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Avis Sur La Cure Détox Daniel Jouvance

Daniel Jouvance detox cure

daniel-jouvanceWould you like to take a break from cellulite and excess weight? It’s certainly the right time to do something good for your body, take care of it, and help it feel lighter inside and out. That’s what DANIEL JOUVANCE offers with its Algo 2 Iodine Serum and Active Detox Drink.

Let’s see if this detox and slimming activator cure lives up to its promise.

Presentation and promises of the Daniel Jouvance detox cure

The Daniel Jouvance cure is based on 2 products.

1. Serum Algo 2 Iode:

This is a slimming cream designed to slow down the formation and storage of fat, in less than 7 days.

According to the manufacturer, this cream has numerous benefits:

  • Express smoothing of cellulite;
  • Its fine, light texture is instantly absorbed;
  • Patented complex 2 times more effective than marine iodine alone;
  • Boosts dieting and other slimming treatments;
  • Paraben-free, dermatologically tested;
  • Phenoxyethanol-free, an anti-microbial potentially harmful to health.

An application 2 times a day is generally optimal to observe the best results with this type of cream.

Serum algo 2 iode

In addition to this slimming cream, which is designed to refine and lighten the silhouette, the cure includes a detox drink, to be used in parallel.

2. Active Detox Drink:

This is a concentrate of active ingredients with detoxifying and draining properties, designed to promote and accelerate the elimination of toxins.

It comes in a 480 ml bottle.

The recommended dosage is 1 measuring cap diluted in 1 liter of water, to be consumed daily, throughout the day.

This detox cure lasts 10 days and can be renewed as needed.

Active detox drink

The manufacturer, Daniel Jouvance

Daniel Jouvance laboratories are well known in the cosmetics sector, particularly in marine cosmetics.

Today, this brand develops its formulas thanks to studies carried out on micro-algae at its research center. The laboratory holds 19 patents and has accumulated over 30 years of expertise in the field.

Daniel Jouvance is a 100% French brand, which uses a maximum of natural ingredients in its products, and guarantees paraben- and animal-derived ingredient-free formulations.

THE PLUS: Daniel Jouvance has set up a panel of 14,000 women testers, in an interactive process of consultation, listening and validation of its cosmetics.

Daniel Jouvance detox cure ingredients

The two products making up the Daniel Jouvance detox cure contain different ingredients.

Ingredients of Serum Algo 2 Iodine :

  • Maris Aqua (Seawater: humectant, skin care agent)
  • Dimethicone (Dimethicone silicone: anti-foaming agent, emollient, moisturizer, skin protection agent, skin care agent)
  • Aqua (Water: solvent)
  • Glycerin (or Glycerol: moisturizer, humectant, hair conditioner)
  • Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride (or Octanoic Acid: emollient, moisturizer, masking agent)
  • Alcohol (Alcohol: solvent, anti-microbial agent, astringent agent, viscosity control agent, anti-foaming agent)
  • Methylpropanediol (Solvent)
  • PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone (Emulsifying agent)
  • Dimethicone Crosspolymer (Silicone: emulsion stabilizer, hair-setting agent, viscosity control agent)
  • Benzyl Alcohol (Benzyl alcohol: preservative, solvent)
  • Benzoic Acid (Benzoic acid: preservative, pH regulator, masking agent)
  • Potassium Hydroxide (Potassium hydroxide: pH regulator)
  • Methylsilanol Mannuronate (Anti-static agent, skin care agent)
  • Thalassiosira Pseudonana Extract (Extract of brown seaweed Thalassiosira pseudonana: skin protection agent)
  • Potassium Sorbate (Potassium sorbate: preservative)
  • ethylsilanol Carboxymethyl Theophylline Alginate (Skin care agent)
  • Tetrasodium Edta (Sodium edetate: chelating agent)
  • Denatonium Benzoate (Denatonium Benzoate: denaturing, masking agent)

Among this long list of ingredients, let’s focus on the main active ingredients as stated by the manufacturer itself, namely thalassio sira pseudonana algae and marine iodine.

1. Thalassiosira Pseudonana algae:

Is a plankton extract that acts as a skin protector.

This algae is said to be able to retain a significant quantity of marine selenium, a substance with powerful anti-oxidant properties.

Thalassiosira pseudonana is also a rich source of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

What is plankton? Read this wikipedia.

2. Marine iodine :

A powerful moisturizing agent, rich in trace elements, which activates the body’s depurative functions.

