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Eafit Total Capteur

Eafit Total Capteur: a fat burner with carrots

eafit-total-capteur-5-en-1-IntroductionEafit Total Capteur may be just the thing for you if you have trouble controlling your hunger. Do you always have the urge to eat and nibble, spoiling your motivation to lose weight healthily and effectively? The EAFIT laboratories present us with a powerful fat catcher based on 100% natural fibers and proven effective by 3 clinical studies.

Eafit Total Capteur features a 5-in-1 formula that promises to dislodge fat from your body, capture fat from fatty foods, while giving you a quick feeling of satiety to control your hunger and avoid slips.

Read on to find out what we think of Total Capteur, how effective it is, and what other people have said about using it in their quest for the perfect body.

Eafit Total Capteur: Presentation

EAFIT, whose fitness products we have already tested, is now offering a powerful fat catcher with a 5-in-1 formula:

  1. First of all, it captures the fat you’ve already built up, to help you shed those hard-to-remove unwanted pounds;
  2. It captures sugars to reduce blood glucose levels and prevent them from metamorphosing into fat;
  3. Secondly, it reduces the fat and calories present in food to prevent you from gaining weight after meals (which is perfect if you slip up during parties or restaurant outings, for example);
  4. It also helps to reduce the sensation of hunger and the feeling of satiety, so you can reduce your portions and slim down thanks to a moderate diet;
  5. Finally, since it reduces the sensation of hunger, it can help you avoid unnecessary and harmful snacking during the day.

Several in vitro studies have been carried out by the Eafit Laboratory, proving that what is promised has actually been observed.

In fact, the first study demonstrated that the fiber complex present in the product could absorb up to 75% of calories from fatty foods (Study no. FO2843/01LA, 02/2011).

The second study demonstrated an average reduction of 462 kcal over 2 meals a day, when simulating duodenal digestion. (Study n°E85068-03/06CL, 03/2015).

There is also a third clinical study carried out on a group of 25 people over 30 consecutive days with no particular dietary restrictions. (Protocol n°010816, 06/2012).

Eafit Total Capteur is also based on a patented complex of 100% natural fibers (carrot, oat and apple). It is certified dye- and preservative-free, caffeine-free and perfectly suited to people following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Eafit Total Capteur manufacturer

Founded in France in 1991, EAFIT considers itself the number 1 laboratory specializing in sports nutrition. EAFIT’s assured, top-quality products are based on pure, natural raw materials, and offer a delicious taste and texture that combine effectiveness and pleasure.

When it comes to products for sportspeople and athletes, the laboratory obviously adopts the global code by offering anti-doping insured supplements.

Eafit Total Capteur dosage

Eafit Total Capteur comes in capsule form, to be taken twice a day. One capsule before lunch and one before dinner.

One box contains 30 capsules to be taken for 15 days.

The treatment can be repeated after a 5-day break.

Eafit Total Capteur : Ingredients

Patented 100% natural fiber complex:

  • Carrot: abundant in fiber, consisting mainly of pectin and cellulose, allowing the body to be nourished with antioxidants and rid of excessfree radicals.
  • Oats: oats are rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that naturally eliminates cholesterol by reducing its production by the liver, resulting in a significant reduction in blood cholesterol levels.
  • Apple: also abundant in fiber and composed mainly of soluble pectic matter (pectin, protopectin, pectin acid…).

Capsule shell

  • hydroxypropylmethylcellulose
  • anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.

Eafit Total Capteur: how does it work?

carotte fibres naturellesThanks to its 5-step action, EAFIT Total Capteur will help you reduce your calorie intake by around 500 Kcal a day.

Added to a normal but balanced diet, this will create a deficit between calories absorbed and those reduced, enabling natural, logical and effective weight loss.

What’s more, thanks to its richness in fiber which swell in the stomach when eaten, it helps to reduce hunger and provide a sensation of rapid satiety, leading to a reduction in portions eaten and the elimination of nibbling, which is the major cause of weight gain in people wishing to lose weight.

Of course, it’s always worth remembering that without a healthy diet and regular physical activity, the effects of any dietary supplement are minimal. So it’s important to keep an eye on what you eat and get moving every day.

Eafit Total Control: Who is it for?

According to its manufacturer, EAFIT Total Control is a powerful, 100% natural fat catcher that is ideal for both men and women. Whether you’re an athlete or not, and don’t want to follow a strict diet, or have trouble controlling your cravings and can’t stop snacking during the day.

If you don’t have any problems managing your appetite, or if you’re following a particular diet, we advise you to turn instead to supplements that aim to detoxify your body, inspired by our top 4 detox products, by clicking on the following image:
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Opinions of Eafit Total Capteur users

There are no reviews yet on the brand’s official website for Total Capteur. This leaves us a little perplexed and may lead some users to be reluctant about purchasing the product.

On the other hand, we found a number of mixed reviews on other shopping platforms and forums. Indeed, the product has received an average rating of around 3 points out of 5, and reviews seem to us to be rather mixed as to its effectiveness.

On the one hand, some users have no hesitation in recommending Total Capteur, attesting to its very rapid effectiveness, whether in terms of weight loss or appetite regulation. Other users, on the other hand, say they have seen no change and no weight loss, despite paying particular attention to their diet and using the product for a respectable period of time.

We would like to remind you, however, that each person has his or her own specificities and each metabolism is unique, so some products that are suitable for some people will have no effect on others.

Eafit Total Capteur: side effects


  • Do not use if you are allergic to certain ingredients in the formula, or to carrots, apples or oats.
  • Some people may experience intestinal problems after using this product (notably due to the high fibre content). If this is your case, avoid continuing to take the supplement and consult your doctor, who will be able to advise you.
  • For adults over 18 only.
  • Not for use by pregnant women.

Pecautions for use

  • Diabetics should monitor and adjust their treatment as this product may affect blood sugar levels.
  • Ask your doctor’s advice if you are taking any medication or medication-related treatment.
  • Take Total Capteur at least 4 hours apart from other medications, vitamins or fatty acids.

How can I buy Eafit Total Capteur?

Eafit-Total-Capteur-FlaconDespite its availability on various resale sites, it is advisable to buy Total Capteur through the official platform of the Eafit laboratory.
It is available for 24,90 €?
Payment is of course secure and delivery within 72 hours.
In addition, you can receive free product samples. You can even return products free of charge if you’re not satisfied. The laboratory also has several resale sites throughout France, should you prefer to purchase the product directly from a retailer.

Our opinion on Eafit Total Capteur


  • 100% natural, organic ingredients;
  • Validity confirmed by 3 clinical studies;
  • Transparency of the manufacturer regarding the composition and studies carried out on its products;
  • A powerful fat catcher that does not require drastic dieting or intense sports activity;
  • Very reasonable price.


  • A high fiber content that may cause intestinal problems;
  • Very mixed online reviews of its effectiveness;
  • Lack of user reviews on the official website.

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