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Bio Super Baobab, a young product from an ancestral tree!

bio-super-baobab-sachetBio Super Baobab is a weight-loss dietary supplement made from Baobab powder, as you may have guessed from the name. The Baobab is a thousand-year-old tree from Central Africa, long known as the “palaver tree” and occasionally sacred to certain ethnic groups. It has recently been discovered that its fruit offers great nutritional potential, earning it a place in the Super Fruits club. What slimming virtues does Baobab conceal? How does Bio Super Baobab help you shed unwanted pounds? An overview…

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Bio Super Baobab, a new product from a very…very old tree!

baobab-arbreBio Super Baobab is a direct descendant of the Baobab tree! The Baobab is a very long-lived tree: specimens have been known to exist for over 2,000 years. Because of its unconventional shape, it has come to be known as the “bottle tree” or “upside-down tree”. It’s a tree that easily measures over 20 metres, with a circumference of over 12 metres and a diameter of between 5 and 7 metres.
It’s also known as the “tree of life”, because almost all its parts are usable and consumable: we even make clothes from its fibers!
The oblong-shaped fruits of the Baobab are highly nutritious for both man and monkey: in fact, they’re known as “monkey bread”. They are rich in vitamins B1 and especially C, in large quantities. The seeds contained in this fruit are used to replace coffee or as a source of edible vegetable oil.

The Baobab fruit and its extract were authorized for sale by the European Community in July 2008.

Bio Super Baobab: the manufacturer

Bio Super Baobab is part of the MaxMedix product range, owned and marketed by Vitenza. Although Vitenza is based in France, its products are manufactured in the UK under strict controls. MaxMedix products are officially declared by their manufacturer to be GMO-free and 100% natural.


Bio Super Baobab: presentation and promises

Bio Super Baobab is presented by its manufacturer as an ideal slimming supplement for athletes and people on a low-calorie diet. According to the manufacturer, this product contributes significantly to reducing fatigue and delivering nutrients and vitamins to the body. Bio Super Baobab :

  • is rich in fiber and therefore highly nutritious ;
  • quickly provides a feeling of satiety;
  • suitable for low-calorie diets;
  • reduces fatigue after physical effort;
  • reduces high blood sugar levels;
  • boosts the immune system ;
  • increases energy levels;
  • stimulates the nervous system.

Bio Super Baobab is also a powerful moisturizer, with 100% natural ingredients and rich in vitamin C, potassium, calcium and antioxidants.

Ingredients Bio Super Baobab

In fact, it’s a single ingredient: authentic Baobab powder. This powder is a highly nutritious food supplement which, thanks to its low calorie content, is perfectly suited to a low-calorie diet. Among the various nutrients present in Baobab powder, vitamin C seems to be its keystone. Indeed, 100 grams of Baobab provides almost 500 grams of vitamin C, 10 times more than the same amount of orange.

Valeurs nutritionnelles de Bio Super Baobab
Baobab powder nutritional values (100g)

In addition to Vitamins B1 and C, Baobab powder also contains polyphenols (fights aging and free radicals), essential amino acids, minerals (2 times more calcium than milk, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc) and proteins.

To find out more about Baobab : see our blog article.

What does science have to say about Bio Super Baobab?

Numerous laboratory analyses and clinical studies have demonstrated the health benefits of Baobab.
baobab-fruit-interieurIts richness in fibers, including pectin, improves digestion and intestinal transit, promoting a feeling of satiety. In the same way, it reduces glycemic response, slowing down the digestion of starches (carbohydrates) and preventing sugar cravings. Its protective effects on the body are due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Its high concentration of vitamin C helps combat skin aging. Vitamin C is known to activate the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins essential to skin maintenance and elasticity.
Finally, and this is what interests us most here, the presence of large quantities of vitamin C makes baobab a good weight-loss aid. Vitamin C has fat-burning properties and also helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This vitamin also acts on carnitine, which helps the body convert fat into fuel rather than storing it.

A study conducted on 2 groups (one taking Baobab and the other a placebo) aimed to assess the effects of Baobab on the breakdown of starches and the release of sugar into the blood following a meal. Results confirmed that consumption of baobab in addition to carbohydrates led to a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates assimilated, as well as a lower glycemic response. However, there was no significant difference in satiety.

How to use Bio Super Baobab?

Given the nature of this powder, the method of administration is very simple. Simply add a teaspoon of Bio Super Baobab powder to yoghurt, milk, orange juice or even coffee. For best results, we recommend taking this dietary supplement once in the morning and once during the day.

Testimonials from users of Bio Super Baobab

Apart from user testimonials found directly on Bio Super Baobab online shopping sites, we would have liked to find more authentic testimonials on health or wellness forums. However, we did find testimonials that spoke indirectly of Baobab powder, without associating it with this product. It seems that this powder has tangible results as an aid to weight loss.

Buy Bio Super Baobab online

Bio Super Baobab is sold as a powder in 100g sachets at a price of 19.95 €
As Baobab powder is a special, rare product requiring a stringent process to optimize its extraction, we recommend that you verify the entity from which you intend to purchase Bio Super Baobab.

Here’s a verified link where you can place your order in complete safety:

Attention, this product is no longer on sale. Instead, I advise you to review this very serious and proven alternative: PhenQ!

Our opinion on Bio Super Baobab

Plus points:

  • Serious manufacturer ;
  • Natural, validated ingredients.


  • Laxative effects if too high a dose.

To sum up:
Bio Super Baobab seems to us to have a good slimming profile in view of its main ingredient. Baobab powder is in fact a natural extract with several confirmed virtues. Try it as part of a healthy, low-calorie diet.

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