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Rapport et avis sur Cryo Shape de Orescience

Cryo Shape, a likely alternative to cryotherapy?

Cryo Shape IntroductionCryo Shape, the slimming product we’re examining today, borrows its name from cryotherapy, a treatment designed to reduce waistline circumference by means of cold.

Many scientific studies and testimonials support this method, which may seem surprising at first sight. That’s why we wanted to find out how a product like Cryo Shape could “imitate” it and succeed in burning body fat.

Right away, the TP report…

Cryo Shape, a gel with a “cold” effect to eliminate dimpled skin…

That’s the big promise from the website, clearly the official manufacturer and seller of Cryo Shape gel. Thanks to a composition of several active ingredients, including a slimming oil of pink pepper with powerful lipolytic properties, this gel’s mission is to eliminate unsightly curves (thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach, arms).

On the product sheet for this slimming product, the website highlights the results of a study carried out on 15 volunteers. These study subjects used Cryo Shape while wearing a panty, and confirmed the following results:

  • After 1 hour: Thighs up to 0.9 cm / Belly up to 1.7 cm
  • After 4 weeks: Thighs up to 2.5 cm / Belly up to 3.1 cm

We would have liked to have had official documents (including reports and academic papers) concerning this study, but all we have is this rather “meagre” information!

Orescience, French laboratories based in Paris

As usual, we can’t do without the routine tour of the website’s “administrative” pages, i.e. the legal notices and general terms and conditions of sale or use.

This time, we learn that Orescience is managed by a company called DELTA PARTNERS, with capital of 300,000 EUROS and head office at 4, rue Milne Edwards 75017 Paris – France. This part of the information already reassures us about the source of the product in question, and already guarantees the possibility of questioning the manufacturer in question about its activity and its products.

In this sense, it is clearly stated on their official website that Orescience Paris cosmetics are quality products, which respect the environment and are guaranteed “Made in France”.

Cryo Shape, a product recommended by Sonia Dubois

“It was in Saint-Tropez. At the beach, I looked like a whale washed up on the sand. And I sank into depression. After three months, on October 1 1994, I decided to fight. To melt by half. Six months later, I’d won.” wrote Sonia in 2007 in La rupture (Éd. Flammarion)

The famous ultra-round ex-chronicler of Christine Bravo’s Frou-Frou, nicknamed (by herself) the first fat woman on French TV, went from 130 to 70 kilos in the space of 6 months. It was thanks to a clinic specializing in cryotherapy that she was finally able to shed 60 kilos: quite a journey.
Sonia Dubois Avant Apres
Does this mean that Cryo Shape works just as effectively and deeply? Impossible, because neither Cryo Shape nor its manufacturer existed in 1994, when Sonia lost her kilos. Secondly, because this cold gel is designed to act on the surface. It’s clearly an anti-cellulite product designed to make you fit into your old jeans! At this point, we remain a little dubious about this recommendation of Cryo Shape by Sonia Dubois, who should have tried it during her cure. However, we take her testimonials at face value.

What does Cryo Shape contain and how does it work?

On Cry Shape’s product sheet on its online store, here’s the key information we can gather:
Packaging: 280 ml tube
Composition : Alcohol Denat, Aqua (Water / Eau), Menthol, Carbomer, Coceth-7, PPG-1-PEG-9 Lauryl Glycol Ether, Triethanolamine, Camphor, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Schinus Terebinthifolius Seed Extract, Limonene.

Recommendations for use:

  • Apply 4 times a week (thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach and arms), massaging in vigorously. This non-greasy gel allows you to get dressed immediately.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and contact a specialist.
  • Do not use on children under 15. Do not use on pregnant or breast-feeding women. Do not apply to mucous membranes or irritated skin.
  • For external use only.
  • Store in a cool place, preferably with a panty for best results.

And that’s all there is to it.

We really wish the manufacturer had gone further to explain the function of this gel, which stands out for its “cold” character. To do this, we had to scour the web for other sources of information.

CryoShape makes some bloggers happy

We were able to build up a certain image of this product among its users by visiting cosmetics test blogs.

Of course, opinions are relative when it comes to a given product, especially when you consider that many bloggers are paid to talk about a product to their subscribers and fans.

However, all reviews agree that a warm-to-cold effect is felt within an hour of applying the gel to the affected area.

Not very invasive tingling, but there nonetheless, followed by an intense sensation of internal heat, giving the impression that fat is melting away on its own. Let’s face it, we’ll always need clearer explanations.

So we’re going to have to make the effort to understand how Cryo Shape works, at our peril!
Cellulite emplacements

Cryo Shape, our side of the story…

Three ingredients stand out from the list of components printed on the Cryo Shape tube.

Pink pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius)
A false pepper in the form of red berries, whose essential oil contains interesting properties: toning, anti-inflammatory, circulatory, diuretic, warming.

This ingredient, present in some anti-cellulite gels and creams, is also recognized for its lipolytic and therefore fat-burning properties?

However, in high doses, red pepper is a real poison!

Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora)
Rich in antioxidants, camphor helps preserve, nourish and rejuvenate our skin. Some dermatologists use it to treat acne.

It is, however, a rather difficult ingredient to handle, as it is toxic if administered orally, with a high risk of death. Its presence in Cryo Shape is justified by its toning effect on cellulite-prone skin.

Aside from its specific, rather strong odor, menthol is used to create a warm/cold contrast with other ingredients. Menthol is also known to stimulate blood microcirculation.

Okay, so this is a very specific formula involving some pretty strong, even dangerous ingredients taken separately without medical supervision.

Fortunately for us, the Orescience brand assumes all responsibility in the event of a problem. We’re well aware that self-respecting cosmetics laboratories are careful to test their products before they’re put on the market.

Is Cryo Shape work against cellulite?

Chambre de Cryo Therapie Wikipedia
Cryo-therapy chamber. Source: Wikipedia

This seems to be confirmed by the various testimonials from users who have tested it. The effects are particularly visible in terms of skin “quality”.

In fact, even if some users don’t report the exact centimetre loss promised by the Cryo Shape manufacturer, they do agree that skin texture has improved.

The manufacturer claims results in just one hour! Usually, we don’t get too excited about immediate results: experience in the slimming field has shown us that what goes fast, comes right back!

We believe in cryotherapy, in the light of confirmed scientific advances. However, cryotherapy requires specific and advanced equipment, which is part of a rather cumbersome logistical process.

Expecting a cold gel to do the same thing as a special device with medical assistance in cold therapy is an idea we’re not keen on.

So we’ll wait for more advanced and, above all, documented studies into this type of multi-reducing hot-cold gel.

Where to buy CryoShape in France?

Cryo Shape can be purchased online, directly from the manufacturer’s official website, or from teleshopping platforms. A 280ml tube will cost some 49,90 €. We noticed that this vendor offers a pack of 2 tubes for an additional €10 on top of the initial price.

site officiel du produit

Our opinion on Cryo Shape

A brand like Orescience inspires confidence, and we’d have peace of mind about the integrity of this product, which has undoubtedly gone through the usual marketing process.

As several users have pointed out, the rather generous format of 280ml per tube seems interesting in comparison with other products, especially in the presence of an attractively-priced duo offer.

However, this argument alone is not enough to make a decision: we still need to be sure of the relevance of such a product’s formula.

We hope that you, who are reading this, or anyone who has tested Cryo Shape, will also be able to testify here.

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