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Rapport et avis sur Herbaxyll de Nutrafit

Herbaxyll, the Japanese pharmacopoeia for slimming

nutrafit-herbaxyllWant to lose weight without dieting? Introducing Herbaxyll, a slimming supplement that promises to help you get back to your dream body effortlessly.

We tested Herbaxyll for you. (UpdateWe found 2 different packaging options for this product).

Presentation and promises of Herbaxyll

Herbaxyll is a supplement composed of 4 seaweeds and 26 herbs from traditional Japanese herbalism, developed in the form of the “1st negative-calorie drinkable distillate for slimming through metastimulation (stimulation of the basal metabolic rate).
“Negative-calorie drinkable distillate”? What’s that? The official website doesn’t explain.
Herbaxyll boutelle originaleHowever, we can see that the metastimulation provoked by this distillate is none other than the stimulation of basal metabolism, a phenomenon which underpins the vast majority, if not all, of slimming pills’ mechanisms of action. Nothing very revolutionary, then.

Here’s a list of the promises made on the official Herbaxyll website:

  • Weight loss of up to 28kg (a fine claim, but how long will it take???) ;
  • Removal of fat rolls, tummy and saddlebags;
  • Reduced hunger and sugar cravings;
  • A loss of up to 6kg in 4 days! Then 3 to 5kg per week;
  • A patented formula ;
  • Fast, reliable results;
  • 4 algae and 26 herbs clinically proven ;
  • Free trial offer;
  • No effort of will ;
  • No diet;
  • No exercise.

The list is long, and it immediately sets off alarm bells. And why?

1. In our experience, free trial offers are usually scams that result in abusive charges;
2. Shock ads, with incredible results, are usually a way of seducing people desperate to lose weight;
3. The notion of negative-calorie distillates, which we don’t think is scientifically or physiologically possible, either logically or out of pure common sense.

With this in mind, let’s continue our investigation and verify all this information.

The manufacturer of Herbaxyll

Herbaxyll is manufactured by Institut Nutrafit.

By consulting this company’s legal information, we learn that Nutrafit, whose name complement is “Centre de Recherches Nutribioscience” is located in Valbonne, and that it has been active in the field of distance selling on specialized catalogs since its registration with the RCS made in September 2015.

A company that therefore seems quite young to us (less than 1 year) to have, as the official website says, so many partnerships with health players from all over the world.

If we keep track of this institute’s Facebook page, we can see that it’s virtually inactive, which isn’t the sign of a company that’s well established.

The ingredients in Herbaxyll

The first drawback is that the dosage of ingredients is not specified.

With such a complex composition, we would have liked to have had an idea of the dosage of each of the ingredients present in this supplement.

Herbaxyll’s 4 algae:

Herbaxyll is composed of the following four algae:

1. Chlorella:

Chlorella is a powerful detoxifier, exceptionally rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and trace elements.

In addition to its anti-oxidant action, chlorella is an invaluable aid to slimming diets.

In fact, it moderates appetite, prevents deficiencies, restores acid-base balance, regulates digestive functions, provides tonus and vitality, and fights diabetes and cholesterol.

2. Laminaria :

This algae is also a powerful detoxifier.

Its high organic iodine content helps restore the thyroid system.

It absorbs free radicals, has anti-cancer properties and burns fat.

What’s more, by stimulating production of the UCP1 protein, which has the capacity to oxidize fats and promote their breakdown, it activates weight loss.

3. Fucus Fucoidane:

This algae stimulates the thyroid, aids digestion and transit (slightly laxative properties), repairs deficiencies and acts as an effective appetite suppressant thanks to its fiber content.

Iodine also gives it interesting fat-burning properties.

4. Dunaliella :

This algae is very rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, glycerol and provitamin A.

It has a positive effect on the ocular system, the immune system and the skin.

The 26 Herbaxyll plants:

Next, the official website presents the 26 herbs from Japanese pharmacopoeia.

They have been divided into 4 distinct groups, each targeting a specific effect.

Before reviewing the herbs included in these 4 groups, we’d like to say that we were very confused by this list of ingredients.

According to the official website, these herbs are part of traditional Japanese medicine. However, when we reviewed these herbs, we realized that they are apparently also part of traditional European herbal medicine, and are in fact, for the most part, derived from very common species.

This begs the question: why does the manufacturer present very simple ingredients in a foreign form, making them more difficult to identify?

Is it because it sells better to present a supplement as being derived from Japanese medicine?

Is there a desire not to be totally transparent about the ingredients used in the product’s composition?

The mystery remains…

Group 1 – Stimulation :

This group includes :

  • Gobo (which is none other than the great burdock) ;
  • Tenshi No Youna ;
  • Aati Chouku ;
  • Sanzashi ;
  • Kumakokemono ;
  • kurosigiri ;
  • Uitogurasu;
  • Kyuuri.

