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Le vrai EcoSlim

Ecoslim Native Remedies, boost your metabolism!

ecoslim-native-remedies-flaconEcoslim Native Remedies is a solution designed to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you burn and the more fat you burn. To stimulate fat burning, slimming product manufacturers offer a multitude of metabolism boosters. And it’s just one of these slimming products that we’re going to take a closer look at today: Ecoslim, from Native Remedies.

Ecoslim Native Remedies : Presentation and promises

Ecoslim Native Remedies is a homeopathic remedy designed to maintain an optimal metabolism, gently and thoroughly supporting and reinforcing any weight-loss process. According to its manufacturer, Ecoslim Native Remedies offers the following benefits:

  • Promotes weight loss ;
  • Stimulates metabolism ;
  • Promotes elimination of dietary fat;
  • Rebalances the digestive system;
  • Regulates body sugar levels;
  • Reduces snacking cravings.

The manufacturer of Ecoslim Native Remedies

Ecoslim is a slimming dietary supplement from Native Remedies. This American company has achieved international success with its homeopathic supplements for the well-being of the whole family. Native Remedies focuses on rigorous ingredient selection, GMP-certified (Goog Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing and extraction processes, and FDA-approved laboratories. In addition, the company is committed to transparency, providing independent information on the various ingredients used in its products, so that consumers can take full responsibility for their health choices.

The ingredients in Ecoslim Native Remedies

Fucus VesiculosisFucus
Bladderwrack belongs to the category of green algae, and boasts an extremely rich profile. Indeed, this “vegetable of the sea” is packed with minerals, vitamins, trace elements, anti-oxidants and iodine, making it an excellent ingredient for general health. As far as weight loss is concerned, bladderwrack has appetite-suppressant properties, as it swells on contact with gastric fluids. It also acts as a metabolism booster, notably by stimulating the thyroid gland. Finally, this seaweed acts as a tonic for the entire system.

To discover the complete profile of bladderwrack, consult our article Fucus for weight loss, the natural alternative.

gallium-aparineGallium aparine
This is in fact the bedstraw, to which we have devoted a complete article under the title : Bedstraw, lose weight naturally.

Bedstraw is excellent for the liver, but also for the nervous and respiratory systems. Calming and soothing, it helps reduce stress, one of the causes of weight gain. It purifies the blood and acts as a diuretic, promoting the elimination of toxins through the urine.

Garcinia is a very popular ingredient in slimming pills. This tropical fruit is said to have appetite-suppressant properties, but that’s not all! Garcinia cambogia lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, activates the breakdown of fat cells, and positively modifies carbohydrate metabolism.

Want to know more about garcinia? Read our article Garcinia Cambogia, the fruit
taraxacum-officinalisTaraxacum officinalis
We’re simply talking about the dandelion! This garden plant has some very powerful virtues. It tones the body as a whole, and purifies the liver and kidneys in particular. As a diuretic, it helps eliminate toxins and excess water, thus promoting weight loss and combating cellulite.

glabra-de-glycorrhiza-reglisseGlycyrrhiza glabra
This is the other name for licorice, which combats digestive disorders and constipation. Licorice contains flavonoids that stimulate fatty acid oxidation, helping to reduce triglyceride levels in the liver and blood.

Its main compound, Glycyrrhizin, is said to increase the circulation of cortisol, which, according to some laboratories, is mainly concentrated in the abdominal area.

erythree-centauriumErythrea centaurium
The scientific name for centaury, a flower that stimulates digestion and energizes the body. Centaury also has diuretic, depurative and calming effects.

Guarana is considered a natural appetite suppressant and fat burner. It contains caffeine, which acts both as a nervous system stimulant (improving alertness and concentration and reducing fatigue) and as a metabolism activator, stimulating fat burning. Guarana also reduces stress, boosts the immune system and has a positive effect on digestive disorders.

To find out more about guarana, read our article Guarana, a gift from the Amazon!
This root is a powerful anti-inflammatory, particularly for the intestines and digestive system as a whole. It fights parasites, cleanses the blood of toxins and has powerful anti-oxidant properties. It also acts as a powerful natural fat burner.

zingiber-officinalisZingiber officinalis
Or ginger! You’re familiar with ginger, as it’s often used in diet pills for its fat-burning and digestive-stimulating properties. Ginger also boosts the body’s immune defenses.

