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15 Day Diet Plan Avis et Test

15 Day Diet Plan, to lose 7 kilos in 15 days!

Di-et 15 Day Diet Plan LogoThe 15 Day Diet Plan is finally in my library! I recently decided to buy this collection of books for two main reasons:

  • To check my knowledge of weight loss against the content of this method, which is increasingly sought after by readers;
  • Because it’s offered at 50% off its starting price: I love discounts, especially on ebooks!

But that’s not all, because as I progress in my reading (on screen, a disadvantage for some) of this method, I discover beautiful gems hidden among its pages. So today, I’ll try to share the essentials with you, as well as providing the main elements of my review (which, I hope, will be impartial) and sharing with you my impressions of the 15 Day Diet Plan.

Go directly to the official website of the Di.method and 15 Day Diet Plan

15 Day Diet Plan, a method that aims to be systemic…

I found the 15 Day Diet Plan collection (I prefer to say collection, as it’s 5 separate books in PDF format that you receive with your purchase) on the website whose name caught my eye when I was reviewing my information curation feed, on my tablet.

From the outset, the site’s home page had its own attractive effect on me. I know from experience how to spot long sales pages that manage to hold you back as long as possible without satisfying your thirst for information once you’ve reached the “Order” button.

The method is well explained, to say the least, and really makes you want to know more. The 15 Day Diet Plan is a logical and effective process for losing some 7 kilos in 15 days, in 5 steps. Each step is triggered by one of the 5 digital PDF books provided (hard-copy fans, you may be disappointed!), which we’ll talk more about below.

Why 15 days? Can you really lose weight in 15 days?

I’d like to think that the 15 days declared for this plan are just “the tip of the iceberg”. It would be a “sample”, a proof of concept, a way of letting you discover that the method really works! For the rest, you’re free to redo the plan or give up… the main thing is that you’ve really managed to lose those first 7 kilos!
Di-et 15 Day Diet Plan Guide 5 Volumes French

The promises of the method 15 Day Diet Plan

While we’re used to talking about “promises”, the publisher of the 15 Day Diet Plan prefers to talk about a “Benefits Checklist”! I’m still laughing about it, as I quickly guessed that it’s the fault of the “automatic” translation of materials originally written in English.

In addition toEnglish in its four variants (US, US, CA and AU), the 15 Day Diet Plan is now available in four other European languages, namelyItalian, l’German, l’Spanish and of course Molière’s French. Only, and with full knowledge of the facts, it’s an approximate but over 90% correct French that we’d like to see improved in a future edition.

So, without further ado, here’s what the 15 Day Diet Plan promises you. This program aims to :

  • help you lose up to 7 kilos of unwanted fat in 15 days ;
  • lose 1-2 waist circumferences;
  • look younger (3-5 years younger);
  • get rid of cellulite;
  • redefine muscles in stubborn areas such as the stomach and thighs;
  • help fight hunger pangs (especially in the middle of the day);
  • allow you to wear all your favorite old clothes again;
  • help reduce aches and pains;
  • And so much more…

That’s all well and good… but…
All these changes won’t happen in the blink of an eye, because the method isn’t magic or miraculous – it’s logical.

Introducing the method 15 Day Diet Plan

Behind this 15-day diet plan is a fairly well-known name in the field of weight loss. The company in question is WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, a major manufacturer with a proven track record. Many successful slimming products come directly from the various FDA-approved laboratories of this company, whose catalog of over 100 products is distributed in a dozen countries worldwide.

The publisher of 15 Day Diet Plan has waited more than 10 years on the diet pill market to release its first information product. If there’s one strong point to be cited about this manufacturer, it’s its Research and Development department, which has finally delivered a systemic method that really (and finally) does the trick.

Important note:
I’m in the process of finalizing my reading of this method. Because of my modest expertise in the field of weight loss, I’ve allowed myself to read diagonally at times. As a result, I’ve skipped some passages (whose content I more or less knew). However, it’s a pleasure for me to refresh my ideas and put my knowledge back in order!

The 15 Day Plan method consists of 5 practical guides that break down the process of losing up to 7 kilos/two weeks of weight into 5 major stages:

Introductory guide (12 pages):

Di-et 15 Day Diet Plan Guide Introduction-01This is the type of document that’s normally “difficult” to tackle! Not everyone likes moralistic speeches or big, empty paragraphs. Rest assured, this is not the case with this guide.

This introduction is all about the next 15 days. It’s a good way, I think, to hold your attention so as not to focus on the very very short term. The emphasis is on your state of mind and your “anticipated” winning attitude. It talks about vision, motivators, obstacles, strategies and much more. Don’t skip it, and stick with it until you finish: it’s the first part of the “pill” you’ll have to swallow! After that, everything will go like clockwork.

Diet Guide (35 pages) :

This chapter lives up to its name: a good step-by-step guide to a well-thought-out daily eating routine. Programs of typical days where rations are clearly identified to achieve a cumulative calorie intake almost perfectly within the recommended range (1000-1200 for ladies and 1200-1500 for gentlemen).
Di-et 15 Day Diet Plan Guide Regime-02Personally, being accompanied in this way is an indisputable asset. All I have to do is follow the program to the letter.

In this sense, race lists for the next two weeks are provided. This is really handy for those who are lost. There are also variations for vegetarians and vegans, so no one is left to their own devices.

All in all, it’s a non-restrictive and rich in essential macronutrients for the various recommended nutrient intakes, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It should be noted that days 4, 7, 11 and 15 are so-called rest days, with no exercise and fasting.

At the end of the chapter, you’ll also find an extensive list of superfoods to choose from.

