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Chocolate Slim, what you need to know BEFORE you order!

chocolate-slim-boisson-testeurpilules_comChocolate Slim is a slimming drink that promises slimming drinkers that “Getting slim has never been so easy! Getting slim has never been so easy. “It’s a brand-new method with “results that exceed all expectations” and, what’s more, it doesn’t require any lifestyle changes.
Such claims prompted us to take a closer look at this product, and to ask a lot of questions.
What about the list of ingredients included in its composition? Are they likely to deliver on their promises? What do the various consumer testimonials collected online have to say? Where can you buy this product? Here’s an overview.

Chocolate Slim presentation and promises

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Chocolate Slim’s manufacturer doesn’t skimp on shocking promises about the effectiveness of its product. For example, we find two seemingly contradictory pieces of information on its sales sites: on one occasion, it claims a loss of 12kg in 4 weeks; on the other, it claims 24kg in 4 weeks! All the while maintaining our good mood and high energy levels. Chocolate Slim also promises to :

  • quickly eliminate excess weight
  • fight cellulite ;
  • get rid of pimples and acne
  • normalize the body’s metabolic processes.

This chocolate drink should help us to regain slenderness, health and youthfulness. All you need to do is drink a cup of Chocolate Slim every morning. The preparation comes as a powder to be mixed with hot water.

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The Chocolate Slim manufacturer

We searched high and low for the official Chocolate Slim website, but couldn’t decide which was the right one. What’s more, there’s no reliable information about the company behind the product, and no contact form. What we did find suspicious on one of the sites was a physical address for a company in Hong Kong, with information referring us to Russia!
Clearly, such a lack of information is not reassuring for any informed visitor to the site.
Looking a little deeper, we sometimes found ourselves on pages talking about Chocolate Slim in a clumsy language that seems to have been automatically translated from a language other than English. This leads us to doubt the exact origin of this product’s manufacturer.
However, some sites look normal with lots of well-done images and text organized in blocks. It’s obvious that a seller is trying to put up more than one purchase link for his own reasons. What’s not normal, however, is that on the following 5 links we find 3 different formulas for the composition of Chocolate Slim! Even more disconcerting is the fact that the same people are pictured BEFORE and AFTER using the product, but with different names each time! Further down in this article, in the Testimonials section, you can see for yourself.

Please note!

Chocolite Slim could also be called Choco Lite or Chocolite. We’ve recently come across a number of sites that speak very positively of it. These sites all seem to be made by the same organization.

Chocolate Slim ingredients

On this point, we’re a little puzzled by the existence of 3 formulas for the same product

1. The first formula contains :

From green coffee, from Goji berries, acai berries, chia seeds, cocoa and extract of Ganoderma lucidum extract.

2. The second formula contains :

Fiber, whey protein, cocoa, soy lecithin, glucomannan glucomannan and a vitamin-mineral complex.

3. The third formula contains :

Spirulina spirulina, wheat bran, peas, cocoa, buckwheat and brown rice.
Clearly, these are three completely different compositions with just one thing in common: cocoa. On the one hand, cocoa contains theobromine, a substance said to have stimulating properties, particularly for thermogenesis. On the other hand, thanks toâthe virtues of the famous caffeine, cocoa has great antioxidant properties. These properties protect the body as a whole against cell aging and cardiovascular disease.
Read our article on caffeine and its role in weight loss.

Chocolate Slim and science

Chocolate Slim sales sites mention a clinical study carried out on 15 women who tested Chocolate Slim. According to the data reported, consumption of Chocolate Slim, without any lifestyle modification (i.e. diet or physical activity), yielded the following results:

  • An average loss of 4 kg in the 1st week;
  • A loss of just over 6 kg by week 2;
  • A loss of around 8 kg by week 3;
  • Almost 10 kg lost by week 4.

What’s more, the results achieved with a Chocolate Slim cure were more effective than with increased physical activity, without a slimming supplement, or with a course of slimming medication.


Regardless of the accuracy or otherwise of these promises, we would like to remind our readers that any significant weight loss should be medically investigated. It’s not always healthy to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. For all dietary supplements of this kind, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.

Chocolate Slim side effects and contraindications

According to the manufacturer’s information on the composition of Chocolate Slim, this slimming drink does not represent a health hazard. No adverse effects are expected.

