a direct debit system that cost them a hundred euros every month.

Consult the list of consumer complaints here: Nuvoryn consumer complaints (Source: ASA Ruling on Nathans LLC. )

Our opinion on Nuvoryn

There are many contradictions on the Nuvoryn website. We found many loopholes in the references given and inconsistencies in user testimonials.

All these ambiguities, combined with the fact that it’s impossible to contact the manufacturer for explanations, mean that we are obliged to advise against Nuvoryn.

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  • lauraire

    a few months ago I ordered Nuvoryn to lose weight and I’ve been taking it again for 1 week, but the problem is that it expired on 01.12.2015. Can I continue to take it? I’d like to lose 10 kilos and for the moment nothing is happening. is it really a product for losing weight and burning fat? I’m beginning to have doubts about it. in addition, I have several bottles. thank you for replying to my e-mail. in addition, I don’t know the dosage. nothing is indicated on the bottle. everything is in English.

    • Carl

      Hello Lauraire,
      First of all, we’ve been very clear about the scam that this product represents, and if you’ve read our test to the end, you’ll no doubt have noticed that throughout, we’ve constantly warned our readers about the risks that this kind of product can entail.

      Secondly, as you know, an expired product is dangerous to your health.

      My advice is to get rid of this product as quickly as possible, rather than continuing to consume it in the hope of a result that will never come. You need to know that you are running a double risk by continuing to take it.

    • Dally joyce

      Nurovyn is very good for reducing appetite and burning fat, but you have to learn to eat again and watch what you eat g lost 22 kg in 2 years

  • Mme Warnier Claudie

    I bought this product because the components should be very effective (according to my knowledge of plants!) I received it and tried it for a month, despite the non-dosage of the components! I lost 2kg by eating balanced, but not more!

    I think that if I’d been careful with my diet, that alone would have been enough to lose 2kg Nuvoryn is therefore a very good excuse to be “careful”, but that’s where it stops! on the other hand, no side effects! the following month I didn’t take N, but I continued with my balanced diet and lost another 2kg! 3rd month same but I didn’t lose anything, 4th month same, I conclude that to really lose weight you need to be accompanied (doctor or dietician!) to adapt to each organism and readapt at each stage! thank you for your survey!

  • Lila

    Hello. I’m currently researching Nuvoryn, and I’m rather puzzled.

    Currently, and after having turned over the entire net from top to bottom since yesterday, I can’t find any direct link to an official or unofficial sales site for Nuvoryn. Some stocks are still being sold by third-party resellers on Amazon and Ebay, that’s all. Likewise, it’s impossible to find any information on this product today, except on a few test sites like this one, where the product was tested a while ago. It’s as if Nuvoryn had simply been wiped off the Internet (and surely so much the better).

    And yet, in my research, I see people passing by, as here in comments, who say they bought this product very recently. On a fitness forum, fake customers have even been talking for a few days about how miraculous this product is…

    Seriously, I’ve searched for hours (not to order, but to access information on the exact composition and manufacturer), and I’ve found NOTHING (and yet, finding information is my job). So I’m leaving a comment here, hoping for an answer.

    Where can I find this product, or at least get information about its manufacturer? Where are all these people going who still claim to have recently bought this product? Wouldn’t they rather buy an identical product but with a different name (all the links with “Nuvoryn” in the url that I’ve found are dead or lead to sites where you can buy a similar product, but under a different name)?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Carl

      You’re right, this product seems to have disappeared.

      There are still sites offering it for sale. We found a site that uses the name nuvoryn in association with another pure cleanse product (Nuvorynetpurecleanse).

      There you go, if that helps you find what you’re looking for.

  • Casse

    Hello, I am 17 years old, I would like to know if these pills really work. I’d like to lose 15 kilos, I’m 1m60 for 65kg. I really don’t feel good about myself. I don’t have a lot of money, so I’d like to make sure I get them too.

    Can you tell me more?

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Practically all weight-loss products are not suitable for people under 18. It’s the law. I know it’s hard not to feel good about yourself, and you’ve probably already heard loads of advice from family and friends…I’m going to tell you a few things, summed up in my own way: Stop worrying about your weight for the next 2 years, and you’ll have no more weight problems. Keep stressing without doing anything concrete to lose those extra pounds and you’ll probably have much more serious weight problems.

