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Creme Minceur Nuit Nocibe Avis et Test

Nocibé night slimming cream, slim while you sleep

Creme Minceur Nuit Nocibe Introduction“Slimming while you sleep, What a promise NOCIBE’s CREME MINCEUR NUIT makes to us today!

Who hasn’t wanted to sculpt and reshape their figure effortlessly? And what’s more, in the comfort of Morpheus’ arms!

The Nocibé brand promises a slimmer figure with its slimming night cream.

Our survey tells you all about this slimming cream…

Presentation and promises of Nocibé slimming night cream

Nocibé slimming night cream has been specifically designed to work at night, precisely in the hours of rest when the body is particularly receptive.

This cream is formulated with hyper-concentrated anti-cellulite and fat-burning active ingredients, enabling it to deliver numerous benefits to the body.

Nocibé’s slimming night cream is ideal for :

  • Gradually improve the appearance of cellulite, with a reduction or even disappearance of the “orange peel” effect;
  • Limit fat storage;
  • Moisturize and soften the skin;
  • Refine the silhouette.

To maximize results, Nocibé recommends applying its slimming night cream every evening, before bedtime. After application, the cream should be massaged into the skin using circular movements to ensure that the product’s ingredients and active ingredients penetrate the epidermis, and above all, reach unwanted fatty deposits.

According to the manufacturer, Nocibé’s slimming night cream works after the first 7 nights of use. Expected results can reach a waistline reduction of up to (-1.38cm) after 7 nights’ use, and up to (-2.48cm) after 28 nights’ treatment.

Nocibé slimming night cream manufacturer

Nocibé slimming night cream comes to us from the Nocibé brand, as indicated in its name.

Nocibé is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of all kinds of cosmetics, from make-up to perfume and slimming products. Nocibé not only designs and markets beauty products, but also offers beauty treatments in beauty salons.

Founded in Lille in 1984, Nocibé is now a subsidiary of the large German Douglas Holding group, which specializes in perfumes and cosmetics, and boasts over 1,580 sales outlets.

Nocibé’s philosophy is to make perfumery and well-being accessible to all. That’s why their stores sell expensive products, but also Nocibé skincare products that are accessible to small budgets, as in the case of the Nocibé slimming night cream.

Ingredients of Nocibé slimming night cream

Nocibé Slimming Night Cream is made up of 2 main ingredients: caffeine and brown algae. It contains exactly 1% caffeine and 5% brown seaweed extract.

1. Caffeine:

Caffeine is renowned for its stimulating effects, but also for its diuretic properties.

Applied topically, it has scientifically recognized slimming properties.

In fact, its lipolytic action on fat cells, and on the transport of glucose in the blood, has been validated on numerous occasions (more details on this point in our paragraph on scientific studies).

When applied to the body via a slimming cream, caffeine has the power to activate fat breakdown, leading to the release of fatty acids, but also to limit lipogenesis (the synthesis of fats, particularly fatty acids).

Caffeine also helps reduce fat storage, and inhibits glucose transport in cells.

All these benefits of caffeine help to reduce fat cell volume and improve skin appearance.

2. Brown Algae:

Brown algae have moisturizing, protective and soothing properties for the epidermis. Emollient, they promote tissue relaxation and facilitate the circulation of fat cells.

Scientific studies on Nocibé slimming night cream

According to a study conducted on a panel of 27 volunteers, Nocibé night slimming cream helped 9 participants achieve an average reduction of -0.5 cm in waist circumference and buttock circumference, -0.4 cm in thigh circumference and -0.3 cm in hip circumference after just 7 nights’ use.

Caffeine, for its part, has benefited from numerous studies and trials on its effect on weight loss, and is now an officially recognized ingredient for its slimming properties.

Studies show visible results over a period ranging from 2 to 4 weeks of application, with an average loss of (-2 cm) thigh circumference.

The effectiveness of topical caffeine in reducing cellulite and refining the silhouette appears to stagnate or even diminish around the 6th week of application. Results must therefore be maintained by applying the chosen cream several times a week, at the risk of the skin returning to its initial state within 3 months of stopping caffeine applications.

( Source: Academy of Cosmetics and Health Care, Warsaw, Poland. Herman A., Herman AP. Skin Pharmacol Physiol. 2013;26(1):8-14. doi: 10.1159/000343174. Epub 2012 Oct 11).

Side effects and contraindications of Nocibé slimming night cream

The manufacturer does not mention any adverse effects or contraindications for its Nocibé night slimming cream.

However, due to the presence of caffeine in its composition, we recommend that pregnant or breast-feeding women do not use Nocibé night slimming cream.

According to our research, the application of a caffeine-based slimming cream can sometimes cause some redness or tingling. These effects remain mild and generally disappear quickly.

Testimonials from Nocibé slimming night cream users

Nocibé slimming night cream has been extensively tested by many women. The testimonials mostly agree on the following results:

  • Easy-to-use cream;
  • Pleasant to apply;
  • Good fragrance;
  • Cream spreads and penetrates well.

According to consumer reviews, Nocibé’s slimming night cream produces visible results in around twenty days, and effectively improves the appearance of cellulite.

Price and guarantee

Nocibé Slimming Night Cream comes in a 200 ml tube, and retails for 19,95€, which covers an estimated 20 days of use.

The Nocibé slimming night cream is available from the manufacturer’s official online boutique, as well as in Nocibé stores.

For online purchases on the boutique, a confirmation of your order will be sent to you by email within 48 hours. Several payment methods are accepted: credit card, paypal or nocibé gift card. Delivery times vary from one to 5 days, depending on the delivery method chosen. Delivery costs range from €3.95 to €12.95, depending on the delivery method chosen.

The manufacturer offers a 14-day withdrawal period and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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