Buying Chocolate Slim, price and guarantee

Chocolate Slim is available on various websites at a price of 49€ instead of 98€ a pack, a 50€ reduction. What’s new is that we’ve found a lower price for the third formula! 39€ instead of 78€. The packaging also differs for this formula, as you can see by comparing the two images below. At first glance, it would appear that this is a special offer that only lasts 24 hours. What’s strange is that when you return to the site every few days, the offer hasn’t changed. A 24-hour countdown is automatically triggered after each page refresh.
Clicking on the order button takes us to the first form, where we are asked to fill in Country, Number of product packs, Full name, Phone number and Address. That’s not all, as we’re redirected to yet another page where we’re asked for our name and, this time, our e-mail address. That’s all there is to it! This confirms that this is a cash-on-delivery transaction. Although the site talks about 100% guaranteed results, there’s no mention of a money-back guarantee.
But what about user testimonials?

Testimonials from Chocolate Slim users

Between the various Chocolate Slim sales sites, there are glaring inconsistencies in the testimonials illustrated by photos of people who have actually lost weight. This is what we pointed out above, images referring to the same people with a different name each time. Here’s a composition we made from 3 screenshots taken on the sites mentioned above:

chocolate slim
This gentleman with the blurred face would be called at the same time: Jean-Mi Colliers, Michel Moulin and Benoît Vanadier. Note also the discrepancies in the dates used to illustrate AVANT/APRES. These images were found on the 3 sub-domains in question.

All in all, there are few testimonials for Chocolate Slim. If only to place very positive reviews embellished with before-and-after photos and other inspiring stories. However, we suggest you read the following two reviews, posted in September 2016 and July 2017 on a famous health-themed discussion forum.(The text has been preserved as is, with typos and other spelling errors) :

September 2016
For my part, I just bought the “famous” chocolate slim;
You should know that the speudo official website highlights a promotion that a priori will stop within 24 hours (it’s already been 3 weeks that I see this “promo”!) and that in addition to the price a surcharge of 5 € and added and finally 11 € for the payment of collissimo.
I hesitated a lot and I took it when I could, but frankly I don’t recommend it! It doesn’t work!
You would pay a lot of money for a useless mixture in which the following products: “green coffee seeds, gogi berry, acai berry, chia seed, ganoderma lucidum extract” are not even part of the composition;
What you really have inside: soy lecuthin, a mix of vitamins and minerals, whey protein, glicomannan, sweetener, oat fibre and, last but not least, the only real thing in the composition: low-fat cocoa;
Basically, if you buy this product, you’ll be wasting your money and nothing more! Better to buy lambda chocolate powder which will cost you much less and will at least have the merit of just being good!
July 2017
As far as I’m concerned, I’m normally suspicious of this kind of miracle product.
For once I believed in it?.
I would like to lose a few kilos in order to lighten the load on my joints?
After consuming 3 boxes?.all I lost was €103?.as far as weight loss is concerned, it’s still in the realm of dreams? results?
I should have remained wary.

Our verdict on Chocolate Slim

In our opinion, Chocolate Slim is a rather dubious product, given that :

  • The manufacturer cannot be found;
  • the product formula and packaging differ from one site to another;
  • contact and contracts are virtually non-existent;
  • the money-back guarantee is non-existent!

In short, we can neither endorse this product nor guarantee its effectiveness. Furthermore, your comments and testimonials (fields at the bottom of the page) on this or other products would be of great help, as we always lean towards honest and solemn testimonials.
Finally, don’t hesitate to consult our TOP 4 selection of the best fat burners that generated the most interest this year.
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  • Berthe

    What I never understand, in all the advertisements and methods and proposals to lose weight, is that there is ALWAYS chocolate, entr’autres!!! And what do you do if you’re SEVERELY INTOLERANT to chocolate? (migraines, vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, etc.) It’s weird! And there are always sweet foods! And what do you do if you’re intolerant to sugar? And there are always breakfasts and snacks!!??? For me, all I can tolerate in the morning is a black coffee, and I can’t swallow anything before 5 or 6pm! As a daily meal, I’m talking! It’s all so weird and strange! You really have to eat like a canker to come up with these methods! It’s true that I don’t have any weight or health problems… I think that above all, people should stop eating like pigs! Besides, it’s strange to stuff oneself! There must be a psychological problem there, just as serious if not more profound than for anorexics!!!!