Capsicum is the active ingredient in cayenne pepper. It is renowned for its ability to boost metabolism and activate fat burning.

Ecoslim Native Remedies and science

What scientific data is available on the ingredients of Ecoslim Native Remedies? Here we summarize the data collected for the main ingredients in the composition of these slimming drops.

To date, there is insufficient data on garcinia cambogia to guarantee that this ingredient is effective in combating overweight. Several studies have been carried out, demonstrating garcinia’s weight-loss effects, but only in the short term, and not to a significant degree. More large-scale studies are needed to evaluate this supplement reliably. However, we have noted one study in which a daily dose of 2.4g of garcinia, in combination with diet, slightly increased weight loss, without reducing the sensation of hunger (Source)
Studies on guarana confirm its ability to increase fat oxidation, directly linked to its caffeine and methylxanthine content, which modify carbohydrate metabolism (Source)
Studies on curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, have shown that it can reduce the production of C-reactive protein, known to block the satiety message to the brain and lead to weight gain ( Source ).Source)
As for ginger, a daily intake of 2g with breakfast has been shown to increase thermogenesis and reduce feelings of hunger (Source)


Side effects and contraindications of Ecoslim Native Remedies

Ecoslim Native Remedies is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. It is also advisable to check that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in this supplement.

The homeopathic nature of this dietary supplement makes it a very safe product, as the doses contained in the product are perfectly designed to be effective without having to be too strong. This is the very principle of homeopathy, which shows real efficacy on the organism with very light dosages of active substances. In fact, it’s the dilutions and activation of the plant molecules that bring about the product’s in-depth effectiveness.

How to take Ecoslim Native Remedies?

This natural supplement is recommended as part of an overall slimming program, i.e. in conjunction with a varied, balanced diet, regular physical activity, good hydration (1.5 l of water a day) and stress management (through relaxation practices, for example).

Ecoslim Native Remedies comes in the form of drops. The recommended dosage is 10 to 15 drops, to be taken 3 times a in a glass of water.

Testimonials from users of Ecoslim Native Remedies

Ecoslim Native Remedies hits the nail on the head for the vast majority of people who have tried it. Testimonials speak of a highly effective product that boosts energy levels, increases motivation and delivers rapid results. Waistline and weight loss have been noted, with, for example, a 3kg reduction in 3 weeks of treatment.

Price and guarantee Ecoslim Native Remedies

Ecoslim Native Remedies is available for 34,99€ 60 ml bottle, equivalent to a 30-day course of treatment.

To obtain this product, please use the following verified link:

Attention, this product is no longer on sale. Instead, I advise you to take another look at this very serious and proven alternative: Green Barley Plus!

Our opinion on Ecoslim Native Remedies

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  • doriane

    at what time of day should i take ecoslim?

    what diet do you recommend to accompany it?

    • Hélène Marfak

      Hello Doriane,
      The manufacturer recommends taking 10 to 15 drops 3 times a day, i.e. during the main meals.

      To get the most out of this slimming treatment, we recommend a healthy diet without excess, which provides the main nutrients. Forget industrial dishes rich in low-quality fats and sweets. Instead, opt for wholegrain cereals and green vegetables, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated all day long.

      Have a good day!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous



    Big Scam… doesn’t do anything at all.

    I’ve started a diet, or rather I’m eating a balanced diet again, favouring protein-vegetables and avoiding bread, cheese and starches, and nothing fatty or sweet (I’ve even stopped drinking Diet Coke). In short, EcoSlim made me go to the toilet for the first 2 days and since then it’s done nothing….34.95€ in the lost void… voulais essayer……j’ai vu…..C’EST NUL

    • jeitz

      I haven’t lost a gram total scam

    • ghislaine

      bonjour Is the product used native remedies homeopathic drops? thank you for your reply cordially

      • Corinne Kepler

        Hello Ghislaine, Hello LEGRAS,
        It’s true that two products have the same name: Ecoslim.

        Native Remedies is a manufacturer that has other products on the market with good user feedback.

        Here’s a link to the other Ecoslim product, which we don’t recommend for lack of verified information:
        Enjoy your reading!

    • Selim

      Hello, Are you sure this is Ecoslim by Native remedies? It’s sold on their official website for 39.95€. You must have confused it with the other dubious product they warn against on this site.

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