Of these 8 ingredients, 5 are unknown or not sufficiently identifiable to find information about them.

3 others have no particular stimulating virtues.

Burdock is mainly used for skin problems. Sanzashi, which is actually hawthorn, combats anxiety and insomnia, and calms palpitations associated with menopausal hot flushes. Kyuuri is none other than cucumber, which may be rich in antioxidants, but has no stimulating properties.

Group 2 – Fat Burner:

The ingredients in this group are :

  • Melissa.

    Lemon balm in fact, which has no recognized fat-burning properties;

  • Kureson.

    Is it watercress? We won’t know;

  • Fenneru.

    Fennel (the photo on the site suggests it), but we can’t be sure;

  • Garushinia?
  • Shouga.???
  • O Cha.???


Group 3 – Decongestion :

  • Mayorana.

    Marjoram? It treats digestive disorders and bloating, as well as insomnia.

    But nothing for fat cells.

  • Ginseng Ninjin :
    Ginseng is an adaptogenic plant that stimulates the body, particularly the digestive system;
  • Koohii.

    No information available;

  • Radishu.

    Could it be black radish? We’re not sure;

  • Babena…
  • Aroe.

    The photo suggests aloe. But again, we’re not sure.

    In any case, aloe is not known for its decongestant properties.


Group 4 – Glucose inhibitor:

According to the photos, we can think of the following ingredients:

  • Dandelion:
    A diuretic that promotes the elimination of toxins.

    It can also help regulate blood sugar levels. However, as the Herbaxyll website indicates, it has no inhibiting effect.

  • Chamomile:
    Calming, but with no recognized action on glucose.
  • Guarana :
    Guarana activates thermogenesis and lipolysis, and is very interesting as part of a weight-loss approach, but not for inhibiting glucose ;
  • Mallow:
    Calming and emollient properties, which may aid weight loss;
  • Peppermint:
    Digestive, but does not reduce glucose absorption;
  • Uito gurasu: nothing

herbaxyll inhibiteurs de glucose

Scientific studies on Herbaxyll

The official website clearly states that Herbaxyll is made up of “4 algae and 26 clinically proven herbs”.
However, the site makes no reference to any specific studies concerning these famous ingredients.

To find out more about the scientific references used by Herbaxyll to validate the efficacy of its ingredients, we contacted the manufacturer to request further information.

To date, we have received no reply.

Even though some of the ingredients in Herbaxyll have indeed been the subject of clinical studies, and have been recognized as effective, such as laminaria algae in particular.

(Source: Science Direct. Department of Chemical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Davis TA., Volesky B., Mucci A. Water Res. 2003 Nov;37(18):4311-30).

The lack of information and the absence of any response from the manufacturer lead us to believe that the statements made on the website are in fact sales pitches.

Side effects and contraindications

According to the manufacturer, Herbaxyll has no adverse effects or drug interactions.

Herbaxyll is safe for diabetics and contains no allergenic ingredients.

It should be noted, however, that the presence of iodine in seaweed can have adverse effects on people allergic to iodine.

We would have liked the manufacturer to take such cases into account before declaring its product allergen-free.

In the FAQ section, however, we read that it is recommended to consult a doctor in the event of sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

User testimonials on Herbaxyll

Reviews gleaned from the web are unanimous.

Herbaxyll is considered by those who have tried it – and not always in the most refined terms, which we won’t go into here – to be a scam in terms of its promises of weight loss and efficacy.

As it happens, the Herbaxyll forum disappeared, only to reappear some time later, minus the (many!) negative comments.

Price and warranty

Contrary to what we might have thought on seeing the free trial offer, it would appear that Herbaxyll’s proposition is a little different from what we usually see.

In fact, there’s no hidden subscription leading to abusive direct debits, but rather a deferred direct debit system, which we’ll explain in a moment.

In fact, your payment will not be cashed until 45 days after your order, unless the product has not produced any results and you have requested that it not be cashed before the 45-day deadline has passed.

This is coupled with another guarantee system. You have 30 days (no longer 45?) to try Herbaxyll.

If you find it ineffective, simply return the empty bottles for a full refund.

The plus : if you regain weight within 60 days of the initial 30-day guarantee, you can return the empty bottles for a full refund.

So, on the face of it, no scam. The terms and conditions are clear.

Now for the price!

  • To lose between 7 and 11kg – 30-day reinforced cure – 120 doses – 67€ instead of 78€
  • To lose between 5 and 7kg – standard 15-day treatment – 60 doses – for 39€
  • To lose between 11 and 18kg – 45-day intensive treatment – 180 doses – €39 89€ instead of 117€
  • To lose more than 18kg – 60-day intensive over-activated treatment – 300 doses – for 112€ instead of 195€>>

By sharing your before/after photos, you’ll receive a surprise gift worth 80€.

Our opinion on Herbaxyll

Our investigation leads us, without hesitation, to reject this slimming product.