  • Grace

    Being at work every day, it’s hard for me to do sports because I’m so overweight. I’ve lost 15 kilos in just one month and I really like the taste of the product and I’ve lost weight without suffering because I used to eat and I’ve lost weight…Thank you for your product.

  • Perrin

    Bonsoir moi jai découvert ce produit sur le site d’Instagram disant qu’on pouvait perdre rapidement du poids et avoir une taille svelte et en plus ce soir j’ai été contacter par téléphone pour avoir plus d’information mais ma interlocutrice ne compreniez pas le français et je lui ai demandé qu’elle m’envoie des documents pour que je puisse les consulter a tête reposé mais j’ai toujours rien reçu et plus c’est bizarre mais quand je lui ai dit que je ne pouvais pas payer elle coupe court à notre conversation.

    • Frédéric Leclerc

      Thank you for stopping by, Perrin. Your testimonial will be useful to all TP readers.

      Please read our tests carefully. They are designed not only to help you make the right choice of slimming product, but also to help you avoid scams and other bad experiences like the one you’ve just mentioned.

      If you’re still looking for a slimming product, you can visit our popular products known for their performance. The choice is yours, but you can also consult the tests of the top-ranked products on TP, namely Phen375, PhenQ, Unique Hoodia or even Garcinia Cambogia Pure. And you can always write to us if you have any questions.

      We wish you good luck!


  • Nina

    Vraiment je viens De passer la commande mais je n’ai pas donner mon adresse mais celui d’un ami après avoir lu vos témoignages je ne suis pas prêt a donner mon argent alors svp dote moi comment faire car j’ai peur qu’il m’asselere au téléphone et j’ai trouvé ça étrange une personne m’a appelé en 5mn las c’est un truc de ouf.. Please wait for your advice thank you

    • Hélène. M

      Hi Nina,
      If you haven’t given us your bank details, you have nothing to worry about. Simply refuse to receive the product and pay nothing, and explain to the person on the phone that you’re not interested in the transaction.

      Have a nice day.

  • authier

    everything is fake scam on the product this site takes advantage of people who hope to lose weight I am very disappointed

    • Hélène. M

      Hello Jocelyne,
      We understand your disappointment. On our site, we found the effectiveness of this product to be rather dubious, and the results displayed seem to be far from reality.

      The purchase of a slimming product should only be made after thorough research. Here on our site, we seek out all the information and make it available to readers to help them make the best choice.

      Effective slimming products do exist, you just have to look hard enough and be lucky enough to come across the right site.

      Have a nice day.

      • Rossaura Pan Esso

        What slimming products that work can you recommend please

      • Hélène. M

        Hello Rossaura,
        Many slimming products work well, as long as you choose the one that meets your needs.

        On our site, you’ll find information on quality pills. For example, just mention fat burner or appetite suppressant to find pills that suit you, because the choice remains personal and depends on several parameters that only you know.

        Have a nice day.

  • Vic

    I ordered it s’en see all the comments
    I was not at home what arranged may problem is that they gave it to my neighbor I will have to return it I hope that the address that is mi is right otherwise I do not know what to do????????if someone can tell me it would be great

  • Anonymous


  • SÉvérine

    It’s a crazy thing, I just filled in my phone number and finally reading this article I changed my mind and didn’t fill in my address and surprise: my phone rings 5 min later asking for my address!!!! Of course I didn’t give it to them, thanks to you! Thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous


  • Tarsi

    If all net buyers went on the net first to read review forums, there would be very few rip-offs. And fewer crooks!

  • sebastien

    jai essayer le produit j’ai acheté un sachet jai perdu 2 kg je compte recommander encore cest efficace a mon avis

  • Anonymous


  • Sham

    Hello everyone.

    Also, I received all three boxes today. I’m crazy because I just came across your page. Can I return them? Can I get a refund? And where do I make the claim? I’m crazy! The 3 boxes 110€.

    Can I have an answer based on the results of the people who got it and tried it please.

