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Acetyl L Carnitine Twinlab, the test

twinlab-acetyl-l-carnitineWhen you’re trying to lose weight and you’re not getting the results you want, you tend to accumulate products, creams, pills and programs of all kinds. Sometimes, however, it’s just a matter of finding the right substance which, on its own, can succeed in making those unwanted kilos melt away. Twinlab promotes the benefits of its ACETYL L CARNITINE supplement as an indispensable fat transporter.

Let’s take a closer look to see if this product can indeed be your future slimming ally.

Presentation and promises of Acetyl L Carnitine by Twinlab

Twinlab presents its Acetyl L Carnitine supplement as a powerful stimulant, particularly for prolonged exertion.

This supplement is said to be very popular with athletes, but its multiple benefits will be of interest to many others:

  • Suppresses feelings of hunger ;
  • Burns fat ;
  • Increases sporting performance;
  • Accelerates recovery after physical activity;
  • Boosts energy levels.

Depending on your profile and objectives, Acetyl L Carnitine can be used in two different ways.

You are an athlete and want to burn more fat, but also to improve performance and recovery: take 1 to 2g of Acetyl L Carnitine before and after your workout.

You’re not particularly sporty, but want to lose weight : take 1 to 2g of Acetyl L Carnitine a day, preferably between meals, with a large glass of water.

Twinlab, the manufacturer of Acetyl L Carnitine

Not familiar with Twinlab Laboratories?

Well, as some people would say, you’re living in a cellar!

Indeed, Belgian laboratories Twinlab have been active in the nutritional supplements market since 1967, and boast innovation, market leadership and an unrivalled international reputation.

We checked, and it’s all true! Twinlab is renowned for its quality products, particularly in the sporting world, and takes its global approach seriously.

The manufacturing and control procedures are very strict, and the products are produced in laboratories belonging directly to the company.

Twinlab supplements are sold on 5 continents.

A green light for the manufacturer!

The ingredients of Acetyl L Carnitine by Twinlab

As the name suggests, and unsurprisingly, the main ingredient is none other than ACETYL L CARNITINE.

Acetyl L Carnitine (or ALCAR) has been known since the 50s, and became popular in the 80s for its fat-burning properties.

More recent research has shown that, in addition to ALCAR’s fat-loss benefits, this ingredient also has a positive effect on performance and recovery.

What is Acetyl L Carnitine?

Acetyl L Carnitine is a substance close to amino acids and vitamins, without actually being one.

Close to the B vitamins, it was originally named vitamin BT.

ALCAR is formed naturally in the body, in the liver and kidneys, from 2 amino acids: lysine and methionine. It is then stored in muscles, primarily the heart, but also in the brain, and even in men’s sperm.

Acetyl L Carnitine is found in good quantities in meat and other animal products, and in lesser quantities in avocados and soya.

There are several forms of carnitine:

  • D Carnitine, which is inactive and not sold as a supplement;
  • L Carnitine, which is the form of carnitine usually found in nature, and is therefore biologically active;
  • Acetyl L Carnitine, which is also found in the Central Nervous System, and plays a role in energy production, as well as the production of an essential neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.

What role does Acetyl L Carnitine play in the body?

Acetyl L Carnitine helps transport fats, and more specifically long-chain fatty acids, into the mitochondria of cells.

The fatty acids are then oxidized and used by the body as fuel, in the form of ATP.

This action takes place both at rest and during exercise, and is said to be more effective during intense sporting activity.

Acetyl L Carnitine also acts on insulin, increasing its influence on muscle cells. This has the effect of better regulating blood glucose levels.

Lastly, Acetyl L Carnitine helps boost sporting performance and reduce fatigue.

It is the increase in calorie burning, combined with a reduction in the amount of glycogen used and an increase in blood supply to the muscles, that enables the body to receive more nutrients and hormones to meet its needs during exercise.

ALCAR is also linked to nitric oxide.

Firstly, it reduces the oxidative damage of nitric oxide on the body.

Secondly, it increases the activity of a key enzyme involved in nitric oxide production. As a result, the level of NO rises, leading to a marked improvement in energy levels during exercise, as well as post-exercise recovery.

What does science have to say about Acetyl L Carnitine?

Acetyl L Carnitine has been extensively studied and its properties clearly recognized.

To determine the benefits of this substance in concrete terms, we have chosen to mention a recent study carried out at the University of Nottingham Medical School.

This study involved 2 groups of athletes:
Group 1 received 2g of ALCAR + 80g of a carbohydrate-based food preparation (slow sugars) with a high glycemic index on an empty stomach in the morning, and again 4 hours later.

Group 2 received only the carbohydrate preparation.

The results of this study are as follows:

  • During low-intensity exercise, athletes in group 1 burned 55% less muscle glycogen and 55% more body fat than group 2;
  • Group 1 had an exercise capacity 25% longer than Group 2;
  • Despite the 640 extra calories provided by the carbohydrate-based preparation, subjects in group 1 gained no weight, while individuals in group 2 gained over 2.5kg of body fat.

(Source: NCBI. PubMed. University of Leipzig, Children’s Hospital, Germany. Müller DM., Seim H., Kiess W., Löster H., Richter T. Metabolism. 2002 Nov; 51(11):1389-91).

These results clearly demonstrate the benefits of Acetyl L Carnitine for fat burning and fatigue reduction.

ALCAR side effects

At normal doses, Acetyl L Carnitine has very few side effects.

At high doses, however, it may cause nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea.

More rarely, it can cause muscle weakness in uremic patients, or convulsions in subjects suffering from seizure disorders.

Finally, for men only, ALCAR also has a rather pleasing side effect: that of increasing erectile function and fertility.

User testimonials on Acetyl L Carnitine by Twinlab

Almost all ALCAR users are unanimous: this ingredient is truly effective.

However, its effectiveness seems to be largely optimized by following a specific diet.

ALCAR is said to refine the figure, help lose weight and boost energy levels.

Twinlab Acetyl L Carnitine price and guarantee

Acetyl L Carnitine from Twinlab Laboratories is available on most online sports nutrition sites.

Expect to pay around 25€ for a bottle of 30 capsules of 500mg each.

There is no money-back guarantee for this supplement.

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