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Chili Burn, lose weight with a taste of paprika!

boite-chili-burn-et-pimentCHILI BURN, the new pills from New Nordic, are claimed to be the fruit of 7 consecutive years of research and development based on “scientific” evidence to prove their effectiveness on weight loss.

Let’s find out together whether this weight-loss drug can live up to its promise as an effective and inexpensive fat burner.

As its name suggests, Chili Burn contains red pepper (or capsicum), which is a very popular ingredient in the weight loss supplement industry at the moment.

But would red pepper alone allow Chili Burn to become one of your favorite slimming pills?

We’re about to find out.

Test Chili Burn

Chili Burn is a weight loss supplement manufactured by a Scandinavian company called New Nordic, which has been producing drugs in the same field for over 20 years.

The all-red box of the chili-based pill contains 60 tablets and costs around 32 euros.

You need to take 2 pills, twice a day with meals for the first 14 days, then one pill in the morning and one in the evening, again with meals.

We tried to get detailed information from Chili Burn customer service, but they don’t seem to know any more than what’s already mentioned on the box.

That said, we should mention that we haven’t found any reports of scams or specific complaints about Chili Burn or the company that produces it. A good point to start with!

So we’re off to a good start with this Chili Burn test and survey.

Chili Burn : the promises

Chili Burn claims to offer a simple solution to help consumers control and stabilize their weight, and ease digestion.

Using natural ingredients that combine the antioxidant properties and fat-burning effect of chili pepper and green tea, Chili Burn:

  • Accelerates fat metabolism;
  • Helps control weight in conjunction with a proper diet and regular exercise;
  • Improves the body’s digestive function.

What are the ingredients of Chili Burn?

les-ingredients-de-chili-burnOne thing’s for sure: all the ingredients in Chili Burn are 100% natural.

Unfortunately, that’s all we could find out, as no retailer or representative revealed the exact composition of each pill!

But by delving into the manufacturer’s website, we managed to obtain the exact composition of Chili Burn:
Popular ingredient found in many diet pills today due to its potential fat-burning effect.

When consumed in recommended amounts, chili extract can help burn up to 278 calories a day, at rest and/or during exercise.

2. GREEN TEA (486mg) :
A potential source of catechins, green tea is renowned for its ability to optimize weight loss and improve dieting results.

It is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties and even the potential to help fight cancer.

Find out more about the benefits of green tea : Green tea
3. ANETH SEEDS (150mg) :
Dill is a plant native to the Mediterranean basin and Central Asia.

It was used by the Egyptians for its medicinal virtues, notably to combat indigestion, flatulence and gastric cramps.

It is rich in mineral salts and the oil contained in its seeds has antibacterial properties.

4. GINGER ROOTS (50mg) :
These roots are used as a spice and can be added to tea for their antioxidant properties.

On the other hand, we can’t discern the usefulness of its presence in a slimming pill.

5. PEPPERMINT OIL (4.5mg) :
Peppermint has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, and is still used today to flavor teas.

Peppermint is effective against the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. But when taken in large doses, it can irritate the stomach.

Side effects of Chili Burn and contraindications

Chili Burn is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or for people with specific allergies.

Some people may experience side effects after using Chili Burn.

If you suffer from any of the following complications, avoid taking Chili Burn before consulting your doctor.

CAUTION: Consult your doctor if you have any of the following conditions: gallstones, stomach ulcer or inflammation, liver disorders, anemia, hiatal hernia.

Possible side effects: several retailers report that many Chili Burn users complain of gastro-oesophageal reflux. This is probably due to the red chili pepper in its composition!

What users of Chili Burn

Although Chili Burn has been on the market for some time, it’s not easy to find consumer testimonials about it.

While searching the net, we did come across some contradictory opinions, vacillating between users for whom the product worked at first, and users for whom it was totally useless and without effect.

We can’t judge the honesty of the people behind these testimonials, and prefer to gather more information before passing judgment on user experience. What’s more, it’s only logical that there should be both satisfied and dissatisfied users, as is the case with all weight-loss products on the market.