    What to do?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Atmane nadou

      I sent back chocolatslim at my expense to the address mentioned on the box which is only fake of course and no one at the address indicated. I would like to set up an association with other people to lodge a complaint against these scammers who are still on the site and who sell wind after several calls on the site which calls her to pocket our money. I’ve done a lot of publicity around me so that other people don’t get fooled like me since it’s all over the internet. What a shame to make money by stealing from people. Satisfaction or your money back doesn’t work, you pay for the return and the parcel comes back to you with no one at the address indicated as a bonus… I’ve been the victim of this whole scam… I prefer to warn you that it’s a wasted effort and that your money is well and truly lost… ….

    • Nadia Sidi Atmane

      It’s a scam, pure and simple, like many of you, you’ve been fooled by these THIEVES who are all over the internet. They should be punished for this……And like me, 110 euros gone and lost that ends up in their pockets……We need to get together and lodge a complaint……

  • Guardiole

    Hello, I’ve also been ripped off and now they’re harassing me by phone but I’m not answering after reading all these comments. Do you think I’ll have to pay knowing that I’m not answering the phone to confirm the order (I think)?

    • adeliiinnee

      Answer them and tell them you don’t want it. They will cancel the order, otherwise the packages will leave.

      If it can save you from receiving the order.

      Have a nice evening.

      • Francine Verddoodt

        To which? address, because it doesn’t say anywhere, I’ve only just ordered and I haven’t paid yet.
        Kind regards

  • Nath Alie

    I just found your page? I ordered by internet, a person phoned me and I chose the 3 boxes plus two free. The person on the other end confirmed that the “money back guarantee” worked. I received the box yesterday with a request for payment. I’m going to send it back without paying anything.

    Phew, I won’t have lost anything, but it’s a big price to pay if the people who took the necessary steps aren’t satisfied.
    Thanks for your info

  • Alice/Thiais

    Hahaha, what a circus! I’m curious like you, I want to go and see how it goes? As soon as the dart arrives in the box: “Name” that the automatic chrom setting register my details, phone no. with, automatically!!!! My child calls me, I leave the computer without clicking on “Order”. And what do you know? I’ve just received an SMS saying that my order has been accepted??? What efficiency. But please reassure me, I’m not going to receive this nightmare, am I? …..


    Bonjour, j’ai trop vite validé la commande zut! je viens de lire votre article et les commentaires. Indeed, impossible to cancel. I’ll see if I can refuse the parcel. However, being still on the page where a “chrono” scrolls, it appears in the upper left 2 names: ANK logistik and BestWaren; I searched on BestWaren where it offers the product chocolate Slim and even gives the composition of the product defined as follows: “It is a dietary supplement based on whey protein, enriched with L-Carnitine, soy lecithin, oat fiber, vitamins and minerals. Chocolate Slim can be taken in combination with daily meals.” Apparently the product comes from there and I clicked on contact and here’s the address:
    Best Waren
    Neumannstr. 135, 13189 Berlin, Deutschland
    There you go, if that helps a lot of people.


    • Eudes

      I don’t think I’ll be able to get them next time!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Sarah

    Hello, I bought the chocolate slim last week 2+1 free cost 116€ with delivery results after 4 days of ulilidation 1 kg MORE
    I am disgusted????????????????????and very angry by these pseudo miracle products

    • CATY

      Hi everyone
      I’m really surprised by your comments?

      I too bought this product last month, took just one bottle to try it out and lost 4 kilos.
      and I placed a second order with the 2+1 free promotion… and with this one I’ve lost 12 kilos…

      and I’m very comfortable in my actu skin… I thank the manufacturer very much… For those with whom it didn’t work I think maybe the problem lies with them… ask yourself the right questions….

      • adam

        Et beh chère caty sûrement tu fais partie de leur équipe commerciale, et là Tu es entrainez de faire la pubblication pour votre produit ( miracle ), arretez de nous prendre pour des cons, si tous ces témoignages ne suffissent pas pour prouver l’inefficacité et l’inutilité de ce produit , que voulez vous Plus ce que ça…..??

      • Hardy

        Can you give me the official website? Because I know people who took chocolat slim and on whom it worked really well so I would like to try it too. Then I advise people that before listening to everything people say about this product that they should try it before criticizing.

      • annick

        hello do you have a reliable link to order thank you


    Wishing to have the contact details of chocolat slime and thinking I could back out, I went to the end of the form. Impossible to cancel. I received an SMS to confirm the order and then today another SMS to confirm delivery. Each time I tried to reply to the SMS in vain. I tried to block the site but I still received the SMS confirming delivery.