      What I’m telling you may sound harsh, but I have to tell you. Eat healthily as much as possible, take up sport (it’s hard just at the start) and I promise you that when you’re old enough to take weight-loss medication, you won’t need it.

      Good luck and don’t come back to this site for at least a year to tell us that you’ve succeeded and that you feel great about yourself 🙂

  • cotant emmanuelle

    I use this product from time to time and I can assure you that I receive the product ordered, that the dosage of the ingredients is well noted on the box, I was able to contact the manufacturer following a parcel error who returned my order within 5 days. Finally, I don’t get charged for no reason, I pay for my product and stop.

    I don’t know which site you’ve come across, but the one I use has nothing to reproach itself for.

    Finally, the names and weights of the people are always the same on the site I go to.

    Finally, I lost 15 kg thanks to these pills and sport. I haven’t had any side effects apart from maybe being more energetic than usual. I’m really very happy with this product and will use it a few more times if I let myself go too much (and don’t take it for spending money).


    • Vincent Leclerc

      Your comment puzzles me. This product didn’t work at all for my wife or me (for me it was worse, I never received it and I was indeed taken, I just used the rest of the “stock” ordered by my wife). Now you’re painting a perfect picture of a miracle product: you use it “once in a while”, you haven’t been repeatedly taken, you’ve lost 15kg and you have more energy. I’m very happy for you. Do you have some proof to provide so that everyone here can be reassured? Could you at least tell us where you got it?

      Thank you

    • tsila

      Hello, what is the manufacturer’s address and what site do you go to?

      • Carl

        Hi Tsila,
        If you read the last comment posted about nuvoryn by a reader, you’ll know that this is exactly the problem, this product has almost disappeared from the web. There’s nothing to be found, neither an official website nor any other trace.

        On a more targeted search, we came across a site that seemed suspicious: no GTCs, no terms and conditions, nothing except a sales page with no additional data. (nuvorynetpurecleanse).

        You be the judge!

  • Curchod Jean-Marc

    I bought this product made in UK, the composition is clearly mentioned on the packaging. I tested it for 3 months while controlling my eating habits. As a result, I lost 0 kg, I would even say that I increased my weight by 1 or 2 kg. This product seems to be a bit of a sham, with no effect whatsoever, not even a placebo effect.


      Jean-Marc, hello,
      Thank you for your message. You’ve just confirmed what we’ve learned so far about the Nuvorun.

      Could you tell us how you do your tests? Do you keep a dashboard? Do you have a special tool?

      Thank you.

    • solle

      Super scam. In addition, I was debited e times the amount from my bank account with 3 minutes difference and I was never refunded.

      • Corinne Kepler

        Hello Solle,
        We’re sorry to hear about your misadventure. It’s the same story as dozens of other people, and we’ve already advised you against using this product to lose weight.

        Best regards.

  • Audrey

    Hello, my partner and I have decided to lose 30 kg each, we ordered this product during the summer and to date, we still have not received anything!!!! We’ve lost just over 300€. We keep sending e-mails to try to get our money back, but to no avail. Can we still hope? I doubt it!

    • TesteurPilules

      Audrey, hello,
      Our opinion of this product is clear: we classify it as a rejected pill. We are not sure if you will be able to get your money back.

      However, please take a look at our article where we explain how to get your money back in different scam scenarios. Click on the following link.

      We hope you find a solution. Don’t hesitate to come back and talk to us about it here. We wish you good luck!

    • solle

      Same thing happened to me. Amount debited 2 times 3 minutes apart and still not reimbursed despite my requests for over a year……

  • NINA

    I ordered the same thing and even though I was charged, I have not received anything. It’s a total scam!

  • Isabelle Mercier

    Hello, I have unfortunately tried Nuvoryn, with no results. In the same vein, I placed an order for 3 bottles of +HCG+ drops on the pharmadeo site at the beginning of July. To date I have received nothing, there is no telephone number and no one consults or replies to e-mails! Impossible to get a refund: loss of €189.00!

  • ROZEC Brigitte

    I ordered 3 boxes of Nuvoryn for 83.29 euros including delivery costs (standard 4 to 7 days) on September 14th and to date, I have still not received my order and the transaction has been carried out on my bank account.

    Apart from the company’s e-mail address, which I’ve followed up twice, there’s no telephone number to contact them.

    What should I do to get them to deliver my order?

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