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Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium

Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium, the enriched version

flacon-garcinia-cambogia-calcium-potassiumToday, we’ve chosen to investigate GARCINIA CAMBOGIA CALCIUM POTASSIUM, a product from the extensive range from British laboratories Evolution Slimming.

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA CALCIUM POTASSIUM is a food supplement with a simple presentation and potentially interesting promises. It seems confident enough of its efficacy not to overdo it in terms of marketing.

That’s a good point in our case, since reliable quality and efficacy are always better than miraculous promises made with the aid of sometimes racy arguments.

Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium seems to fall into the first category.

We wanted to find out more about this product that could help you shed those extra pounds before the summer season!

Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium in a nutshell

Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium is a weight-loss dietary supplement in capsule form.

Each tablet contains 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia, 60% of which is HCA, the plant’s main active ingredient, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

The Evolution Slimming laboratories, the originators of this slimming supplement, represent a first guarantee of seriousness.

Their products are manufactured in England, in facilities certified to current international standards.

The manufacturer also has “DOCTOR TRUSTED” certification, validating the quality of customer service, as well as the reasonableness of advertised health claims.

It all sounds very promising…

Visit Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassiumm

According to the manufacturer, Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium capsules offer several weight-loss benefits, such as:

  • Helps control appetite;
  • Promotes weight loss;
  • Accelerates weight loss thanks to the calcium and potassium it contains;
  • Inhibits fat production;
  • Promotes healthy fat metabolism;
  • Inhibits cholesterol production;
  • Promotes lean muscle mass production;
  • Raises serotonin levels, balancing mood and reducing cravings;
  • Helps manage the stress hormone cortisol;
  • Aids digestive function.

No less than 10 benefits! That’s a bold claim for a dietary supplement containing just three main ingredients! It’s an invitation to take a closer look at the combined mechanism of action of these famous ingredients.

Let’s take a look at what we can REALLY expect from these slimming pills.

How Works Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium in the Body

Each capsule of Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium contains 1000mg garcinia cambogia extract with 60% HCA, 25mg calcium, 25mg potassium and 100mcg chromium.

Garcinia cambogia is a very popular plant. It is found in Asia, and its alleged slimming properties have been the talk of weight-loss specialists.

It is the fruit of this small tropical tree, resembling a squash in appearance, which has been used in the West since the 60’s. ( Read about it in our next article).

At the time, scientists reportedly discovered that the fruit containedhydroxycitric acid (HCA). An acid similar to citric acid, found in citrus fruits, with exceptional slimming properties.

After a 20-year period of unchallenged popularity, garcinia cambogia began to attract criticism and controversy.

From being a miraculous supplement, it began to be accused of being a substance that only produced results on laboratory mice.

In short, we’ve heard it all about garcinia cambogia!

So what’s the real story onefficacy of this plant for weight loss?

Studies have shown that HCA blocks the enzymeATP citrate lyase, which converts sugars and starches into fat. Carbohydrates absorbed from the diet are therefore diverted for energy production, rather than accumulating as inert body fat.

The same studies also found that garcinia cambogia has the ability to reduce appetite by significantly increasing the feeling of satiety. It is therefore easier to eat less when following a supplementation program that includes garcinia cambogia.

The mechanism behind this increased feeling of satiety is still unknown. But it may be that HCA induces a change in metabolism by sending appetite-suppressing signals via theamino acid 5-hydroxytryptophan.
The latter is the direct precursor of serotonin, which, by increasing the secretion of the happiness hormone, tells the brain that the body is sufficiently nourished.

Very encouraging results for all those who want to lose weight! Except… a new controversy! A 1998 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that garcinia cambogia supplementation had no effect on humans! Back to the lab mice and doubts.

Fortunately, the scientists didn’t stop there and continued their work.

At present, the findings concerning the properties of garcinia cambogia are more than encouraging. HCA has real weight-loss potential, provided it is used judiciously.

Maximizing the bioavailability of HCA is crucial to reap the full benefits of the plant’s weight-loss virtues. That’s where calcium and potassium come in, and that’s where the ingenuity of Garcinia Cambogia Calcium & Potassium comes in!

These minerals considerably reduce the degradation of HCA, helping to improve its absorption and efficacy.

An 8-week clinical study involving 30 subjects, aged between 21 and 50, all overweight, who were separated into two groups (one group consuming 2000 cal/day, doing ½ hour of walking 5 days/week; and a group with the same conditions plus the intake of HCA, calcium and potassium), (this study) showed that the group consuming HCA plus calcium and potassium lost 400% weight compared with the other group (i.e. an average of 6kg instead of 1.5kg).

The same study also found a serotonin boost in the flagship group, associated with a marked reduction in cravings and a tendency to be calmer. A second similar study observed a 16% drop in food consumption following the intake of HCA with calcium and potassium.

For the time being, and until we have proof to the contrary, all the lights are green for Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium to be part of our special slimming kit.

Chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels and may also help reduce cholesterol levels.

On the whole, Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium slimming pills deliver on their promises.

How to Take Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium

Nothing could be simpler! The dosage of Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium is limited to two doses per day. The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules a day, one at breakfast and one at lunchtime, for example.