    Do you have a phone number or e-mail address? I don’t want these products. It smells like a scam.

    If they are delivered I will refuse them.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • El Hadad Haya Mo

    It’s a shame I didn’t come across this site sooner.

    I just received my order this week, but I’ll try it anyway and come back for a more detailed review.

    • Francesca

      Have you tried it?

    • hELENA

      so what’s the result its working?

  • Château celine

    Like all I fell on the advertisement so-called promo limited to 24 h, which makes many fall into the trap, but I did not order, I searched for reviews, I found quite a lot of positive, but which seems strange to me so I continued to search and with great pleasure I came across your article that I shared on Facebook to help other people not to fall into the trap … The soup in a previous comment is a good idea, not forgetting the water.

    In any case a big THANK YOU to you for your seriousness

  • Nassar sabine

    Thank you ma’am for taking the trouble for this warning.

    Good. AND Happy New Year 2017…filled with health

  • verlamer

    Hello everyone, like everyone else I just read all the reviews of this product before making a choice, If I can afford to give advice to all those who want to lose weight without risk, take advantage that it is winter to make a good vegetable soup and I’m not kidding! composed mainly of (Cabbage), added a leek, 4 carrots, 1 onion is 2 turnips avoid too salty, no potato either add a teaspoon of (turmeric without added salt) after cooking mixed everything. You’ll enjoy your meal and lose weight every week, plus you’ll save money that won’t affect your wallet. I’ve been taking cabbage soup for several months now, 2 bowls a day in the morning and evening, or two in the evening, so you won’t have much left over afterwards, i.e. 4 good ladles. If you don’t work, take a short 30-minute walk in the morning and evening (if you do work, it’s not compulsory). Another little tip: don’t weigh yourself every day, weigh yourself every week, but it’s better to do it every 2 weeks, which is what I’ve opted for. I assure you that it works, do it, you’ll tell me about it. be careful to avoid fried foods and oils except olive oil, in moderation of course, can be used. I wish you all and the designer of this site whom I thank, a very happy New Year to you all.

    • Corinne Kepler

      Hello Verlamer,
      Thank you for your visit and your advice about cabbage soup!

      Thank you also for your New Year wishes!

      Happy New Year!

  • carole25ans

    Like everyone here I almost gave in to the temptation to lose those few extra kilos quickly. It’s a shame these products are on the market.

  • Solange

    I’ve just started it and they told me to go and get it from the post office but after what I’ve just read, I don’t think I’ll go and get it.

    What’s more, it’s a scam, when I started it, it was going to cost me 55€, and yesterday the delivery man called me on the phone because I wasn’t at home, and told me it was going to cost me 59€. Luckily I haven’t paid yet, thanks girls.

  • Droit

    I just received chocolat slim
    In fact I find myself with a dietary supplement serum granules whey protein soy lecithin and oat fiber!!!! Where is the turmeric etc….. I have the red box?

    I’m disappointed because I have the impression of a scam.
    I’ll try the first box (I have 3) and if not, I’ll ask for a refund.

    • Cédric Pastori

      Thank you for your comment.

      Just a reminder: we are not the seller of Chocolat Slim! If you wish to cancel your purchase, please contact the seller.

      Good luck and have a nice day.

  • Nika

    I’ve just received 3 boxes (2+1 offered) of 100 gr each…cash on delivery…no invoice in the parcel..I’ve just tasted my disgusting mixture and I confirm it’s a big scam but I’m going to try and keep you informed but I’m angry with myself…and even on the packaging there are only inconsistencies….

  • Anonymous


  • FAnny

    I bought a box (fortunately no more) of chocolate slim, at 60 euros. I agree the taste is really disgusting and the texture weird. I’ve been using it for a week and haven’t lost a single kilo.

    I blame myself for this impulsive and useless purchase.

    I absolutely do not recommend it.

  • Herman

    I am very happy to come across your comment. I wanted to try it, after losing 13 kg and gaining back 3 kg.