In addition to the 3 main meals, the typical menus for each day include BEFORE and AFTER workout snacks. The 15 Day Diet Plan puts the spotlight on exercise in the weight loss process: it’s a key element in achieving the promised results.

Di-et 15 Day Diet Plan
Any ideas on a typical daily menu? Here’s the one for the first day of the diet… 14 other tables are proposed!

Training Guide (50 pages) :

Di-et 15 Day Diet Plan Guide Entrainement-03Although several manufacturers sometimes claim that their pills will make you lose weight without lifting a finger, it’s logically impossible to believe them. A minimum physical effort is required to help the body shed excess weight. Our bodies need to heat up to burn fat, and need to sweat to evacuate toxins and excess water retained over time. Our blood circulation needs to improve to make good use of absorbed nutrients and to supply all the body’s cells with oxygen. In short, we need to move!

Just like the diet guide, the 15 Day Diet Plan workout guide describes your future exercise days step by step. Your days alternate between strength training, cardio training and rest.

Attractive, stylized drawings illustrate the exercises to be performed. You’ll also find all the equipment you need to set up your own training facility at home, if you decide not to join a gym.

Avis sur Di-et 15 Day Plan Exercices
An example of a series of illustrated exercises from the 15 Day Diet Plan
This guide has also been designed for those who have time to spare for exercise. But there are also variations for those who are people who are too busy to work and commute all week. Once again, everyone gets on the train, and no one is left behind along the way.

Important: Even after the 15 days of training described step by step, the exercise continues! There’s no reason to stop now that you’ve got the hang of it and your body is feeling better!

Supplement Guide (11 pages) :

Di-et 15 Day Diet Plan Guide Complements-04At this point in my reading, I must admit I’m a little (and pleasantly) surprised. While I was expecting a catalog of products already manufactured and marketed by the very author of the 15 Day Diet Plan, I came across a neutral document!

No intrusive advertising featuring the products, apart from a brief allusion to 2 solutions:
Cleanse Tea : a detox tea we’ve already covered in thefollowing article.

Capsiplex Sport : a red pepper-based supplement which has been on the market for several years now. We have devoted a test to it, at thefollowing address.

In this guide, we discuss the various supplements needed to bolster our nutritional system, which has already been altered by our modern lifestyle of poor nutrition, lack of sleep and sustained stress.

Without naming labels or brands, the author of 15 Day Diet Plan reviews the various dietary supplements using their generic names: multivitamins, detox teas, amino acids, proteins, glutamine, pre-workout formulas, …
However, it goes on to point out that these supplements should never replace a healthy diet. They are to be considered more as nutritional adjuvants designed to support a diet that has been rethought and revised in terms of quality and quantity.

Maintenance Guide (14 pages):

Di-et 15 Day Diet Plan Guide Entretien-05This section of the 15 Day Diet Plan assumes that you have lost your promised 7 kilos in 15 days. At the end of the first 4 guides, you’re supposed to have tasted victory over excess weight!

The next step is to maintain these results for as long as possible, and why not forever?

This guide focuses on the different actions you need to take to stay on track. Intrinsic motivation, encouragement from committed friends, the services of a professional coach… All the elements that will help you are described in a concise manner.

This guide, and consequently the whole 15 Day Diet Plan program, brings the curtain down at this level with a list of some 23 questions and answers representing a well-documented FAQ.

Where and how to buy 15 Day Diet Plan?

You can order the Di.method and 15 Day Diet Plan only on its official website accessible via the following link (secured and verified by us):
site officiel du produit
No delivery address required. You’ll receive the method (all 5 guides) in PDF format directly on your computer, tablet or smartphone (screen too small to read anyway!), once your payment has been validated. You’ll then have immediate access to a dedicated download area.

As a further guarantee, you have 75 days to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the results of the method (lose weight in 15 days). However, to ensure that your refund request is taken care of, you will need to comply with the following actions:

  1. Note your initial weight before starting the Plan (provide a photo annotated with the date);
  2. Follow the Plan and record your progress on a daily diary, including food intake and exercise (take a photo of your daily diary);
  3. Record your weight at the end of the 15-day period (provide a photo annotated with the date);
  4. If you haven’t lost weight after following the Plan and following the suggested workouts, simply send the documentation and supporting images to the editor or try the Plan a second time.
  5. At the end of the first 15-day period (15 days after purchase) you have 60 days to get your money back, or if you try the Plan a second time after a week’s rest, you’ll have 38 days to claim the money-back guarantee, again by providing the documentation.

Sincerely, I find this proposal for a money-back guarantee after use and documentation to be quite simply honest.

Our review of the 15 Day Diet Plan

And speaking of honesty, if you’re not the type of person who prefers a miracle pill and “let’s get it over with”, this is the method for you! Indeed, the content of 15 Day Plan may seem indigestible and even boring to some!

Weight loss is no picnic, and applying this method would be like spending 15 days as a “hostage”! You’ll have to stick with it to check the results at the end of the two weeks.

For the MORE of this method, everything is good. You’re (finally) entitled to lots of information organized along a logical thread: we think this research effort is well worth the purchase price. We really appreciated the attention to detail in the menu-types, the description of physical exercises, the calculation of caloric intake to the decimal point, the shopping lists to cover the two weeks, etc.
The LESS can be summed up in two points:

  • The digital format of the medium, which is likely to destabilize fans of paper books. But that’s all right if you’re thinking green!
  • The constraint of assiduous application to the program: logbook to keep, photos to take, food scales to use all the time, compliance with time now recalculated and reviewed.

In short, losing weight, especially when dieting, is relatively easy. The hard part is maintaining your figure and your new weight. The 15 Day Diet Plan seems to us to be a method to be tested, with application.

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