We mention consumer reviews because, in our opinion, they give us an idea of the general trend for a product, but in no way constitute an evaluation criterion in the conduct of our tests.

Does Chili Burn give results?

Chili Burn’s two main ingredients – red pepper extract and green tea – are commonly found in slimming pills currently on the market.

Studies carried out on the active component in chili pepper (capsicum) have shown that it can increase thermogenesis, optimize energy consumption and reduce calorie requirements at the same time.

In this context, we cite this study which sought to determine the effect of capsaicin in increasing the sensation of fullness in energy balance and in reducing the desire to eat after dinner in negative energy balance. The study involved 15 subjects (seven women and eight men). The researchers conducted a randomized crossover trial involving 36 one-hour sessions. The study concluded that adding capsaicin to the diet increases satiety and fullness, and helps avoid overeating when food intake is ad libitum. After dinner, capsaicin prevents the effects of negative energy balance on the desire to eat.

(Source: NCBI. Department of Human Biology, Nutrition and Toxicology Research Institute (NUTRIM), Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Janssens PL, Hursel R, Westerterp-Plantenga MS. Appetite. 2014 Jun;77:44-9. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2014.02.018. Epub 2014 Mar 12).

However, it’s worth noting that Chili Burn has only a few, compared with other slimming pills on the market such as Capsiplex, which is currently dominating the capsicum-based slimming drug market.

By way of comparison, Capsiplex (read test) contains 3 times more red pepper extract than Chili Burn.

This is probably why New Nordic has not provided any conclusive clinical studies on Chili Burn to prove its ability to burn more calories.

Green tea, on the other hand, has benefited from a multitude of studies and research. For example, this study evaluates the role of green tea catechins in weight management. The conclusions announced by the group of researchers behind this study, stipulate that the blend of green tea catechins and caffeine has a beneficial effect on body weight management, in particular through sustained energy expenditure, fat oxidation and preservation of fat body mass release.

(Source: NCBI. Department of Human Biology, School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism (NUTRIM), Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Janssens PL., Hursel R., Westerterp-Plantenga MS. Physiol Behav. 2016 Aug 1;162:83-7. doi:10.1016/j.physbeh.2016.01.044. Epub 2016 Feb 1).

To sum up, Chili Burn does indeed contain effective ingredients, but in insufficient quantities. And if it’s struggling to gain a foothold on the market, it’s because there are several other alternatives using the same principle and delivering better results.

How to obtain Chili Burn

Chili Burn is available over the counter online from a number of retailers. Warranty and delivery conditions vary from retailer to retailer.

If you want to buy Chili Burn online, we recommend this online store, where we found Chili Burn for 32€ a box of 60 capsules, equivalent to 1 month’s treatment. The site is reliable, the means of payment secure and the delivery too.

site officiel du produit
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Chili Burn: Our opinion

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  • Sylvie

    Does the product interact with any medications?

    • Frédéric Leclerc

      Hello Sylvie,
      On TP, we mainly test products based on natural ingredients, which do not require a doctor’s prescription since they are dietary supplements and not drugs. However, only your doctor knows about your state of health and the medication you are taking. I suggest you mention the ingredients of Chili Burn to him and see what he tells you.


  • Edith

    I started about a year ago and the results are very good, even for digestion, because before I had reflux.

    I no longer feel like eating too much, especially after dinner, and I’ve lost 8 kg.

    • Hélène. M

      Hi Edith,
      Congratulations on this significant result. By continuing your new eating habits, you will consolidate this weight loss and make it sustainable.

      Thank you for sharing the good news.

  • NATH

    I just finished the one month box. 1 at lunchtime and in the evening during meals. No results on the 4 kg to lose. I think everyone reacts differently. Too bad!?

  • Name*

    I buy them and I’ll tell you how the week goes at the pharmacy.
    it’s 24€ it’s not excessive I think you have to like chili pepper

  • Nathalie

    Hello. I have been taking Chili Burn since the end of September 2014 at a rate of two tablets a day. I have lost more than 10 kg. Appetite suppressant effect. I have no heartburn and better transit. I have side effects such as an accelerated pulse. And I’ve had dizzy spells… my weight sometimes stabilizes for a few weeks, then I lose it again. That’s all. I’d also like to read other testimonials.