Between the shocking promises, the lack of transparency and the vague ingredients, we prefer to opt for other supplements, which have been tried and tested and come from reliable companies.

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  • Anonymous


  • mignot veronique

    your site is interesting, but finally, you reject all these slimming products, and don’t recommend any?

    not very encouraging!

    and don’t give me the line: don’t snack, do sport, etc… we already know all that, and in some cases, it’s not possible to do sport, for health reasons for example;
    so, criticism is good, but advice is good too, it can help!


    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Véro!

      Thank you for your interest in our site!

      The products being rejected here are indeed unproven products, or products whose users report poor sales practices by their respective distributors. Other products have proven themselves, again according to the testimonials of consumers who share their different experiences.

      Otherwise, whether a given solution will work or not really depends on each individual’s condition (metabolism, receptivity, BMI, etc.). For cases of severe obesity, don’t get your hopes up too much outside of medical intervention: dietary supplements are intended to help moderate weight loss.

      Best regards,

  • Chantal

    I tried HERBAXYLL cure forte for the number of kg I wanted to lose. The product’s composition appealed to me and I said to myself: why not? Still, I was very sceptical – too good to be true! But…voila, NO RESULTS!!!! It was ON! It’s a bluff! KEEP YOUR PRECIOUS MONEY!!!!

    People who have had some results have somehow been “conditioned” into believing it would work! It’s the placebo effect! It can work sometimes and so much the better, but the product has nothing to do with it.

    I know the effect of plants on the body, but I also know that many laboratories EXPLOIT us by playing on the heartstrings of those interested in naturopathy.

    The product is too bland to contain so many plants, etc.
    It would be interesting to have it analyzed (I still have some product left). I’ll think about it!

    Look at the composition of everything you buy, even certain butters, sauces, sweetened drinks, fruit juices, etc. By eliminating as much sugar as possible, you get convincing results! I’ve just started and feel much better!

    CONCLUSION: HERBAXYLL is a definite scam! Give up!

    Best regards to all,

  • Axel Krause

    I opted for the 39 euro trial, and for two weeks I followed the instructions to the letter. Result? Zero. My weight didn’t move and I asked that my Visa card not be debited. Helas!

    • seneca

      Ditto! I’ve been taking it for 15 days now and haven’t lost a single gram!!! big scam!

  • Aubry

    I’ve been taking it for 12 days and on the scale + 1 kl 5, for me it’s a big scam and I’m one of the naive ones.

  • Guarriguette

    Merci pour cet article detaille, informe. Thank you

  • ravel

    it’s like all “miracle” solutions, there aren’t any (miracles)
    then losing kilograms is possible, but (above all) how do you keep them off?

    I think you have to ask yourself the (right) questions about yourself (why am I eating poorly! or not eating a balanced diet?
    we all have different lives, different ages, different body types, different goals in life
    I think we have to take everything into account, so we have to balance our lives and what we eat, and take responsibility for it.

    On the other hand, the price of these products fattens their designers
    Miracles don’t exist.

  • lory58

    Thank you for your very precise information about Herbaxyll.

    Can you give me the names of the food supplements that have been tried and tested and are reliable.

    I have 10 Kg to lose
    Thanks again

    • Carl

      Hi Lory,
      You’ll find all the information you need by reading our tests.

  • ValentineL

    Well for me, it’s going pretty well. The results are already there in not even a week, with no difficulties. I hope it’ll continue. But I have to admit that losing two kilos in less than a week is great!

  • Chris1201

    Very good experience for me too; I tried it because my girlfriend offered it to me and I think it helped me to take the right voice and lose weight at a normal pace. Well nothing huge but just 3 kilos in 1 month by taking the tablets and being otherwise careful.

    The taste is correct. So I think the product deserves to be tested.


  • lacombe

    very interesting to read your analyses, I look forward to the one on Dr Farin

    • Corinne Kepler

      Thank you for your positive feedback. The test of Dr Farin’s pills will be published soon, just a few more days of patience!

  • Maucomble

    Thank you very much for this comprehensive study, which gives me a very rich and interesting second opinion.

    • Corinne Kepler

      You’re welcome!

      We are committed to providing our readers with clear and objective information on supplements. Your testimonial shows us that we’ve done our job! Thank you very much!

  • MarionF

    Very good experience for me. I started 3 weeks ago and it’s working like a charm. Already -8 kilos on the scale. Ultra-simple and for someone who’s not a sports fan like me, it’s a real joy. And I’m still eating my favorite cookies!

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Marion,
      Surprising to find your name with the same comment word for word on another site where testimonials from dissatisfied customers are legion…

      Thank you for giving us the proof here that your testimonial is a fake, most likely motivated by the product’s growing bad reputation.

      A bon entendeur!

  • veromi

    i tried it and only lost my money! not 1 gram anyway…

    • Carl

      Thank you Veromi for sharing your opinion with the testeurpilules community.

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