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Avis sur le produit Keto-Blast-Pro 2.0

KetoBlast Pro 2.0: fat burner or appetite suppressant?

KetoBlast Pro 2.0 BouteilleKetoBlast Pro 2.0 is a dietary supplement designed for the bodybuilding world. In fact, it’s part of a whole range produced by an American laboratory called Revogenix. It’s a complete range of products for bodybuilders, aimed at building mass but also melting fat for better dryness. By the way, it’s the only fat burner in the range, and is presented by its manufacturer as an effective solution for burning fat, reducing fat storage and preventing sweet cravings.

Would Ketoblast Pro 2.0 be a slimming ally even for people who don’t lift weights? How does it work?

Ketoblast Pro 2.0, a caffeine concentrate?

Ketoblast Pro 2.0 is presented by its manufacturer as a stimulating fat burner that should be taken before 5pm. According to the manufacturer, this is because of the caffeine present in its formula.
However, a quick glance at the ingredients leaflet reveals that this caffeine does not represent a large quantity (in a single capsule) compared to another, more interesting ingredient: gymnema sylvestris. This plant, which is recognized as an effective appetite suppressant, does not stimulate the body, but rather helps it to fight its craving for sugar.

Gymnema sylvestris, sugar’s number 1 enemy!

Gymnema sylvestris is a plant known for its “anesthetic” effect on the taste buds, specifically targeting those responsible for the appreciation of sweet taste! The plant’s effect lasts just a few hours, allowing the taste buds to regain their full effectiveness.

To learn more about this plant, read our blog post :

Gymnema sylvestris, désactivateur du goût sucré!

Diet supplements based on gymnema are therefore best categorized as appetite suppressants, which is not the case with Ketoblast Pro 2.0. However, we finally understand why Revogenix, the manufacturer, wants its product to be more of a fat burner: other ingredients with interesting profiles are on the menu. But before we get to the ingredients, let’s get to know the manufacturer a little.
Revogenix Gamme

The manufacturer

RevoGenix, an American laboratory, entered the bodybuilding market in 2011. The company’s aim is to deliver fast results to the consumer by offering basic products at maximum dosages. To achieve this, the manufacturer offers a range of products based on creatine, whey, proteins, multivitamins and patented muscle-gain components.
Ketoblast Pro 2.0 is the only weight-loss option offered by this laboratory.

Ketoblast Pro 2.0 Official Site PackagingNote: Oddly enough, on the official website of KetoBlast Pro 2.0 (or at least, what we believe to be the official site), the product packaging is different from that found on the sales pages. However, both do not display the 2.0 logo.


According to its creator, KetoBlast Pro 2.0 is the latest version of the (already) famous Revogenix fat burner. With an even more super-powerful formula, this burner will ensure radical elimination of stubborn fat. KetoBlast Pro 2.0 promises to accelerate metabolism and boost energy levels.

It should be noted that we were unable to track down the first version of this fat burner for comparison. In fact, very few people are talking about it on the French-speaking web, and we can’t really find any consistent information about it.

So here’s the formula for Ketoblast pro 2.0 as posted on its official website:

  • Gymnema sylvestris (800 mg) ;
  • L-carnitine tartrate (735 mg) ;
  • Citrus aurantium (664 mg) ;
  • Griffonia simplicifolia (333 mg) ;
  • Caffeine anhydrous (100 mg) ;
  • Taurine (250 mg) ;
  • Zinc (15 mg) ;
  • Chromium (25 µg).

These doses are contained in a daily ration of Ketoblast Pro 2.0, equivalent to 4 capsules.

The manufacturer makes it clear that its product is ideal for both men and women seeking maximum muscle definition!

How to use KetoBlast

Revogenix Laboratoire KetoBlast Pro 2.0These capsules are to be taken daily, 2 capsules 15 minutes before breakfast and 2 more capsules 15 minutes before lunch or before training.

As with all similar dietary supplements, KetoBlast Pro 2.0 should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by children under 18.

How do I get hold of this product?

We found this product on a number of sales pages, as well as on a sports nutrition expert site, at a price of 34.90€ for a bottle of 12 capsules (one month’s supply).
However, its official website offers no price list, nor an “order” button. We therefore deduce that sales are made via a network of independent or affiliated retailers.

Our opinion on KetoBlast Pro 2.0

If we were talking formula, we’d say that the ingredients contained in this supplement are recognized in the slimming solutions world, based on our experience. However, we can’t say for sure what dosage the manufacturer has adopted. Furthermore, we have not been able to locate any scientific studies dealing specifically with KetoBlast Pro 2.0.

Now, if we equate it with a bodybuilding product, we should point out that you need to observe a healthy lifestyle, both physical and dietary, in order to benefit greatly from similar products. This type of dietary supplement is there to help, not to provide a miracle solution!

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  • Reznik

    Hello, I’ve heard that Citrus aurantium is not good for your health, especially when combined with caffeine.

    Can you confirm this?

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hello Reznik,
      You’re probably into bodybuilding, and you know that opinions differ on this issue. I understand that Citrus is considered a doping product by an official body representing this sporting discipline. Yet Citrus is present in many products designed for athletes. To be honest, I’m more concerned with weight loss than bodybuilding and I’m not qualified to advise you here. That also goes for your other question about comparing Ripped Max to ketoblast 2.0.

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