      Nathalie, hello.

      Thank you for your visit and your testimonial. We hope you’re feeling better!

      Losing 10 kilos is significant! Are the side effects still there? Have you consulted your doctor?

      Kind regards,

  • desrousseaux

    already two days that I take chili burn and 800gr lost a little heartburn but no problems a malox and then voilà

  • pouliquen

    oulala idem for me first day of chili burn ;
    awful the day very sick to the stomach desire to vomit not slept of the night accompanied by vomiting and hiatal hernia also for my part I did not know it too bad because I would not have bought it I paid 29.50 € in a pharmacy I intend to write them a little note to this lab and to make me refund!

    In short, take note of the reviews because mine is true!


      Carole, hello,
      We hope you are feeling better.

      In addition to reading product tests on the Internet before ordering, it is always advisable to observe and document your pill intake: as soon as you notice something is wrong, make a mental note to stop taking the pills as soon as possible. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

      Happy weight loss!

      • pouliquen

        Thank you for your reply. I hope that the following customers will have the reflex to look at your site and read the comments!

        The pharmacist should also be informed and not sell these products!


        Thank you for your feedback.

        If not, you can always share your experience with other readers of!

        Best regards,

  • valérie

    I’ve been taking bpcb for 3 days now and since then I’ve had severe intestinal pain (cramps, irritation… ) I’m thinking of stopping it now.

    Thank you

  • Priscilla

    I personally tested Chili burn for a month without sport and without changing my diet but I didn’t lose anything…. Except my money and my time… Disappointed….


      Thank you Priscilla for your visit and your testimonial.

      Please keep us informed of any further tests you may do on other products.

      All the best.

    • wolffer

      Idem pour moi ; Pris pdt 1 mois et aucuns résultats sur mon poid mais des remontées acides et douleurs à l’estomac

  • boudjellal

    After 2 to 3 days of use I noticed severe abdominal pain radiating to the lumbar region, particularly in the morning, then spontaneous reduction of the pain, then new pain with a feeling of uneasiness and cold sweats…moreover, I did not notice any beneficial effects as a fat burner.
    I don’t recommend it

  • Rick low

    I sincerely believe what you said….

    “Sike that’s the wrong number”
    (don’t you understand this sentence?)
    Check it out on Google!

    What you said in the end did not surprise me because you have probably not tested the pill by yourself, unlike me (a boy of 21 years and 150 lbs who weighed 230 lbs) I tested Chili burn for 3 months ? In total, I lost 80 lbs! Chili Burn burned 40% of my body fat, while I burned 60% at the gym.

    In conclusion, don’t listen to this poltroon’s bullshit because he advises you to take excrement pills…

    I’ve got absdo and I’m now sexily sexy :).

    Thank you Chili!

    • TesteurPilules

      Your rap song aside( and your rudeness too), we would be happy for you if you had really lost weight. You who count in lbs instead of kg, you who know with surreal accuracy that thanks to Chilli burn you burned off 40% of the 36 kg you lost…

      We think you’re another one of those guys sent in by one of those merchants angry about our tests.

  • Chantal chasse

    Where can I get some please!

    • danielle

      For chantal chasse – I just bought it in a pharmacy but if I had had the idea to look on the internet, I would have paid 22€75 at parapharma3000 instead of 30€80 which is 8€ less – at paraselection it is 21€75 which is 9€ less. Good to know.

      I’ll keep you informed of my eventual weight loss.
      Good luck – Danielle

  • Diane St-Gelais

    I’m trying out the chili burn

    • TesteurPilules

      Good luck Diane! does it work for you?

    • danielle

      I have just acquired a box of Chili Burn Pepper, but before I should have read what I just read, having a hiatal hernia, I am afraid that these pills are not recommended for me while yesterday my pharmacist encouraged me to take it.

      At the same time, I’m following a W. Watchers, which is working very well.

      Keep you posted – see you soon Danielle

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