    Thank you very much for saving me the unnecessary purchase.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Rousseau Jean-Noël

    Thank you for saving me an unnecessary expense
    I tried Comme j’aime, the meals were awful
    I tried Kriss-Laure, I persisted, I lost my 8 kilos which bothered me, but I did not succeed in lasting by disgust of the lunches, the breakfast, I still arrived, the drink, very good but generated me urinary concerns.

    I went 6 months without Kriss-Laure and those 8 kilos came back.

    Is there a real product???? Are we not looking for a miracle? !!!!!!!!

    Good day to you and thank you again.

    • Menem

      Good evening!

      I’ve tried Protifast! To be programmed with a pharmacy consultation!

      Works great, I recommend it!

      But ask your pharmacist for advice and he’ll make an appointment for you of course!

      • Eugenie

        I would like to know how much you lost with the Menen product and how long it took?

  • Rosy

    Bonjour à toutes moi je viens de recevoir chocolate slim et je viens de voir vos commentaires, j’en suis déjà déçu et je viens de perdre 58,90 euros en plus la boisson est bizarre elle a une texture collante enfin c’est degueu!!! We’ll see later!

    • Morteti

      Hello, so where do you stand did it work?

  • Many

    Bonsoir, je viens de le commander et regrette cet achat impulsif j’aurais dû lire votre commentaire avant je suis vraiment idiote. How can I fix this. Merci pour votre aide

    • Laetitia

      Good evening, I have just placed an order but after everything I have just read I am going to cancel it. I should have known better, thank you very much for the information.

  • Nadine

    We’re all ready to crack for this kind of ad! Ouf un grand Merci pour votre travail!

    Au plaisir

  • Céline

    Thank you for your warning. I almost gave in to temptation….

    • Cédric

      Thank you for your contribution.

      Have a nice day!

  • Saye5

    I had a big doubt about the product. Thank you for this article which has shed some light on the subject.

    • Cédric

      Thank you for your contribution!

      Have a nice day.

      • Shqipe

        I used chocolate thin and lost twice a week and I only lost money

      • Antonetti-aeby

        It’s a scam and when you phone they say they’ll call you back and nothing. I have to complain it’s taking advantage of the weakness and distress of overweight people. I’ve tested it. First of all, there’s no action when you order. You’re offered a treatment of two boxes for two months, whereas there are only twenty sachets in all, if I know how to count, I’d need sixty. I lost five kilos in one month and gained six. And I’ve been on a strict diet. So you find the mistake. You phone to ask for an explanation of the price and why there are so few sachets, they tell you they’ll make enquiries and call you back. It’s really disgusting this scam. I’d have been better off stuffing my face with the 150 francs it cost me. If you want to get in touch with me, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

      • Arnaud Dubos

        We fully understand your disappointment, which is legitimate. Here at TesteurPilules, we’ve always warned against dubious and ineffective products.

        That’s why we advise our readers to do their homework before buying a product. On our site, you’ll find all the information you need before ordering the product.

        Here you can find articles and examples of serious, reliable slimming products, and find out what criteria you need to know before ordering:
        Have a nice day/

  • lorgeou

    Hello, I have not tested this product, but I have done other diets (Dukan among others..) and what I learned is that losing too much too fast is absolutely not good for your health. What’s more, you regain the weight you’ve lost, and sometimes even more, after a year and a half (for me). The best thing is to limit our own intake of all kinds, keep well hydrated (1.5l of water a day) and do a bit of physical activity every day. I’m 53 and the only thing I’ve kept from so-called risk-free diets is a fatty cyst in my breast (which I didn’t have before dieting)….

    • Sylvie

      The cyst has nothing to do with the diet
      But rather due to hormones and menopause

    • Nono

      Salut tout le monde moi ce qui m’intrigue c’est les photos où et comment ils font pour avoir des photos des gens quand on aperçoit les avant et après c’est vraiment dingue et pour repondre un cyst c’est juste de la graisse qui ce forme dans le sein et c’est pas la ménopause car je n’est que 32 ans et j’en ai 1 sinon pensées au boissons detox courage

  • demengel nathalie

    Merci beaucoup pour votre article car c’est le problème de toutes les femmes perdre rapidement et facilement et à 50 ans on se ferait encore avoir avoir..vous venez me économiser 64e?.merci à vous

    • Cédric

      Hello Nathalie,
      Glad you were able to avoid this and thank you for your comment that will inspire more than one person, for sure!

      Have a nice day.

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