Ingredients Active Detox Drink :

1. Dandelion extract:

Dandelion is a powerful tonic.

Thanks to its diuretic, purifying and stimulating properties, dandelion has a purifying action on the liver, promoting bile secretion, and on the urinary tract, cleansing the kidneys.

It also has a mild laxative action and treats constipation.

Dandelion is also indicated for overcoming cellulite and promoting weight loss.

2. Fennel:

Fennel is an ideal plant for promoting healthy digestion.

It has a carminative action (which helps expel intestinal gas) and stimulates intestinal motility.

Fennel also acts as an antimicrobial.

3. Maté :

Maté has many useful weight-loss properties.

It has a powerful appetite-suppressant effect, increases thermogenesis and thus calorie burning, and also acts as a mild diuretic and laxative.

To find out more about the benefits of mate, read the article dedicated to it HERE.

4. Green tea:

Rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and catechins, green tea is a powerful fat burner that acts on different levels.

It promotes the elimination of toxins, stimulates body metabolism and increases the body’s capacity to burn calories.

Scientific studies on Serum Algo 2 Iode and Boisson Detox active by Daniel Jouvance

The laboratories have conducted clinical studies to assess the effectiveness of the 2 flagship products in their slimming detox program.

Serum Algo 2 Iode was tested on a panel of 98 women, who applied the cream twice a day for 7 days.

Results showed an average loss of 0.8 cm in waist circumference in 80 women.

Testers also reported smoother, more toned skin.

For our part, we found this study published in British Phycological Journal, which sets out a comparative study of the absorption of glycolic acid by four marine algae, including thalassio sira pseudonana.

For the record, glycolic acid is the smallest acid molecule, which gives it excellent skin penetration. It removes dead cells from the skin’s surface (exfoliating effect), helps synthesize hyaluronic acid (moisturizing effect), helps distribute melanin cells (brightening and evening out skin tone) and contributes to the production of collagen and elastin (toning effect).

(Source: Sean Coughlan (1977) Comparative studies of glycollic acid uptake by four marine algae, British Phycological Journal, 12:1,55-62, doi: 10/1080/00071617700650071)
There are many studies on iodine, so we thought it would be a good idea to bring you closer to this oligo-food through this study outlining the clinical features of iodine deficiency.

(Source: NCBI. Laboratoire de surveillance et épidémiologie nutritionnelles en Tunisie (SURVEN), Institut National de Nutrition et de Technologie Alimentaire, Tunis. Doggui R., El Atia J. Ann Endocrinol (Paris). 2015 Feb;76(1):59-66. doi: 10/1016/j.ando.2014.12.002. Epub 2015 Jan 19).

The Active Detox Drink, meanwhile, was tested on 124 women, with consumption over a 10-day period.

No details on the results, apart from a self-assessment result showing overall satisfaction of 83.2%.

We note that these test results are both unreliable and lacking in detail.

Self-evaluation is a means of measuring results that remains unreliable and highly subjective. The same applies to the proposed evaluation in terms of overall satisfaction.

Side effects and contraindications of the Daniel Jouvance detox slimming cure

The ingredients in both products of this detox cure are substances with powerful detoxifying effects. For these reasons, this product is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

If you decide to repeat the cure, we recommend a total duration of 21 days maximum, to maintain the benefits of detox while staying in shape.

Testimonials from Algo 2 Iodine Serum and Active Detox Drink users

Algo 2 Iodine Serum testers found the texture of this slimming cream pleasant, easy to apply and very light.

The cream doesn’t stick, and it doesn’t take much to apply.

The skin is indeed smoother and well hydrated.

On the other hand, in terms of centimeter loss, the effectiveness of the cream was largely unsatisfactory.

Users of Boisson Detox Active report a pleasant peach taste, albeit too sweet. For many people, this detox cure provides a sensation of lightness, a deflated belly and improved transit.

Price and guarantee

Algo 2 Iodine Serum is currently available as a special offer at a price of 21€ instead of 42€ i.e. a cost price of 14€/100ml. This offer is available on the official Daniel Jouvance website.

The Detox Active Drink will cost you, under the special offer currently available on the site 10,50€ instead of 21€, for a 7-day course of treatment, i.e. a cost price of 2.19€/100ml.

If you’re not satisfied with your products, Daniel Jouvance offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, detailed in the Terms and Conditions.

site officiel du produit

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