The dose recommended by the manufacturer must always be respected. It’s not a random number; on the contrary, it’s the ideal dose obtained after trials and tests to get the maximum benefit from your pill in a safe and risk-free environment.

For further details, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium have any side effects ?

Consumption of Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium may cause nausea, headaches and digestive discomfort in a small number of people. However, a scan of user reviews found on the web lists a very small number of people who have reported experiencing these effects. This would appear to be a minority.

As a general rule, Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium has no side effects for the average person with no health complications.

How to to obtain Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium?

To buy Garcinia Cambogia Calcium Potassium from Evolution Slimming laboratories, you’ll need to go through the manufacturer’s website. This is the safest and, of course, cheapest way to obtain it.

Several packages are available, depending on your needs and length of treatment.

Packages start from 42€ for the 60 capsules, which corresponds to a 30-day course of treatment. If your weight-loss goals extend beyond this period, you can opt for the 360 capsules, which currently costs 180€ (promotional price) instead of 333€. Delivery costs are minimal (5€) and you’ll receive your slimming product within 3 to 5 days.

site officiel du produit

Promotion of the day :

The manufacturer offers occasional promotions.

To check them out, visit the official website regularly.

The most recent promotion offers a 25% discount on all purchases made until January 31, 2016. To take advantage of this offer, enter the promotional code JANSALE16 when processing your order.

Our review on Garcinia Cambogia Calcium & Potassium

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  • sebastien

    Hello, what is the big difference between garcinia cambodgia pure and the one with potassium and calcium?

    Thank you

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Sebastien,
      Garcinia pure and the one with potassium and calcium both contain hydroxycitric acid, extracted from the Garcinia fruit, as their main ingredient. This molecule inhibits fat storage and controls appetite, resulting in noticeable weight loss.

      The addition of potassium and calcium provides greater efficacy and more weight loss, as well as a better figure, because in addition to acting on fat, it stimulates muscle production (an effect sought after more by men). And as a bonus, it improves mood and reduces the stress that can sometimes accompany weight loss.

      Depending on the desired effect and the amount of weight to be lost, you can opt for one or the other. The main thing is that these 2 products guarantee impeccable quality, to be combined with a healthy diet for lasting results.

      Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.

  • Ahlem

    Ahlem ça fait une semaine que je prends le garcinia cambogia et ça n’a rien fait je sans que mon corps a gonflé ci vous avez fait tout les recherches qu’il faut alors il faut dir que c’est possible que ça ne marche pas et que c’est pas pour tout le mande il faut pousser vous recherche plus loin que juste avec les gens avec qui ça marche merci pour votre compréhension.

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hello Ahlem,
      In principle, like any drug or dietary supplement, a slimming product reacts differently to each individual’s body, so it’s impossible to know in advance whether a product will satisfy all users. Our role is to ensure that the ingredients are good, that the merchant is serious and that the purchasing process is secure. Of course, if a product doesn’t give you satisfaction, or if your body doesn’t tolerate it well, because of an allergy to one of its components for example, you should stop taking it. Have you respected the recommended dose, readjusted your diet?

  • Odette

    I checked your site. I bought it during a promotion in French, but the name is suprème garcinia cambogia.

    Is it a copy of the original product, not to say a scam?

    • Carl

      Bonjour Odette,
      Could you please tell us more, for example the site you bought from and the name of the manufacturer.

      Garcinia cambogia is the name of the ingredient, marketed products may have different names, but all of which contain, in their names, that of the ingredient.

      Manufacturers are not equal, nor are products. And we’re aware that similarity can lead to confusion, so we invite our readers to check other criteria, such as manufacturer, country of manufacture, dosage, etc.

  • Laetitia

    Hello I have ordered GARICINA. PURE 60cha as shown in the photo via the link on your site, on arrival I received the. Pill except that there is not 60cha on the box but written 100% Natural why this. difference when with the brochure they put with the photo is well with the 60cha!

    • Carl

      Hi Laetitia,
      We’ve already replied to comments like yours on this page:

      Please allow us to add that after contacting the manufacturer, we learned that current legislation prohibits manufacturers of dietary supplements from displaying this inscription on their products. According to the official authorities, such labelling is reserved for medicinal products only, and not for food supplements.

      The manufacturer has assured us that the composition has not changed and that the product still contains 60% of HCA.

  • Marc

    You say that calcium and potassium protect against the degradation of HCA. Does this mean that other Garcinia Cambogia products are ineffective?

    Merci pour votre réponse

    • Arnaud Dubos

      Hello Marc,
      To answer your question: No, not at all. This in no way diminishes the classic formulas and products.

      The purpose of this calcium- and potassium-enriched formula is to prevent a deficiency in these two elements from inhibiting the effects of HCA. Often, the complexity of the human organism means that products work for particular people, but we don’t really know why. We believe that the study we mention in the test, as well as the new formula of this product, have the merit of helping to further narrow the circle of people who will not benefit from the effects of other classic Garcinia Cambogia products, and to better pinpoint this question: Why doesn’t a product work for a particular person?

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